10 People Who Make Parenting Harder



1. The person who thought fish made good carnival prizes. This is the ultimate slap in the face to a parent: You innocently bring your kid to a carnival, someplace you’d rather not be to begin with and are doing soley for the kids, and are forced to leave with a pet. A pet who you will have to feed, whose water you will have to change and whose body you will inevitably have to flush down the toilet. It’s bullshit.

2. The obnoxious sport parent. You know, the one who doesn’t really grasp the whole “fun” concept. The one who yells from the sidelines like a four year old and challenges the umpires. The one who acts like a bigger child than the actual children participating in the game themselves. There’s always at least one. If you’re lucky, they’ll be on the other team.

3. The rich toothfairy. A dollar a tooth was the going rate when I was a kid, and given the current economic climate, should be the going rate now. When a parent gives their kid ten bucks a tooth, it makes the rest of us look like cheapskates. Besides, should we really encourage paying big bucks for body parts? Seems like dangerous territory to me.

4. Mothers who dress their daughters like whores. Yes, in theory, a mother should be able to dress their child however they deem fit. The problem is that when you dress your child like a slut, my child wants to dress like a slut, too. Can’t we all agree to at least let our kids get to the teen years before they look like mini-hookers?

5. The teacher who taught my kid that “because” is not an answer. I would have appreciated if she’d noted that it is, indeed, an answer if it comes from the parent..

6. The Bar Mitzvah/Christening/Birthday party show-offs. When you throw your kid an obscenely over the top and perfect event, it makes normal parties look lame in comparison. Besides, the every party you throw sets the tone for the following one — who wants to compete with yourself next year?

7. Parents who don’t effectively kill lice. Has there ever been a lawsuit over this? Is three years ago too long for me to press charges? Because I’m still bitter about our lice experience.

8. The party thrower who wires kids. Parents of young party goers buy presents, schelp kids over and help celebrate a birthday they don’t give two shits about. Serving cake when the party is over, giving candy goody bags and handing high-on-sugar kids back to them is hardly the thank you they deserve.

9. The parent who knowingly sends their sick kid to school. We’ve all been there. Having a sick kid is inconvenient and annoying and a complete pain in the ass, but exposing that sick kid to the rest of the class is committing the worst parenting crime. You just don’t do it.

10. The insane overachievers. Can’t we all just embrace mediocre? It’s so much easier.


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    Trisha says

    You forgot about the idiotic fathers at the Pinewood Derby in Scouting – the ones who made the cars and make them so well and are so competitive that your little guy’s car looks ridiculous compared to theirs and doesn’t even go down the track right, despite all of his hard work and trying. This should be outlawed, it enrages me the way things are done now.

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      Holly says

      Amen Trisha, my Nephew worked on his race car for DAYS and was so proud of it and then was heartbroken when he got to church and saw all the ones that were CLEARLY not made by 9 year olds. Then, to add salt in his sweet wounded heart, the asshat parents who judged, gave awards to all the parentmademobiles!

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      julie says

      I have boys, 12, and 9, and I’m terrified of the skanks they encounter at school – these girls will wrap them around their fingers, chew em up, spit them out – I have already started my “condoms are cheaper than diapers” mantra with the 12 yr old.

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        bookgirl says

        Thank you, Julie! I am in the same boat. Who would have thought that at 9 and 12 I’d be teaching my boys to beware of hookers – in their classrooms??? This isn’t entirely the fault of the miniwhores. It’s the stupid media that pushes sex to sell clothes, hair products, etc., and parents who are too absent to know what’s going on, too ignorant to realize it’s dangerous, or too easily manipulated that they give into the ploys of marketing and their children’s whims. It’s possible as a parent to filter *some* of that crap – but only to an extent. For instance, in my home, I’m kinda weird – we only get Netflix so that we don’t have to watch commercials. But their dad’s, their grandparents, their friends…I can’t be everywhere all the time and neither can anyone else – nor should we be. Part of being 9 and 12 means you have gained some independence. But I’m so angry that my kids’ childhoods are being cheated away from them by manufactures who market inappropriate things to kids at the expense of their innocence. My 12 year old, who still thinks LEGOS and Starwars are cool, is considered a dork because he doesn’t take girls out on dates and spend (supposedly) $200 on them. What crap. I suspect these accounts from the other kids in his class are trumped up, but still, what parent drives their 12-year-old to a restaurant, lets them have a semi-private date and then pays for the whole affair? Why not just marry them off and have them start procreating immediately. Who needs a childhood anyway? Blah.

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          zumpie says

          Ummm, I really don’t think you need to “warn” your sons about the “whores” in thier classrooms. Particularly given how subjective it clearly is on this board what constitutes a “whore”.

          I seriously doubt any of these girls are planning on using their feminine wiles (at 9 and 12 themselves) on your precious boys. Not to mention it isn’t for you to decide how anyone else dresses (gotta say, I’m flummoxed by all the super uptight concerns about how other people dress their kids).

