10 People Who Make Parenting Harder


1. The person who thought fish made good carnival prizes. This is the ultimate slap in the face to a parent: You innocently bring your kid to a carnival, someplace you’d rather not be to begin with and are doing soley for the kids, and are forced to leave with a pet. A pet who you will have to feed, whose water you will have to change and whose body you will inevitably have to flush down the toilet. It’s bullshit.

2. The obnoxious sport parent. You know, the one who doesn’t really grasp the whole “fun” concept. The one who yells from the sidelines like a four year old and challenges the umpires. The one who acts like a bigger child than the actual children participating in the game themselves. There’s always at least one. If you’re lucky, they’ll be on the other team.

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3. The rich toothfairy. A dollar a tooth was the going rate when I was a kid, and given the current economic climate, should be the going rate now. When a parent gives their kid ten bucks a tooth, it makes the rest of us look like cheapskates. Besides, should we really encourage paying big bucks for body parts? Seems like dangerous territory to me.

4. Mothers who dress their daughters like whores. Yes, in theory, a mother should be able to dress their child however they deem fit. The problem is that when you dress your child like a slut, my child wants to dress like a slut, too. Can’t we all agree to at least let our kids get to the teen years before they look like mini-hookers?

5. The teacher who taught my kid that “because” is not an answer. I would have appreciated if she’d noted that it is, indeed, an answer if it comes from the parent..

6. The Bar Mitzvah/Christening/Birthday party show-offs. When you throw your kid an obscenely over the top and perfect event, it makes normal parties look lame in comparison. Besides, the every party you throw sets the tone for the following one — who wants to compete with yourself next year?

7. Parents who don’t effectively kill lice. Has there ever been a lawsuit over this? Is three years ago too long for me to press charges? Because I’m still bitter about our lice experience.

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8. The party thrower who wires kids. Parents of young party goers buy presents, schelp kids over and help celebrate a birthday they don’t give two shits about. Serving cake when the party is over, giving candy goody bags and handing high-on-sugar kids back to them is hardly the thank you they deserve.

9. The parent who knowingly sends their sick kid to school. We’ve all been there. Having a sick kid is inconvenient and annoying and a complete pain in the ass, but exposing that sick kid to the rest of the class is committing the worst parenting crime. You just don’t do it.

10. The insane overachievers. Can’t we all just embrace mediocre? It’s so much easier.

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Ali Slocum DeFrancesco 1 year ago

All of the above. #7 makes me laugh. Law suit! Ha

Natekrys Thornton 1 year ago

I agree #7 and #9!!!

Cheri Goodman 1 year ago

2,4,6,9,10……these are the ones who HATE me. Lol. I guess I need to find a filter for my mouth and my opinion……nah

    Julie Squire 1 year ago

    Me too, no wonder I’m mummy no mates!

Kathrine Nordstrom Anderson 1 year ago

Oh my gosh, #9!!!!!

Lindsay Perez 1 year ago

#9 and #4. #2 irritates me because my daughters step-mom tried to do that and it hurt my daughters feelings. So I told the ex and his spouse, nicely, that she doesn’t like that.

Brooke N. Turgeon 1 year ago

#9, I will slap you!

Christine Whitaker Gold 1 year ago


Melissa Mercado-Marin 1 year ago

######7!!!!!! Can you tell Im STILL BITTER?!???!!

    Michele Martinez 1 year ago


Laura Hohm 1 year ago

HATE #9. and it doesn’t just apply to school. taking sick kids out anywhere that isn’t the doctors office drives me up the wall! then these kids who went out sick with their parents will turn into those who go into the office sick and infect everyone there. stay home if sick!!!

    Shaye Boucher 1 year ago

    I allow for pharmacy exception too. Though we use drive thru.

    Laura Hohm 1 year ago

    fair enough

    Kimmie Hill 1 year ago

    Include the parent who doesn’t vaccinate their kids as well

    Caroline Fox Rice 1 year ago

    Church nurseries are the worst

    Jill Vaughn 1 year ago

    Yes! My daughter was born 16 weeks early. She’s 4 now and pretty healthy but a normal cold for a “regular” kid turns into hospitalizations and worse for my preemie and her weak immune system. Leave your sick kids at home!!

    Marissa Bamberger 1 year ago

    If the snot is colored, I take them to the dr. Threw up or fever in 24 hours, home. But if every time I kept my kids home from daycare for a running nose I’d be homeless by spring. I would never want a cold to send a child to the hospital, but it’s not realistic or even required by schools or daycare to keep your kids home for a runny nose.

    Laura Hohm 1 year ago

    marisa, i don’t think any of us are talking about the typical runny nose that many kids, an d even adults, have in the winter months that may be due to allergies or any number of things. we’re talking actively sick, coughing/sneezing/wiping boogers on everything illness. like the kind people in my office have when they are standing at the copy machine hacking all over it.

    Marissa Bamberger 1 year ago

    Jill just said that. Should have used her name. The comment above mine and I’ve seen that comment many times when articles mention sick kids going out.

    Amy Null 1 year ago

    Dizgusting!!!! Take your damn kids to the dr instead of infecting a all

    Jill Vaughn 1 year ago

    Well in our house, a cold DOES turn into an ER visit. I know it is unrealistic for every kid with runny noses to stay home but I wish parents would think of other kids when sending an obviously sick child to school. Can’t win them all.

