10 People Who Make Parenting Harder



1. The person who thought fish made good carnival prizes. This is the ultimate slap in the face to a parent: You innocently bring your kid to a carnival, someplace you’d rather not be to begin with and are doing soley for the kids, and are forced to leave with a pet. A pet who you will have to feed, whose water you will have to change and whose body you will inevitably have to flush down the toilet. It’s bullshit.

2. The obnoxious sport parent. You know, the one who doesn’t really grasp the whole “fun” concept. The one who yells from the sidelines like a four year old and challenges the umpires. The one who acts like a bigger child than the actual children participating in the game themselves. There’s always at least one. If you’re lucky, they’ll be on the other team.

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3. The rich toothfairy. A dollar a tooth was the going rate when I was a kid, and given the current economic climate, should be the going rate now. When a parent gives their kid ten bucks a tooth, it makes the rest of us look like cheapskates. Besides, should we really encourage paying big bucks for body parts? Seems like dangerous territory to me.

4. Mothers who dress their daughters like whores. Yes, in theory, a mother should be able to dress their child however they deem fit. The problem is that when you dress your child like a slut, my child wants to dress like a slut, too. Can’t we all agree to at least let our kids get to the teen years before they look like mini-hookers?

5. The teacher who taught my kid that “because” is not an answer. I would have appreciated if she’d noted that it is, indeed, an answer if it comes from the parent..

6. The Bar Mitzvah/Christening/Birthday party show-offs. When you throw your kid an obscenely over the top and perfect event, it makes normal parties look lame in comparison. Besides, the every party you throw sets the tone for the following one — who wants to compete with yourself next year?

7. Parents who don’t effectively kill lice. Has there ever been a lawsuit over this? Is three years ago too long for me to press charges? Because I’m still bitter about our lice experience.

8. The party thrower who wires kids. Parents of young party goers buy presents, schelp kids over and help celebrate a birthday they don’t give two shits about. Serving cake when the party is over, giving candy goody bags and handing high-on-sugar kids back to them is hardly the thank you they deserve.

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9. The parent who knowingly sends their sick kid to school. We’ve all been there. Having a sick kid is inconvenient and annoying and a complete pain in the ass, but exposing that sick kid to the rest of the class is committing the worst parenting crime. You just don’t do it.

10. The insane overachievers. Can’t we all just embrace mediocre? It’s so much easier.

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  1. critters and crayons says

    Oh, no. I fear I’m at least one of those. But, I follow your blog so that cancels out the over-the-top birthday parties, right? No? Drat.

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  2. Kelley says

    So guilty of the over-the -top celebrations – but don’t those make up for all the shitty things that happen in life!! Have a great party for when things are worth celebrating and that gives you a good memory to hold onto when the shit hits the fan.

    I like doing this, but I don’t judge others for thinking about it differently.

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    • mandy says

      I go a little over the top for the 5th birthday. I love doing it too. Don’t care what others think, starting school is an important mile stone.

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  3. Erin says

    OMG YES to the daughters dressing like whores. Please make it stop, please. My daughter is a toddler, and it’s already starting. I weep for how she’ll want to leave the house by age 7….

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  4. Stephanie says

    Yes to the whore people. Moreso if you see your kid dressing like a whore and choose not to address it, and I so agree with the parties thing. I will NEVER have a party like that. EVER.

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  5. Ivona says

    Absolutely amen on all of these, especially no.7.

    I would also add parents who don’t even bother to bring the kid to the damn birthday party. I get it, you don’t want to be there but for an hour or two- you’ll live! Haul the kid over and get over it, instead of me explaining to my kid why their friends didn’t come. ugh!

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    • Remy says

      I agree… or the parents that RSVP to a party but thendon’t bring their kid and better yet those that just show up. I have a small house so most of my kid parties are at places where I pay by the kid…. frustrating.

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    • Tiffany says

      I agree with this. However, please-PLEASE-give me more than 3 days notice for a birthday party. It is very difficult to get someone to cover for me at work on such short notice. Not to mention having the funds available for a decent gift. I will take my child if it is possible.

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  6. Jack@TheJackB says

    I decided to one up the fish people. The next carnival I run we are going to give away puppies as prizes. That ought to earn me the love and gratitude of more than a few parents.

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  7. Marla says

    I gotta tell you, I was pretty upset about the whole lice thing myself. What a trial. The real issue is the bullshit lies they tell you about how to get rid of them. Poison? Doesn’t work worth a damn and it sure as hell doesn’t kill the nits!! I found the answer in the old home solutions of olive oil and vinegar, did the trick, stopped the cycle of horror. If they would just TELL people HOW TO DO IT RIGHT, it wouldn’t be that horrible. The whole, bag everything up for weeks on end? That’s bullshit too. They live less than 48 hours without a human host. Wash the bedding. Smother your kids head in olive oil or mayonaisse for 30 minutes to an hour, just to be sure, then wash a few times and rinse with straight white vinegar. Dissolves the nits completely and they brush right out. Wish I had known that before I spent a fortune on several treatments of that gawd awful poison crap. And I’m totally with you on the goldfish. I told my daughter last time that we weren’t going to play that game, because if we won one, we might as well just throw the fish on the floor and stomp on it since it would be dead within 24 hours anyway. We’d won them before, spent 30 bucks on the equipment on our way home and then the little buggers were just belly up the next day from the complete trauma. I agree. Who ever thought that was a good idea should be shot!

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