          As for the restuarant thing – while I don’t spend that sort of $$$, it’s been pretty common for awhile (and I include my adolescence in the midwest, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth) for middle school aged kids to go on dates together (they all did so 40 years ago on the Brady Bunch!).

          I’ll put #11 on the list: parents who are super overprotective, seek to control thier children’s every move and are afriad to let them grow up.

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            bookgirl says

            Oh, okay. Thank you for your completely stupid opinion. I can guess that because you think my way of doing things is “overprotective” that you must be much more liberal minded than I am, and it yours is probably one of the middle-school-aged girls somewhere in this country who is already pregnant. For the record, there are over 20 pregnant 8th graders at our middle school; I would say that qualifies as a lack of parenting on the part of other parents – or is that your idea of not being “super overprotective and seeking to control their children’s every move and afraid of letting them grow up”? My 12-year-old son has had more than a dozen girls, also around the age of 12, try to get him to past third base. I don’t know what you call that kind of behavior, but I call it whoreish. I’m not overprotective. I’m reality oriented. And if your parents were cool taking you on dates with your “girlfriend” at the age of 12 to classy restaurants where you and your “date” spent a small fortune, than, wow, there are more idiots in the world than I knew!

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            zumpie says

            Wow! What super white trash school district are you in????? None of the kids in my daughter’s “liberal minded” arts focused magnet school even think about having sex, let alone being seriously stupid enough to get pregnant. They all have actual goals beyond “doing it”.

            Let alone over 20 8th grade girls already knocked up and (it would appear) the majority already “doing it”. We talk about sex all the time, as does my kid’s school (they just had the rice baby assignment) and they all get that’s NOT for them. I’m sorry for you that you live in such a low brow, tacky area, with such unbelievably sleazy people.

            Fortunately, I’m not an “idiot”, but an evil, liberal, urban elite. We don’t seem to have quite these issues. But if it makes you feel better to call me stupid (and frankly if I lived in the trashy place you apparently do, I’d need ot make myself feel better), please feel free. :-)

            I also get the distinct impression you’re rather jealous of two kids who got to go to the upscale restaurant. I personally wouldn’t foot the bill for such an expensive date for my daughter, but I did use to throw her some very elaborate birthday parties and she and her BFF will have a spa day for her birthday next week. Lots of kids at her school have I-Phones. In other words, buying your child nice things (if you can afford to and choose to do so) is up to the other parents, not you.

            And FYI, there’s no link between buying your kid stuff and becoming a teen mom, that I know of. But you misunderstood me—all I said was that teens and tweens going on dates has been around for awhile.

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            zumpie says

            Oh P.S. the same son you admit is considered a “nerd” by his classmates has had more than 12 girls attempt to either blow him or jack him off. And he, being the sweet angel, refused. Despite the male sex drive being scientifically documented as much stronger than the female (especially in all adolescent stages).

            Do you also read rather a lot of Penthouse Forum, by any chance?

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            bookgirl1980 says

            Wow. You think very highly of yourself – bravo!

            That’s right, only teenagers in “low brow, tacky area, with such unbelievably sleazy people” are having sex. If that were so, than why are there so many bitches like you reproducing so quickly? Hmmm….

            What more can I say? You’ve described yourself and your snobbery to such an extent that I don’t have anything to add.

            Enjoy your spa days. I’m so glad you don’t live anywhere near me so I don’t have to bitch slap your “elite” daughter when she tries to go too far with either of my sons. …. Ooooh, sorry, that’s right, we’re too “trashy” for you. Um, wait a minute, that can’t be right, because you suddenly started saying things like “blow him” and “jack him off”. Yeah, you are SO classy.

            Be sure and spend tons on her at the spa, because lord knows you and she are gonna need all the pampering you can get before a hard cold dose of reality slaps you upside your “liberal minded-arts-focused-magnet-school-liberal-urban-elite” idiot head.

            Oh, right, right, that must just be my jealousy of your pseudo-cultured life talking. Or, maybe that it’s that I’m “rather jealous of two kids who got to go to the upscale restaurant”. .

            How the hell do you get off taking my original comment which was basically saying that it’s to everyone’s disadvantage when kids are in an oversexed environment and they grow up too fast and making it into an attack against my kids (or me) personally? Since your attacks have been so out of proportion to the situation and so vehemently directed at me, I conclude that one of the whores my son has turned down happens to be your 8th-grade rice-baby-toting daughter.

            But don’t worry, I’m sure your angel will find someone less classy than my son at her “advantaged” school, and when she does get herself knocked up by the son of someone you take out on a cute little $200 date, I’m sure you fix the resulting accident before one of your spa appointments – maybe go ahead and get her a nose job and breast implants while you’re at it so that she’s got the advantage the next time she’s around “my kind”.

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            zumpie says

            Ummm, again very, very weird conclusions you’re drawing there:

            Firstly, there’s teen sex (at say, 16 or 17, which I’d still prefer my daughter abstain from) and there’s 20+ 8th grade girls at ONE middle school all preggers. HUGE difference. Actually, there’s a huge difference between teen and pre-teen girls having sex.