    Jeanette E-va 1 year ago

    My son got sick for the first time in the first week of daycare. I kept him home for a week. Next week it happened again, and again. So after first 2 months of staying home with sick child, I gave up. No, I don’t send him to daycare with fever, but anything else goes. He probably picked up that bug from daycare anyway. Building his (and ours) immune system, I guess.

    Marissa Bamberger 1 year ago

    I used all my sick days in my first month of going back to work fulltime in July. I’m a single mom of 3 kids and my ex lives in another state. I was having to do some creative bill paying when I had to take unpaid time off & still pay daycare. I’m pretty calm about illness, but after keeping my daughter out for a week for hand, foot and mouth and I walk into my sons infant room to find that the kid who was sent home for it the day before…was there, I lost my mind. The teachers were upset about it, but the woman said her dr said he wasn’t contagious. I asked if he had more sores on him than when they sent him home. They said yes, and more since he’s been here. I went to the administrator & called my pediatrician & handed the phone to her. “Once they stop getting new sores, give it another 24 hours” Ya, people, that bitch was lying. No dr told her that! I waited until that woman came and got her son to leave mine in there. I swear I almost slapped her. That stuff is so painful & to knowingly infect other kids is awful! And trust me…I get needing to work. More than most, I get it.

    Marissa Bamberger 1 year ago

    Not one source online said a kid is not contagious after less than 24 hours of the first onset of sores & a fever. Nor did any of the other parents who’s kids ended up getting it due to this idiot. The kid had s fever when they sent him home the day before, which I pointed out was a violation of their rules. $100 she dosed him with Tylenol before she dropped him off. Of course Drs give different advice. But not that different.

    Alise Dozier 1 year ago

    Amen to that!!! Paid sick days for parents or a sick kid daycare in bosses office!! I don’t care if you are out of days, if your kid is sick enough to pass it to someone else, stay at home. No sick kids at school!! A slight runny nose, fine. Other that that, no!! My child’s school had a whooping cough issue! Are you kidding me people?! Vaccinate your children!!!

    Marissa Bamberger 1 year ago

    Lorie, of course they do. I’m really not one who gets too bent out of joint. But your kid was sent home with a fever & hand foot & mouth at 2 pm, and you drop him off at daycare at 7am the next day in a room of kids under 1 and you think that’s ok? No. The teacher that was there didn’t know he had a fever the day before because she was gone, but she freaked out about the sores because he didn’t have them when she was with him the day before.

    My boss is very understanding, but many aren’t. That needs to change!

    Susan Elise Walker 1 year ago

    YES!!!!! I have taken leave without pay–and gotten behind on bills–to stay home with sick kids or when I’ve been sick myself. Now, I know there are people who’d lose their job over that, but not the 3,000 fellow workers that had their sick kids in daycare with mine! NO ONE would’ve been risking a job! I overheard moms say things like, “My child threw up and had a fever early this morning, but I gave him Tylenol and I don’t want to deal with his crankiness.” THEN DONT HAVE CHILDREN.

    Susan Elise Walker 1 year ago

    Alise–my husband, daughter and I all ended up with Whooping Cough (and exhausted our sick leave) a few months ago! These people who run around SICK drive me insane.

Janet Singleton Reynolds 1 year ago

#7 and #9 – yes, yes, yes!!!!!

Lynnette Panarra 1 year ago


Natalie Norton 1 year ago


Stacy Scanlon 1 year ago

I agree with all of these with the exception of #7. Lice can be extremely hard to eradicate and can often take multiple tries. I would amend that one as “The parent who sends their child back to school without having fully eradicated the lice.” Just as when a child is sick give it at least 24 hours to be sure it’s gone.

stevi 1 year ago

#9! A mom at my kids daycare let both of her kids go to school with ACTIVE staph infections. She didn’t tell the school. The daycare owner didn’t find out until she overheard said mom talking with another mom about it. My toddler had MRSA last year and was hospitalized, so the daycare called me IMMEDIATELY, but it was already too late. my poor baby had staph all over her face. Luckily we didn’t end up in the hospital again because I bathed my baby in mupirocin everyday for 2 weeks, but still. What a B*TCH

frynnsl 1 year ago

I walked into Target and saw thongs meant for a 4 year old. Who the heck buys thongs for a 4 year old. One of my neighbors puts her 5 year old in low ride skinny jeans so she “knows how to feel sexy” wtf?

Marie 1 year ago

Can we add #11 — the Perfect Parent — you know the one whose kids are never dirty, get perfect grades and never misbehave (at least in public)? It wouldn’t be so sickening if this parent didn’t feel a need to constantly show off and let you (oh, so NOT subtly) know how you could be doing things better.

cherie 2 years ago

I agree with all of these, however our local health board have just issued guidelines that include tonsillitis and glandular fever as illnesses that require NO time off school. So if we don’t send them in we are looking at a potential fine for “unauthorised absences”.

Scatteredmom 2 years ago

About sending the sick kids to school, you don’t just make everyone else’s kids sick, you make the staff sick as well.

But you know, re: the overachievers, for some people, certain things are their hobby. I love to cook. So for me, making kick ass lunches or gingerbread houses with my kid was my thing, something I really enjoyed. Being told I was an overachiever and making other people look bad.. well.. it hurt. I was just doing something because I loved it.

Marlena 2 years ago

We live in Germany..My younger son is 3,5 years old and goes to daycare ( half-day)..Sometimes I would love to send some ´´special´´ parents to hell´s kitchen for not dressing their kids proper in regard of the weather…It´s always the same f****ing game…After some hot days suddenly we have some cooler days with wind..rain..Most of the parents dress up their kids with some warmer clothes…some others are not able..they send their kids with short and skinny clothes to daycare like it would be 30°…but we have only 12° or so…And what happends? The children are getting sick with catching a cold and fever…and they pass it right away to the others…It really sucks! Or they bring them sick to the daycare…I hate it so much…It is a vicious circle…

Jo 2 years ago

Can we get a pass on no 6 if it’s the first birthday? That was for me. This year, she’s going to a park.

KayS 2 years ago

$10 for a tooth? WHAT? We got $1 for the FIRST tooth, and 25 cents for every tooth after that!

Also, I would add to this list: every single person who has any opinion at all about vaccines. Because if you get them, there are people who are going to tell you that you did a terrible thing that will result in cancer, autism, and various other problems. If you don’t get them, there are people who will tell you that you’re dooming your child to a life of disease and a gruesome, painful death. Either way, the decision you’ve made is practically akin to child abuse. JUST LET PARENTS DO THE RESEARCH, HEAR THE ADVICE, AND THEN MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS.

Of course, there are several other topics that can be similar in the sense of you’re-doing-it-wrong no matter what decision you make. But vaccines seem to me to be the worst–a complete culture of fear on either side of the issue.

    Marie 1 year ago

    We were staying at my in-laws house, when my then 6-year-old lost a tooth. I asked my MIL if I could run to the store really quickly to get some change for the tooth fairy, My dear, sweet brother-in-law said not to worry about it, that he had change and asked if he could play tooth fairy. He seemed so excited about it (he’s basically a big kid), so I said, yes. The next morning, my daughter woke up all excited because she had a $20 under her pillow. Usually, the tooth fairy left $1 or a small item from the dollar bin.

Brid 2 years ago

Move to Ireland where the likes of toddlers and tiaras pageants are banned, but we also have gypsies who wear next to nothing and their kids even more so.

That Mom 2 years ago

especially #7… LOL!! A parent had the same child a two different preschools and managed to transfer what they “supposedly had handled at home” to our school. If you can imagine a mother half passed out/in tears trying to get rid of lice on a wiggly 4yo (thank heavens for http://www.licetoknowyou.com)!!! So now at every school info night I am the obnoxious mother who lets everyone know that IF YOU SEE A SINGLE EGG OR LICE IN YOUR CHILD”S HAIR CALL THE SCHOOL ASAP – I don’t care who you are I just want it gone. My poor husband wishes he could crawl under the desks by this point of the Q & A session. The WORSE, what I call – “Mommy Hazing Moment” EVER!

Jenessa Bayliss 2 years ago

you made my day, thank you!!

Hannah Crull-Sher 3 years ago

I agree with all of these except number five. "Because" really isn't an answer, and if you can't justify a rule or ruling, don't make it.

    Evie 2 years ago

    What about when I can justify it, but am unenthusiastic about letting my kids play lawyer for half an hour?

      AnnaPhylaxis 2 years ago

      Don’t negotiate with your kids about clothes. Bottom line is bottom line. And that line shouldn’t show! Don’t worry about what your kids say about you – of course, they will resort to “I HATE YOU”. And then you give ’em a time out & start taking away priveledges.

Jewel momma 3 years ago

To all the judgmental moms out there (who apparently only have boys) this message is for you!

Who or what gives you the right to judge little girls as whores?? You never wore spaghetti straps? or a bikini? Why do you instantly assume that sparkly dresses and leggings equals “pole-dancer”?

Also for the moms out there that look down on teen girls that are pregnant – who do you think got them that way? The Holy Spirit?? He-who-must-not-be-named?? Other ‘slutty’ or ‘whorish’ girls???
No dear mamas, the answer is BOYS!!!

If you teach your son that all girls who wear miniskirts or leggings are looking to get laid – well then it’s your disgusting son that I don’t want anywhere near my daughter!!
Everybody (and I mean absolutely everybody) has a right to wear what they want! The fact that you sexualize it makes you the sicko not the little girls!

Teach your children to respect each other no matter what they wear!!! And remember ladies – you were little girls once too!

    mary 3 years ago

    A M E N

    rose cross 2 years ago

    Here Here, well said!

    getabrain 2 years ago

    Um, no twit tits, she’s talking about little girls, like age 6-10 year old girls wearing make up, playing with ‘brats’ dolls, and wearing skirts so short everyone can see their undies. Stop sexualizing children! You ignorant ditz, of course woman deserve respect, but little girls aren’t women!!! Teach them modesty and respect for themselves, so they don’t think the only thing they are worth is some idiot’s spooge. What a Fckng liberty !!!

Shawne Anderson 3 years ago

What about the "super mommy" blogger, Facebook friend, or Twitter twit who has transformed their house into a toddler wonderland (you know this because they constantly post the pictures), writes as if their entire day is spent making the child's life a sensory bin adventure, and claims to know how to build a life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine out of cardboard toilet paper tubes. My inferiority complex is seriously considering hiring a drifter to kill you.