            I’m honestly pretty sure you made your numbers up—because otherwise you HAVE outed your school district as the Jerry Springer Show. Not to mention, over 20 girls simultaneously pregnant would be a lot for a high school. At a middle school, it would be national news.

            You were the one who said “over a dozen” girls tried to push your 12 year old son (and FYI, 12 is either 6th or 7th grade, not 8th) “past third base”. Third base is oral sex or a handjob. I know of very few 12 year old girls who don’t find the entire concept of this just completely and totally gross.

            I can’t possibly imagine ANY pre-teen girl forcing any boy to let her blow him, let alone over a dozen. I further wonder how you know this? Did your son really come home and announce that Susie held him down and tried to suck him off? And the next day Mary and the day after that, Jenny?

            I’m also mystified as to how fancy dinner = preteen parents. Just because a parent dropped a lot of $$$ on a dinner doesn’t mean the two 12 year olds did anything else. You admitted that this was a rumour. Maybe it’s completely fake, maybe this was that kid’s birthday celebration, maybe this was a friend moving far away and the dinner was “good-bye”. In any event, the parent didn’t drive them to the No Tell Motel and say “go at it kids!”.

            Lastly, this is a forum to bring up differeing opinions. Frankly, the position of educating your 9 and 12 year old sons about the “whores out to ruin them” and “hookers in their classroom” is quite disturbing to me, so I commented.

            That you view little girls (cause that’s what 9 and 12 year olds are) as sex crazed maniacs, fully unable to control their hormones on a mission to corrupt your sons is truly pathetic (and inaccurate).There’s definitely a preoccupation with sex, it clearly comes from you.

            Again, your statistics are probably fabricated to justify your need to raise your sons Norman Bates style (his mom told him all women are filthy sluts, too) and something I simply don’t understand.

            It’s completely possible to educate your children about sex and its consequences (and really telling a 9 year old girls are whores seeking to ensnare him is just creepy), without demonizing the entire opposite gender. But if you really are in the district you describe, then I feel sorry for you. And would suggest you move.

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            justmom420zaks says

            Don’t worry Bookgirl, Zumpie is just mad because she feels judged for letting her daughter dress like a tramp and have an iPhone in middle school.
            I’m going to go have a spa day now, because that sounds nice.

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            zumpie says

            Not mad (though a bit horrified and disgusted by women who objectify children) at all. Nor do I feel judged. As I stated, my daughter doesn’t “dress like a whore” (which is highly subjective, BTW), nor does she have an I-Phone. Nice reverse snobbery, tinged with significant jealousy (which is what this is really about), though.

            And yes, our Spa Day was glorious. We can’t wait to do it again!!!

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            Katie says

            Can you say, “Paranoid!”
            If you are truly that worried about what is (was) going on at school, there is an easy solution: TALK TO YOUR CHILD. Seriously! Even if they pretend not to listen or take anything away from the conversation, serious shit like that does stick with them and when push comes to shove (or sex comes into play) they’ll shy away or at least be safe. There is a reason abstinence only education doesn’t work, and it’s because if young people don’t know there are ways to be safe if and when they do want to have sex, they won’t use them and end up pregnant.

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            Sam says

            As far as the pregnant teenagers go, I would put out there that teen pregnancy IS more common in area of lower income, and also in states like mine that have zero sex education because all the schools still teach abstinence only. In these areas, there is commonly little medical insurance because the parents don’t have jobs that provide it for them, and most, if not all, Planned Parenthood centers have been shut down due to fears that people might get, GASP, abortions there, even through 97% of their services are not abortion related. Planned Parenthood would be the only source of birth control for many lower income families. Most parents aren’t exactly inattentive or uncaring, but they work 2 or 3 jobs and aren’t looking over their child’s shoulder every two seconds because they simply can’t, and the children aren’t taught much, if anything, about sex and especially safe sex at home, and as I said before, they aren’t learning at school either. Calling these areas white trash OR placing the burden of these issues on the “slutty” girls you’re talking about doesn’t solve anything and doesn’t address the complex issues actually involved. Teenagers have sex. They always have, and they always will. However, it has been scientifically proven that in places where teenagers receive comprehensive sex education, have open and honest discussions about sex and other bodily functions with their caretakers, and have regular access to health care, including access to birth control, teenagers on average don’t have sex as young, are more cautious when they do have it, are less susceptible to peer pressure from friends or romantic partners urging them TO have it, and the instances of teen pregnancy, abortion, and sexually transmitted illnesses are far fewer. It’s a comprehensive societal issue needing major redress. I was raised in one of these low income areas, and while financially I’m more like middle class now, I and my family still live in Alabama, a state in which abstinence only education is STILL the only thing taught in schools, despite overwhelming evidence of the harm it does. You can be damn sure I’ll be talking to my children about sex, pregnancy, disease and consent from a young age, but that will only help MY kids, not the others affected by these systemic problems.