Sabrina Short 3 years ago

Ok, I'm definetely not a mom. But a good babysitter, but I know that babysitting doesn't even come close to comparing to parenthood….but i gotta say…The whole "dressing your kids up like mini teens" is getting to me. I've been seeing alot of moms and dads walking around with their daughters dressed in tiny little mini shorts, or the girls already have a bunch of makeup at age 10, or wearing non-age appropriate skirts, dresses, and low cut T-shirts. I mean…isn't this setting them up to wanna dress up even more innapropriate when they finally hit puberty? When I was 10, I was running around in boy clothes, while getting my hands dirty, and running around outside playing tag and biking with my friends…lately, i see alot of 10 year olds that are acting wayy too old for their ages. Its making me think they're missing out on something so important….A fun, non-serious, childhood. :I. The new generations are growing up too fast.

Jennifer Elling 3 years ago

Stephanie Donnelly Smart move! They all died within days, except for one or two!

Stephanie Donnelly 3 years ago

Hahahahahaha … I left before the fish appeared!

Jennifer Elling 3 years ago

Guilty of #1 and #6. I am still hearing about the goldfish we gave out! They are all dead but I still hear about it! lol

Stacey Gallahan 3 years ago

Loved this..thanks for sharing!

Starla Keller 3 years ago

SO glad someone finally addressed the slut-wear issue! Thank You!

Jen 3 years ago

Also, while I agree there is a difference between the common cold (goes to school!) and just-vomitted-last night (staying home!), I still think there should be #11:

Parents who assume they know exactly who gave their kid (strep throat/bug virus/hand-foot-and-mouth disease). First off, it doesn’t matter who is to blame. And 2nd, you’re probably not a scientist, with vast knowledge of how viruses spread. Just because you see little Johnny had strep 3 times at school doesn’t mean he’s the one that gave it to your precious Princess. You have no clue who had what first because it is all spreading around all the time. Your Princess may actually have gotten a virus from someone who didn’t show any symptoms…like from a family member, or you!

Jen 3 years ago

Love the list! And all the comments about hooker-clothing is pretty funny considering “real” hookers most likely aren’t wearing any of the things commenters are describing. They are more likely very poor, and are wearing just basic clothing (at least that’s what I see on tv!).

Rachel 3 years ago

Omgosh yes especially on # 4 and 9

I cannot tell you how horrible this last school year was. My daughter got sick so much from being exposed to stuff at school it was ridiculous. She missed half the year! There was almost nothing that she DIDN’T get!

Claudia 3 years ago

OMG! My favorite post ever!!!! I keep repeating all of those things every day! Please, don’t forget to let me know if you ever decide to have a collective lawsuit (#7)! Keep up the great and so very funny (and great for my learning English) writings!!!

Jarek 3 years ago

Children with higher emotional intelligence are more likely to be sociable, cooperative, optimistic and able to solve problems.

They tend to be better-behaved, less impulsive, and have a higher academic performance. They are happier, have more friends and are more likely to be successful in life.

So there is a big impact on what we do as parents. Give your children a head start!

Rachelle 3 years ago

Oh my gosh sick kids where they should not be is one of my pet peeves. Especially sick kids in the church nursery. Really? You couldn’t just stay home with the sick kids? Instead you will inevitably get every other toddler in the nursery sick with the bug your kids have? Ugh. It’s not like you are working today, since you are in church.

kelleyp 3 years ago

Tru that! My firend throws the over the top birthday parties that put my little family get together to shame! her son is going to be 3 this year. She has had a hall for birthday 1 with 50+ppl and games. Birthday 2 pool party in January! Not only did I have to go swimming with my winter lbs on plus deal with ear infections due to wet heads leaving. Cake was first had to leave directly after swimming! Year 3 this year face painting, bounce houses superhero costume party at a hall!. SMH i just dont even try to keep up!!!!!!!!

    AnnaPhylaxis 2 years ago

    Good for you – do not try to keep up. It is not worth it. I had a “pool party” for my two-year old son, too: it was a wading pool set up in the back yard, had lots of towels and sunscreen for the kids, and they and their parents had the best time, just sitting and watching the kids have a great time!

P 3 years ago

Hey! My dad wasn’t the obnoxious sport parent!
…until I was 5, that is. I should not be able to remember JVKG (junior varisty Kindergarten) soccer, but I think I do because I can hear the coach on the other team telling my dad “It’s only a game.” Not even sure why he needed to shout; probably two strides and he would have crossed the field.
…(sigh) Middle school was even better: all the popular boys were umpires for my lil bro’s tee ball team (yes, tee ball), and my dad got banned from coaching. “Whoa, your dad is, like, super crazy!”
That super crazy man is a super good Grandpa now, but Jesus Henry Christ, it took a long time to get there.

Lanie 3 years ago

I have heard that the Tooth Fairy gets one million dollars to give out each night. So depending on how many kiddos lost a tooth that day that is how much you will get. That is why some kids get more and some get less.

Jessica Smock 3 years ago

Anyone who gives my toddler son ANYTHING unsolicited (I’m talking to you, pediatrician, who gives one year olds huge stickers and random toys) because he will stick anything in his mouth and swallow it. My son is also allergic to dairy and I hate being that parent who asks has to ask, “Is there milk in this?” and take away the cake or cookie.

    Perennial 2 years ago

    I had to switch banks because the 50-ish childless branch manager of my old one insisted the drive-up tellers automatically hand out a sucker or COOKIE with a receipt, whenever they spotted a kid in the back seat. Is common sense really in such short supply these days?

Bethany 3 years ago

#2, #2, #2!!! I can tolerate all the rest, but the parents who *yell* at my 7 year old because he accidentally threw an interception? I want to STRANGLE them. And I’m a pretty nice person overall. Just sayin.

Ivy Roberts 3 years ago

They should add to the list:
“If you do everything right and are a perfect saint throughout your pregnancy, you will have perfect children who are as healthy as an ox.
I did everything right and my 10 yr old has Bipolar with delusions. Besides,how healthy is an ox anyway?

    Harriet 2 years ago

    There are some serious studies out there that study serotonin levels of babies brains during development in the womb. Levels that are to high often cause mental disease. Just something I thought was interesting.

Joy 3 years ago

Oh, and our tooth fairy didn’t leave money. She left books.

Joy 3 years ago

When my twin daughters were little *they* were the ones who did not like the spaghetti straps and mini skirts. They liked the boy’s department better, so I told them, “Clothes don’t know if a boy or girl is wearing them – so buy what you like.” It was great for my pocketbook, too, because the boy clothes were often cheaper. Made it easier to shop at Goodwill, as well.

    Perennial 2 years ago

    Boy clothes are made *better* as well, especially the play variety. Unless, an item had a truck or dinosaur, my daughter was fine with a cute, sturdy pair of boy cargo pants or a genderless shirt to go outside and play in.

      AnnaPhylaxis 2 years ago

      I’ve essentially been cross-dressing since I was 14 and had to buy my own clothes: boys’ jeans and sweaters were half the price of girls’ versions, and lasted years and years. As an adult, I’ve had conversations with women who bemoan the lack of pockets in women’s clothes. Who wants to carry a purse these days, anyway?

Danielle 4 years ago

What is really crazy is the $20 per tooth parent…..I would break the bank in no time!

Aimee 4 years ago

$1? When I was a kid it was 25 cents! When my first child lost her first tooth around 1999, all I had on me was a $5 bill, and my sister/neighbor wasn’t home, and the kids were already asleep. So she got $5 for one stinking tooth. I’m scared of what the going rate may be when my youngest two lose their first teeth.

essie 4 years ago

Oh Good I was starting to feel like a jerk about the kid with sniffles comment. I wasn’t referring to fever or vomiting or other serious stuff. Here in New England kids cough, sneeze, and sniffle from October through April. All of them. As some one pointed out they all catch it from someone before symptoms present themselves. If you kept a kid home that whole time you would be talking to a truancy officer.

Kelly @ In the Mom Light 4 years ago

OMG – the sick kid sent to school chaps my ass in a serious way. I know someone who feels entitled to send her kid because she paid for it. This person doesn’t work and could care less the stress sending a sick kid imposes on parents who do have to work and figure out what the hell to do with a sick kid!

    Kelly @ In the Mom Light 4 years ago

    When I say sick kid here I mean like threw up in the night, still at school in the morning…….. ugh, rude.

Shefali 4 years ago

Wow this is one popular post! The comments are as interesting as the post too. But yea, its SO annoying when people have their obviously (and I am not talking sniffles here) kid to school.

Tina 4 years ago

2. My daughter joined t-ball this past Spring. One mother (thank heavens from another team!) yelled at her kid while he batted “That’s a lazy swing! If you’re going to slack off, why am I wasting my evenings here?” It was his first year. He was 5.
3. One of my Mini’s friends got $20 for her first tooth and was promised $5 for each additional tooth. SERIOUSLY?!
6. The only thing worse are the wish lists where the cheapest toy is $40. GRRR
7. This is why I keep the shampoo on hand now. It’s only October and we’ve gotten 3 notices home about a lice outbreak.
10. A mother I know would do flash cards with her 1yo then proclaim her a genius. That was back when she used to spend time with her kid though.

Liana 4 years ago

I don’t know, I have mixed feelings about the one with a sick kid. How sick is sick? I have 2 wheezers – when they get sick, they cough and have runny nose for 4-5 weeks at a time. Sometimes it’s one virus after another. Should I take 2 months off to stay home with my kids while paying for daycare? Fever is one thing, but during flu season, they are constantly sick, especially because there are 22 other kids in my son’s kindergarten and 15 in my other son’s daycare. Either I take them with runny nose and cough or quit my job.

stephanie 4 years ago

i’m with you on all but the sick kid at school one. my kid is sick because some other mom sent theirs earlier in the week – yep. not fair, but heck if i’m gonna keep my kid home over some boogers and cough – the whole class will have it soon enough anyway…. after a couple parenting years i stopped being upset about other moms sending sick kids to school and play places and decided it builds strong immune systems for when the big one comes around someday – and throw my kid out there too. most germs are spread before a kid even shows symptoms anyway and i’m gonna need the break alone before i get it myself anyway – ha.

Hannah 4 years ago

#9 gets me!! I can’t stand that! I took my 15 month old to an indoor play area, and there was a little boy (3yrs or so) coughing in everyone’s face. Like one of those mucousy coughs, the kind that you KNOW your kid is sick. Needless to say, my daughter got sick and so did my friends baby.

VirginiaLlorca 4 years ago

Over four thousand twitter shares? They aren’t going to be too happy with me.

I agree with just about all all these things you listed. Doesn’t it seem like they are almost universal truths? Then why oh why does it still go on?
My daughter got strep throat at least four times from the same kid.