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            Jessica says

            Other moms can dress their kids any way they want….but if they’re dressed like they are trying to get laid, they won’t be hanging around my kids.

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            zumpie says

            Annnnnd again entirely subjective and creepily sexualizing children. What defines “dressed to get laid”???? On this board, the perception appears to be pretty prudish, IMHO.

            And seriously, you would separate best friends because one of them had a mom who shopped at Justice?

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          Jeaa Renee says

          I have a neighbor girl (11 yrs old) who’s coming up that way. She dresses too old for her age, stilletto heels and too much make-up that is too dark for someone under 20. I refuse to let my 10 year old near her, and I sure as hell wouldn’t let my daughter around a girl like that. I do feel sorry for the kid, but my kids safety and well-being is more important. and Don’t feel like you’re being a prude. I started homeschooling my 10 year old because I was tired of all the crap he’d bring home from other kids. Things I didn’t want him to know about. Course I had a fit when h came home in 1 st grade complaining about his friends breaking up and getting back together with their Gfs…I was like what the hell happened to kids being kids. Between that, the safety drills for school shootings and 2 different PE teachers being pedophiles. I had enough of public school. But you aren’t wrong to teach your kids to stay away from oversexed peers. and to the chick arguing with you, you must be oblivious to alot of what goes on when parents aren’t around or aware. Kids are sponges and they learn what they see/hear, and with media being what it is, there’s alot out there to soak up you may be totally unaware of. And just because they seem school minded around you and others, doesn’t mean that’s how they are with other kids.

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            zumpie says

            But upthread you said your son previously had perfect attendance—was this at your glorious homeschool?

            That said, I A) very much doubt the neighbor girl has any interest in your son. and B) bet for all the judging you do of (again) a LITTLE GIRL and worrying about what everyone else is wearing, you regard yourself as a “good Christian”. Since most of your energy is directed in obsessing about the attire of others and systematically snubbing them—guess what? You aren’t.

            As for girlfriends/boyfriends in the first grade, I vividly remember such things when I was a kid (as does my mom) and I’M 47. It’s more of a friend/role play/fantasy thing. Perfectly normal part of social/sexual development.

            What isn’t normal? Your preoccupation with sex (it’s always been around) and viewing other children as objects.

            As for my daughter “soaking up things”, it really isn’t an issue—because we’re open and honest with one another. In fact I let her read this thread. She laughed her butt off. And thought you were all super bat crap crazy.

            And finally, while YOUR school isn’t quite as Springer-esque as the 20 8th grade girls knocked up, TWO pedophilic gym teachers???? Does your school not know how to check references? As for the drills, it’s kinda the same as the air raid drills they used to have. You know, when the commies were all gonna kill us.

            What hell hole DO you people live in? I live in a largish, coastal city and grew up in NYC….all of these things would’ve been serious front page news. Perhaps you ladies feel compelled to fabricate JUST a teeeeeeny (read all this exists pretty much exclusively in your minds) bit? :-)

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            Jeaa Renee says

            No it isn’t NY here, it is middle of fucking no where Amish Country Indiana. The school district my son WAS in, as of 2011-2012 school year has a fuck tard politician wanna-be for a Super intendant. This is a small town where your last name and who you know gets you farther then hard work and integrity do.

            I took my son out of school due to bullying issues that had been reported and not dealt with, it is one of those ineffective anti-bullying programs that make it look like they are doing something on paper but the reality is they do dilly squat. and I never claimed to be a christian, thanks for being an ass and ASSUMing I was!

            I remember being a kid in school too, my 4th-6th grade female classmates where honry little dumbasses (Thanks to media like 90210/Etc), I was the odd duck out for still being into kids stuff instead of boys. But I’m not going to debate with you further because you are right and everyone else is dumb and misinformed in Your opinion.

            So keep with your opinion. I hope the girls you know are exactly what you think they are and you don’t get a rude awakening about human nature someday, I don’t think you could handle it.

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            zumpie says


            1) Actually, you do have my sympathy about the bullying issues. My daughter was bullied, so I know how painful that can be. Part of why we pushed to get her into the art focused magnet school she’s now in is because we knew it would be a better environment for her.

            2) I remember being in 4th-6th grade. While we again “liked” boys and talked about them, that’s certainly about as far as it went. It’s as far as it goes nowadays, too. I really think many of the posters here equate “want to wear sparkly skinny jeans” with “total whore”. Again, I find this disturbing. And the fault is not with the little girls or the manufacturers of sparkly jeans—it’s with adults like yourselves who can possibly see children in such a way.

            3) You sound like a very unhappy, rather bitter person–and I’m honestly sorry things are that way for you. Even in both NYC (where I grew up) and PDX (where I live now) there’s nepotism—it’s simply part of life.

            I think you somewhat obsessively judge the clothing of others and overprotect your children to compensate for all the elements of your life you feel are beyond your control. There are always things we can’t control. Let it go and find some happiness–instead focusing so negatively.