Kristin 4 years ago

So true on all of these! Some more snark than others. I’m dead serious about the “don’t send your virus-laden kid to school.” My daughter’s arthritis is triggered by viruses, and while I know I can’t (and shouldn’t) protect her from all germs, intentionally exposing kids to your sick kid has more consequences for some than a runny nose. And why should I have to take days off of work because you thought your busy life was more important than mine?


Essie 4 years ago

All good ones.

Here’s one. The parent who thinks their kid is sick when they cough once. Guess what? A few coughs and sniffles don’t stop life as we know it. When you keep your kid from living their life mine thinks when he sneezes on the first day with a high pollen count he has the flu.

Andrea 4 years ago

A to the men on every single one.

Kelly 4 years ago

My son had some very wealthy kids in his pre school and there was no way I could even try to compete with the over the top birthday parties. All were catered and most had open bars for the adults cause nothing says “Happy 3rd birthday” more than drunken parents in the bounce house. One party the goody bag they handed out probably cost 40 times what I gave the birthday child as a present! When it was my son’s birthday I did the traditional cake, ice cream, party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, REASONABLE goody bag and good bye. I told the mega wealthy parents before the party that the theme was “Retro” and they raved about it! Stupid stupid people.

    AnnaPhylaxis 2 years ago

    Agree that money doesn’t buy (parental) brains. “Retro” indeed! It sounds like you put a lot of love and effort into making your son’s birthday party special and memorable and fun! My son is now 20, and I really couldn’t wrap my head around the ‘birthday gift bags/goody bags’ when he was little. Never had an open (or closed, for that matter) bar for the parents who left off and picked up their children. What a thoroughly bad example to set for the kids.

Melissa 4 years ago

I never reply but I find this post very annoying. Who cares what others think and others do. Make your own rules. You owe no one an explanation, especially your kids.

1. Don’t let them play that game. Just say no, it’s easy.
2. You’ll find this at every level from preschool to college – get used to it.
3. Who cares what other people do. Do what you want. You don’t need to explain.
4. Yes, agree.
5. It isn’t an answer at school.
6. See #3.
7. Yes, agree.
8. If you don’t want them to eat the goody bag, don’t let them.
9. Yes, agree.
10. Depends on your definition of overachiever. Who cares.

Kiran@Masala Chica 4 years ago

I feel really bad. I always put a LOT of candy in the goody bags. The kids seem to like me though but maybe that’s why the mommies have been glaring at me?

Oh dear.


Sandjie 4 years ago

TThank you soooo much for that! I TOTALLY agree with the sending kids to school/daycare sick…SUCH a pet peeve of mine….Ive actually made comments to parents about doing that…trust me they walked away ashamed…

Rebecca Schorr 4 years ago

Ten dollars?!? That’s outrageous.

Our tooth fairy leaves one gold fairy coin (a Sacajawea $1 coin). The only exception was for the child whose face was the unfortunate landing place for some kid’s feet at one of those horrible inflatable jump places. Two baby teeth were knocked out and two adult teeth were loosened, earning him a soft diet for 4 weeks and some DVDs from the tooth fairy.

Whenever the kids complain, I sigh and tell them that the rate is set by the local tooth fairy union.

Regina 4 years ago

I read these trying to figure out which ones did Jill do. Then it turned into which ones do I hope Jill didn’t do.

Then it was oh Lord, I hope she didn’t do that one.

It does amaze me what parents do sometimes. I need to have tickets to write parents in the parking lot when they violate common courtesies in the parking lot, school ground etiquette. I’m OCD, add me to your list of people to encourage. :)

Ashley 4 years ago

I am a parent, and “because” is not an answer. I believe my child should understand my decisions, so that they can understand how to base their own, future decisions.

I agree with most the rest, though (besides I think it’s sad for the fish) I don’t mind the fish prizes. I think having pets in the home is good for children. And I totally think kids should be able to get wired on sugar and party it up at birthday parties.

Those were some of my best memories as a child, and maybe as a parent they make parenting tougher but it’s worth it to give my child those fun, happy memories.

sunny 4 years ago

ouchies people.. some breathing in and out and walking away maybe nice.. HEADLICE..dear god… whats that sound?..oh its just me thumping my head on the table in frustration… after spending a fortune and having my 2 girls come home again and again and again crawling with full grown lice.. I discovered frontline pet spray – i use it on small animals and that kicks it with a couple of squirts- no one died round here from it! ..or even better olive oil, with a few drops of citronella, lemon and orange essence in it.. cheap, smells ok, and works..I leave it in overnight ..:) mwahahha!
Bratz doll dressers… just Wrong on little girls.. seriously.. theres just no where to go from that style …but you dress your babies and I’ll dress mine.. if I’m paying that kind of money for clothes I like some actual fabric with it to cover my kiddlets! I’m not saying your kids are slappers – I like my kids to look like kids..
and because.. teachers you are welcome to correct my child..its wrong usage of the language..still going to use it ..cos some days I dont have any more words in my head..love ya for teaching them better.
oh and sporty parents yelling at the ref adn the coach and the kids..ugly people..be adults.. you really do suck..support if support not abuse.. love the loud cheering though :)
thanks for the laughs..taking myself off to do stuff that implies I haven’t just spent an hour reading this blog laughing my arse off!- instead of cleaning my house..

military dad 4 years ago

I noticed it’s all mom’s commenting, but I want you to know that after googling “why children’s fashion is slutty” I came across this and was nodding alot. Bravo parents who still care!