            4) Now you’ve “ASSumed” (dude, seriously?? Pet dinosaur time!) something. I’m older than you are and have lived in major cities, not podunk towns. I also had a fairly chaotic/unconventional childhood. I can handle anything and then some! I’ve been to super bad and come back, whole and happy.

            Do I want to make sure my daughter doesn’t experience some of what I did? Absolutely—but I also get that she needs to live her life and learn form her own mistakes and decisions. And the simple fact that he childhood has been very conventional already addresses some of that.

            5) I gather you specifically mean if she were to become pregnant—-women in this country still have a choice. And part of being a responsible parent is explaining contraception—along with the “I’d prefer you wait until you’re an adult AND that you tell me about this”.

            If you mean drugs or drinking, she thinks such things are completely gross and stupid.

            Again, it’s suprising how well things work when instead of freaking out over a few sequins, you talk to your kids abouty these things—so they’re grounded, happy and feel trusted.

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            Shelley says

            Unfortunately, you’re flat-out wrong on #2. I used to be a teacher in an East Coast city, and “liking” someone is certainly not as far as it gets! I’ve taught my fair share of 7th grade mothers and fathers. Even the kids from really great homes looked at their sexually active peers as idols. After one particularly popular 7th grader gave birth, we had some incidents with 6th graders engaging in sexual behaviors (this girl, by the way, is a straight-A student who is wonderfully intelligent, polite, and engaged. A model student and a terrific young lady. But she’s still a teenage mother). And, in case you were wondering, not all my teaching assignments were in the ‘hood. I’ve taught my fair share of teen mothers in the rich suburbs, too.

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            zumpie says

            Wow, again, what ghetto trash land do you live in????

            Among my daughter and her friends (she’s entering 8th grade, BTW, which is quite far removed from 4th)—none of them would admire a sexually active girl, let alone a pregnant one. They’d view that as completely beyond stupid. Likewise, my BFF’s high school freshman daughter holds the same views—on the other side of the country, in a completely different school system. And while both girls have interests, neither of them even approach the “model student” you describe.

            Fact is, something’s really wrong at home if a 12 year old is having sex and keeping the kid. Sorry, but it is. It’s behavior neither my daughter nor any of her friends would even consider engaging in.

            But I also have a feeling we’re actually talking about a girl of 16 or 17, if what you say is even true (which I kinda doubt). As for 9 or 10 year old girls—-most of them haven’t even had their periods yet. And some of them don’t even know what sex IS, let alone being ruled by their hormones and trying to rape little boys.

            Again, says a lot of very disturbing things about YOU for thinking that way.

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            zumpie says

            Really lastly: the teen birth rate (at least according to the CDC) has been dropping…

            And they only track births for teens aged 15 and up—-because births under that age are so statistically insignificant. Currently, the teen birthrate (and note this includes legal adults of 18 and 19) is at about 3%.

            So please, again, where are all these elementary and middle school girls getting pregnant? And why do I only hear about them on this blog?

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            Shelley says

            Your tone makes you sound like you are feeling defensive. I’m not sure why that might be.

            I think it’s important to remember that you have self-identified as a member of the Liberal ELITE. The very fact that we are using that word–“elite”–means that you and your social circle are not the norm in the United States. If you WERE average, then you wouldn’t be elite (obviously). I think the same is true for your daughter and her friends. She goes to an arts magnet school, which is NOT the norm nationwide. So of COURSE she and her friends are going to have a different viewpoint than most other kids. That makes THEM different, it doesn’t make the rest of us on this forum wrong. This is actually an increasing social problem; the Liberal Elite are falling more and more out of touch with what’s going on with the rest of America (see Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart” for more on this subject). By the way…this is not a criticism of you. By all accounts, I belong to the same social group. The only reason I know that these pregnant 7th graders (ages 12-13) exist is because I have been a teacher in several different kinds of schools and have worked with literally hundreds of families. If I didn’t have this experience, I would be as shocked as you are because NONE of my friends or family have sexually active teens, and I was never friends with any of them in high school.

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          • 46

            zumpie says

            Defensive??? How so? Because I certainly don’t feel that way. BTW, I referred to myself an “evil, liberal elite” to be snarky (which would definitely be my tone). And my daughter’s school is most assuredly public and attended by some low income students—in fact her elementary school was very diverse economically, much like many urban districts.

            And since you cited a book by a well known libertarian (whose arguments are supported by some VERY weak data and conclusions), I very much doubt you’re anywhere near being an “evil, liberal urban elite”. However, since you agree with at least some libertarian ideas, it’s a bit weird that you worked for big government, as well.

            In actuality, most kids are probably more like us than you think…and the data I quoted bears this out, as does the link below about teen pregnancy stats. http://www.menstuff.org/issues/byissue/teenpregnancy.html#factsheet

            Please note: the rates are even lower since this was published, but here’s some stuff to bolster my argument.