I have two daughters, one just started kindergarten and it’s disgusting there are low rider jeans and low cut shirts and dresses for five year olds. Just putting that out there.

“Because I am the law around here” is my because answer, even my little children don’t question it. So go ahead tell them the single word isn’t an answer.

I noticed a commenter said “so and so’s parents don’t love her like I love you”. Good for you, in the circus that is parenting, if you set the example that “you suck as parents because your kids are bound for the stripper pole” they’ll either take notice or not be needed as associates/friends.

parents who willingly let their kids dress like hookers are going to have hookers for kids. I know the war against slut-attire is a hard fought battle. I had younger sisters, one was a couple grades under me. My friends would comment on how “hot” she was and immediately get socked. My parents… not a clue she was borrowing clothes from her best friend. I wish I could boast putting a stop to my sister’s days of sluttiness, but alas she became a cheerleader (not saying all are, but alot) and the dress code went from sluttish, to full on “buy me nice things and I’ll give you a whirl”. She wasn’t like that, but dressed the part. Stay strong mom’s and dad’s if there are more of us who won’t stand for it, we might just keep our kids in line!

Lastly, baseball dads or screaming soccer moms… ha! Gotta love the over zealous jacktards that do that. Peewee league anything is all about sportsmanship and learning the game. If you can’t show your kid that as a parent then they are bound to be like terrell owens or michael irvin athletes. As a dad though, my appearance can be a bit overwhelming to the screaming mom/dad if I tell them politely to “shut their f’ing mouth” but you have to do it calmly and quietly so only they can hear. Not saying you should be aggressive in anyway, but most people don’t say anything to them, so they keep doing it.

cheers folks, just really glad to know parents still care!

Military dad

    zumpie 4 years ago

    Ummm, yeah—because obviously low rider jeans equals prostitution when older (and presumably a thinking being with free will). Again, I’ve never noticed any hooker clothes for girls that young (mom who really likes to shop here). And just because your personal taste runs to the puritanical, doesn’t mean anyone else’s kid is a slut.

    Your rant about “protecting” your high school aged sister is more indicative of your paternalistic and sexist views. Absolutely you’re free to dress your daughters as you see fit—but that doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t get that right, as well.

      zumpie 4 years ago

      Oh—P.S. how exactly do you know this? Do you follow children each year and when they’re teens or adults ask them, “so are you turning tricks, now?”.

      Also, just curious—if I buy my daughter low riders by accident, is she STILL compelled to a life on the game? Or will she just be a kept woman or super slutty? What will keep my daughter chaste and pure? Mid-rise, high rise, cumberband waistband? Inquiring minds want to know.

        carla77084 2 years ago

        If you’re THIS defensive about what your child is wearing… maybe she shouldn’t be wearing it. Like it or not.. she’ll be judged her whole life for things as silly as how she dresses. Doesn’t mean he’s 100% right. Doesn’t mean you are either. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. YOU’RE the one who made it personal.

Lucille Williams 4 years ago

Love this list! I agree especially the one about sports parents. I would like to add that crazy dance moms top the cake though. Having a son that was on a dance team, I was so happy that I didn’t have to deal with costumes & hair! Some of the moms go crazy! Way too much for me!

Jamie 4 years ago

I work at a place that has a high turnover due to parents staying home with sick kids. I am thankful for my MIL who babysits and will take my kids sick or not. Not everybody has this option. I would never send my kids to school with more than a cold, but what are people suppose to do? I wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for my MIL. Being a SAHM isn’t an option for everybody.

Taking off work for being sick is also interesting. People get mad at you for calling in, but the very same people get upset if you show up sick. You just can’t win.

Sasha Moretz 4 years ago

I can’t be a parent like this. It is hard for me doing these things.

Maegan 4 years ago

In reference to # 6 – Don’t worry, I am single-handedly undoing some of the damage for those! My kids don’t even get a party every year. The years they DO get a party…It’s store bought cupcakes & $5 pizza for the kids. I throw it at the park…So I don’t have to think up any games for them to play. The adults? They get fantastic home made chili, cornbread, and a beer (or root beer, if you wanna be the DD). I feel like the parents will appreciate it more than the kids every will. So I am out there…somewhere…giving my kids crappy birthday parties so the parent who one-ups me really doesn’t have to try very hard at all! 😀

    Maegan 4 years ago

    P.S. My kid has lost several teeth – but only really gotten about 75 cents. First – “tooth fairy” forgets sometimes…Second…about half the teeth have been lost before bedtime.

    Tooth fairy rarely has entire dollars to give out anyway. Digging for coins in the car at midnight it it.

Artist19 4 years ago

#3 – I have never had this toothfairy experience in my childhood in Eastern Europe, where I was taught to put tooth either in a plant pot or in a garden outside. When we family moved to Canada where my little brother was born. One day my brother excited showed me his tooth. He asked me “How much do you think my mother will put under my pillow tonight?” I explained about my upbringing and told him: if he gets money, he gets decayed tooth (true, he had decayed uneven teeth while I had healthy even teeth). From then on, he put his tooth in the plant pot or garden every time. I will do the same teaching with my daughter one day (now toddler).