            They do have some figures on young teen sexuality—only 20% of girls under the age of 15 have had sex (and 30% of boys). Sadly, 70% of THOSE girls said the sex they had was forced. So of girls 14 and under, only 6% have willingly had sex.

            Given that teen sexual activity steadily increases with age (in fact 60% of all teen pregnancies are among 18 and 19 year olds), one can arguably deduce that the bulk of that 6% of these early teen/preteen girls were 14. And those are merely the girls who had sex, not the ones who got pregnant and carried their babies to term (very rare, since 60% of parents support abortion in the case of teen pregnancy, probably higher for younger girls AND Plan B does exist).

            In other words, a teen mother of 12 represents probably less than 1% of 12 year old girls in this country. Again, what hell hole did you teach in? And again, cite your data (past anecdotal).

            Oh, BTW, liberalism isn’t failing: we control the presidency, the senate and were it not for gerrymandering, we’d control the house, too (1 million more votes for Dem congressional reps than Republicans). If anything, there’s a convincing argument that given the changing demographics of this country, progressives will have a very firm, permanent hold by as soon as 2020—-and many red states (e.g. Texas) will be blue sooner than later.

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          • 48

            Shelley says

            Oh–as a side note, I agree with you that communication is a good idea, although I think a lot of kids just don’t want to talk to their parents about sex. I certainly didn’t. In fact, I STILL don’t.

            Also, I think sparkly jeans are cute. What girl DOESN’T love sparkly things? But I draw the line at super short shorts/skirts/dresses, wearing leggings as pants, and bare midriffs.

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          • 49

            zumpie says

            Eh, again, that’s YOUR personal view/taste on things—-I don’t really find any of that clothing slutty, per se. Land’s End and LL Bean sell leggings as pants, it’s a pretty standard clothing item now—-in fact a decidedly completely UN-flashy friend of my daughter’s always wore leggings as pants. And looked anything but trampy (especially since she was 6 or 7 at the time).

            And I say this as someone who recently started shopping in the junior department (again, she’s 13) and did find many of the party dresses VERY trampy an inappropriate. But those are geared towards older girls. And absolutely nothing like that at Justice.

            And I don’t even like sparkles—but not over slutty, just over tacky.

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          • 51

            zumpie says

            But that’s merely your fashion opinion. I personally hate people who wear pajama pants to the mall. But it isn’t my place to make their fashion choices.

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      • 52

        Christine says

        CONDOMS ARE CHEAPER THAN DIAPERS. OMG!!!! Perfect! Saving that one for my 10 year old when he starts ogling the prostitots and eskihoes. I am ever thankful that he is in Catholic grade school and we don’t have to worry about the hoochies. The worst we have is a dancer who wears eyeliner – she started in the 4th grade. I couldn’t wear lip gloss until 8th grade. Times have certainly changed. I have to confess – I was the rich tooth fairy. We didn’t even know his tooth was loose, so we were totally unprepared. It fell out and he was traumatized by the fact that a part of his body had just rejected him. Anyway, neither one of us had anything smaller than a $20. It was SO wrong. Every tooth thereafter – $1.

        Show Replies
        • 53

          zumpie says

          Once again, very, very gross that you’re parents yet you view someone else’s child through such a sexualized lens. The issue isn’t with the wearer of the eyeliner (who would be a child role playing for the most part), but the adult who sees a little girl in such overtly sexualized manner.

          BTW, I’m 47 and was one of the last kids permitted to wear make up and I was 12. And that was in Kansas (while living with my Great Aunt and Uncle)—I’m completely mystified by all the 1950’s style pearl clutching and false uproar that goes on here. I strongly suspect many of the moms present are younger than I am, yet you all sound like you’re a pack of very old ladies

          Show Replies
          • 54

            christine says

            Zumpie, I sound like an old lady because I am. I’m 51 .the girl with the eyeliner is violating a written school rule. I’m not sexualizing her or objectifying her. I think she needs to be reminded of the rules – but the administration let’s her get away with it. She is one of the sweetest girls I know. I don’t think wearing makeup in 5th grade is acceptable.

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          • 55

            zumpie says

            Ooooooohhhhh violating a school rule!!! Whatever, she probably thinks herself quite daring over the eyeliner, I find it rather entertaining myself. Also, the school really has a dress code forbidding make-up?

            BTW, you’re only 4 years older than I am and I certainly don’t consider myself old and have no plans to old lady myself in the next 4 or even 14 years.

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          • 56

            Perennial says

            Honestly, after reading all of your above insanely boorish, vulgar and bullying comments, I was left with such a sense of sorrow for you. Good heavens, do you need some nice neighbor/family member to talk to? Immediate hormone therapy? (If not also an online intervention, but that’s another thread.)

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          • 57

            zumpie says

            Ummmm, wow:

            1) Super late the party, no?

            2) I’d say you have that backwards:

            A) I’m not the one objectifying little girls as “prostitots” or calling them sluts and whores. All my “vulgar” (and really, nothing more vulgar than slut shaming an innocent child) are nothing compared to the comments I was merely responding to.

            B) I’d say the “delusional” and in “need of help” would be the women who see predators again their sons’ innocence at every turn and fabricate tales of 30 early teenaged girls being pregnant in one school, alone.

            C) Funny you should mention “friends to talk to”. I’m always struck that the posters on these blogs must not have very many based on the questions they publicly ask. But I do have friends, which is why I’m able to keep my parenting questions and complaints private.

            D) No need for your “sorrow”, though your apparent low IQ and misconstrued priorities does make me feel sorry for you.

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  2. 60

    Scroogy says

    Awesome. The birthday party show-offs are the worse, I think. Because then my kids are all, “Mommy, can’t we have The Fresh Beat Band perform at our party?” Dammit.

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    • 61

      Cindy says

      Oh my gawd. My worst nightmare! But you just made me laugh out loud. Could you imagine?
      And now I’ll have their songs in my head all day. Damn you! LOL

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  3. 62

    Cindy says

    Prosti-tots! My 13 month old was given TWO bikinis for her 1st birthday by the inlaws. Uhm? never mind the skank factor but the UV exposure? Hello?
    And the rest of the list… uhm, yes, agreed.
    *rolling eyes*

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      • 64

        zumpie says

        Again, when my daughter was younger, she wore bikinis. Some of her friends still do. I did as well, back in 1972 (when I was 7)—my Granny and my Great Aunt (who would be 107 and 95 if they were still alive) never had issues with any of this, in any way.

        So either you’re all REALLY old (and Queen Victoria has nothing on you), or you’re simply super uptight and prudish.

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  4. 65

    Sarah says

    I totally agree about all of these! Except #8… because really, it’s just payback for all the times I have brought my crazed kid home from a birthday party hopped up on sugar straws (really??) and Orange Crush (again… really?). I stopped short this year of sending the kids home with their very own sling shots in their loot bags. I’m not totally evil.

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  5. 66

    Wanda says

    Oh yea, I have to agree with your list! I’d like to add #11–parents who allow their kids to participate in whatever they want, Ex: little kids with their own cell phone or Facebook (what the heck?)

    Then the world wonders why YOUNG people are so wild, promiscuous and sex-centered. They have access TO EVERYTHING TOO EARLY!!
    Let them be little kids, dangit!

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    • 67

      Keisha says

      My 11 year old daughter is so pissed because she does not have access to the internet OR a cell phone. For one, I don’t think she is old enough, and for two, I think she needs to have a job to pay for it herself if she wants it. In my opinion, kids today are too entitled. I was 19 before I had a cell phone. I don’t necessarily plan to make them wait THAT long, but 11 is still too young if you ask me. Hell, they can’t keep Christmas toys past April, so I am damn sure not giving them expensive electronics to tear up. LOL

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      • 68

        Ivona says

        THANK YOU! I am so sick of the cell phone fight. -No, you do not need one in 6th grade especially after you just lost a $60 watch you got for Christmas within weeks.-


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  6. 69

    cassandra says

    OMG…pros-ti-tots, I love it!!! I have a 12 year old daughter and I refuse to let her dress anyway she wants, I’m paying for the clothes after all. She’s 12 with the body of a 15/16 yrold and there’s NO way she’s leaving my house in booty shorts or a mini-skirt. My rule is the length has to be below the fingertips. Just wish her father and stepmother thought like me…tell me since when is it appropriate for a 12 yro w a 34 B+ to wear a spaghetti strap tank top to school??

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    • 70

      Mom0f4 says

      Actually here in Arizona all children from elementary school to high school are not allowed to wear tank tops unless the strap is 3 fingers width thick. and that is 3 adult fingers width. No shorts unless under or just above the knee anything shorter you get written up and sent home. No holes in your clothes at all ever.

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      • 71

        Amy says

        My daughter goes to high school in Mesa, the girls don’t follow the dress code. Jr high was really good about dress coding them but the High school doesn’t care what the kids wear at all. I wish we could keep the hairspray and perfumes out of the classrooms, my daughter has an asthma attack almost every day in her English class from perfume. I have talk to the school with no follow up.

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        • 72

          Mommy to 3 says

          I feel lucky. Our schools, all grades, are strict about dress codes. If you are not in compliance, mama gets a call and the kids goes home or mama brings appropriate clothing. And if the kid goes home, it is marked as an unexcused absence.

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  7. 74

    Jackie @ MomJovi says

    I’d also add my current parental nemeses — the parents who pack complete junk in their kids’ lunchboxes. My 4yo was doing great with her PB&J, milk box, fresh fruit and yogurt for a long time. But then she started noticing the other kids’ chocolate milk, juice boxes and Scoopy snacks. And it’s been a losing battle ever since. Bastards.

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    • 75

      mandy says

      It’s even harder as they get older. For my 7yo and 6yo I buy one ‘treat’ snack a fortnight, normal a 8 pk of muesli bars or those ‘Fruit’ tangles so thats 4 days in 10 they get a junk snack. If they whine about what it is they miss out next fortnight.

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  8. 76

    Celina says

    Yes, totally had to return the butt-huggers my MIL bought my 5 year old. My teenage niece might wear them, but NOT my kids. Bermudas at school till she is out of high school or she pays for her own. And my FIL is a #2.
    My hubs and I kinda like the fish, we get as giddy as the kids. As for the birthday parties, I try to do crafty stuff to make it cool but other than that I can only do what my wallet allows and that is not much.

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  9. 77

    Kerry Ann (aka Vinobaby) says

    Love the pros-ti-tots (the word not the mini pole dancers). My 8-yr-old recently told me he saw a girl friends “privates” because her shorts we so short when she bent over on the playground she flashed everyone! Come on parents!

    I am guilty of #9. No fevers or puking, of course, but if my kid has a cold, he caught it from school, so we are sharing it back. They’re all going to get it anyway.

    And I’m going to go after someone if my kid comes home with lice. Nas-ty.

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  10. 78

    Kate in Ohio says

    My six year old son went to a party that had Coke to drink. Who the hell gives six year old boys caffiene?

    Our tooth fairy gives $1.00. My sister’s gives $10.00. I told my kids that we were of a different route and ours must be hit hard by the economy.

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      • 81

        Joan says

        A friend shared a tooth fairy secret that dealt with this different cash amounts perfectly- I loved it. She told me that the tooth fairy pays by weight, of course. That other kid must have had one HUGE tooth to get that much! I also love the different fairies on different routes too. :)

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    • 82

      Heather says

      We went to a four year old’s party where they served Coke. Ridiculous! My daughter knew to ask for water instead. Can you imagine a room full of four and five year olds on a caffeinated sugar high? Insane.

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  11. 83

    Christine @ Quasi Agitato says

    What is it about the lice thing? Is it classic denial? Or thinking your kid is above lice? This is one area where I am actually NOT a slacker parent. I would die before sending my child to school with a less than completely lice free head.

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  12. 84

    Virginia says

    I’m 24, have no children of my own, and my mom (& dad!) still like to monitor what I wear because they don’t want me to give off the wrong impression. Mama says how we look gives the first impression of who we are and our values. For the girls that aren’t dressing appropriately now, imagine how they’ll look in 20 years!

    Show Replies
      • 86

        Danielle says

        I am 32 and if I looked like a ho, my mother would have no problem saying so. I am sure Virginia’s parents don’t pick her clothes out for her, but probably tell her when she is not dressed appropriately. No reason to be so catty.

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        • 87

          Taremi says

          You’ve missed the point. By the time a person is 24, she should know what’s appropriate and what’s not. If you (at 32) are dressing like “a ho,” then you probably know that, don’t you? Do you really need your mommy to point it out?

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  13. 88

    julie says

    my kids’ teeth stay under their pillows for days and days…they say “really mom? 5 days, and no money?” – so now I don’t give them money- I gave them baseball cards

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  14. 89

    Julia's Child / Sarah P. says

    How about parents who give away noisemakers in goody bags? They’re near the top of my list. Right under the carnival fish.

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  15. 90

    Anna says

    great list, and i have one more. the “gift” givers who provide your kid with things like drum sets, giant princess tents and talking dora heads. and of course since it’s a gift, it’s hard to make it just disappear in the dark of night, not that i would ever do that…

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    • 93

      Mom0f4 says

      Usually kids get those gifts from grandparents well at least mine did. So i started leaving those toys behind saying ” this is a grandma house toy” They stopped buying those annoying things.

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    • 98

      Rachael says

      Yes! Noisy toys and messy toys. My mother was obsessed with the idea of giving my son finger paints when he was 3. I told her she could only do that if he could use them at her house. For some reason she never followed through on her threat. My husband’s mother is the noisy toy giver. And we definitely either leave those toys at her house or at least bring them over whenever we visit!

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    • 99

      Ashley says

      My husband’s well-off aunt and uncle recently sent our 2 year old a roller coaster. It’s 8all feet long! Where the hell am I supposed to put that?! It certainly isn’t going to fit anywhere in the house….at least not with her recliner and cardboard house in here, too. They’re upset that I haven’t put it together yet, but c’mon. Just because your house is massive doesn’t mean ours is!

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  16. 100

    Beki says

    I haven’t had to deal with numbers 5 and 10 yet.
    As for number 1… I taught my kids that if they won a goldfish at one of these things they had to swollow it… No more “MOM! I want to play the goldfish game!”

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  17. 101

    Meredith says

    I am not going to bullshit you. I have totally sent my kids to school in less than stellar health and just crossed my fingers. Not dragging on the floor while vomiting, but definitely not at 100%.

    They’re just so…………loud.

    My apologies. I am also a cheapskate who thought the going rate on teeth was a shiny new quarter.

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