Tiffany 4 years ago

I give my kids $5 for their FIRST tooth and makes sure to tell them it is special because it means you are growing up but that the tooth fairy has a lot of people to take money to so you only get $5 once. Now it is a dollar.

Courtney 4 years ago

LICE. OMG. It was such an issue this year at my children’s school. I think the reason they weren’t killed effectively is because people wanted to use natural products instead of chemicals. I’m all for natural, but lice are nasty so kill them!

    zumpie 4 years ago

    Actually, I found oilve oil (a completely natural remedy) to be the only really effective way to get rid of lice. And this was after we used RID kits several times.

    A month’s course of olive oil finally really, really killed them. I know other parents with similar experiences—-one told me their daughter had it recurring for a YEAR until they finally tried olive oil. Their daughter was cured in a week!

Megan (Best of Fates) 4 years ago

I think you’re onto something with the concern over charging for body pieces. I know a serial killer who started just that way. And really, once you’ve killed someone, it’s hard to back out even if there are no arm buyers.

Kim 4 years ago

Don’t forget…THE DOCTOR who gives your kid a vaccine shot every time you visit! So when they’re really sick with fever and have a doc appointment, they suddenly have the strength to fight you tooth and nail, certain that they’re going to get poked. And then when it IS time for another vaccine shot, you’re forced to lie just to get them there. “Remember when you were sick and throwing up, you didn’t get a shot that time, did you?!” And it’s not only the crying on the way that you have to deal with, it’s the crying on the way home after they got the shot that you promised them they wouldn’t get. Meanwhile, the doctor has left for home in his BMW.

    Ann 1 year ago

    Ummm, except that doctor is utilizing one of the greatest tools in public health to try to spare your child from deadly diseases, not doing it to be a douche. Also, I drive a 2006 Saturn…… not a BMW

anna see 4 years ago

Oh yes! I agree with all of these. Still mad that my son missed field day in 2006 b/c my friend sent her son to school w/ strep. Don’t even get me started on lice.

Ozcat 4 years ago

OM gosh, I saw Scary Mommy on channel 7 this morning and just had to check out the website. Prostitots and Eskihoes too hilarious.

Mickey Lark 4 years ago

Nice thoughts. Woo to #9.. They just thought of perfect attendance. Very inconsiderate kind of human beings.

Chan 4 years ago

Sorry about the sending the sick kids to school thing…:( I’m Active Duty and one day my son was soo sick snot was just flowing down his nose like a river. Took him to the Doc and she goes oh he’s fine, it’s just a cold no reason for him not to attend school. And for me no note= going to work. Just saying that I have a sick kid isn’t enought to actually keep him home. And the only way I’m doing so is if he has higher than a 101.1 fever or has the runs. :(

    cowgirlbetty 4 years ago

    Your doctor is right. There is no reason for a kid with a cold not to go to school. At the point when a child is symptomatic, it is unlikely he is actively contagious. Granted, he might feel miserable, but Little Jimmy was spreading is disease and contagion to all of his buddies while he was feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed a couple of days before–rather than while his nose is running faster than Flo Jo.

    The best way for parents and teachers to help kids stay healthy is providing frequent hand washing and teaching them some basic hygiene. They also keep up with vaccinations for their whole family–not just their kids.

    Kids are going to get sick. That’s part of their job. Parents and teachers who get mad when kids are sent to school sick is as pointless as getting mad at the rain because it is wet.

    I’m not saying kids should be sent to school vomiting and miserable, and with high fevers. Schools are for education, and teachers shouldn’t be expected to be nursemaids. But I don’t know how many times I’ve seen kids ask to go home because they wanted to avoid a test or they just broke up with their boyfriend. School administration then obligingly hands them the phone because it’s easier to have them out of class than be a pain in their arse. (Yes, I’ve worked with a lot of schools in my day as a social worker. My mother is a retired teacher. I get it.)

    What makes me so high and mighty? Nothing at all. Compared to physicians and pediatricians, I know squat. But I know it is a common lament for my physician husband, his coworkers, and other pediatrician friends. Many parents drag children to the ER or pediatric offices because schools sent them home with a cold–and are more likely to be exposed to even more virulent bugs in the waiting room. Then they demand antibiotics and expect a treatment used to kill bacteria will cure a virus.

    Schools and daycares are giant petri dishes. It’s part of life’s suckiness. Don’t automatically blame negligent parents. Just hand your kid another popsicle as she worships the Porcelain God.

thecamperqueen 4 years ago

Can we add the “Look at my child! Look how much more wonderful, smart, and perfect she is than yours. Look at HER!!!” parent? These moms insist their children be the class pets, have the most pictures in the yearbook and offer to have their child (with lower grades) come over and tutor yours.

jessi 4 years ago

I am unfortunately one of those sports parents…..my husband actually banned me from my stepsons soccer games because of how I got….I hate it but I can’t help it….lol

Chrissy 4 years ago

I understand that in many households there is no one there to take care of the children that end up coming home sick… Where I live you would not believe how many parents send sick children to school on a daily basis. Before my kids went to school, they were rarely sick. Once they started school- it has been non stop! Thank goodness we have not had a lice outbreak yet. (knock on wood!) But I am dreading the day. Sigh,… I just want to curl up on the couch with a bottle of Jose Cuervo and some smokes, and not have to worry about it!

Shell 4 years ago

I’m all for being the mediocre mom.

Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom 4 years ago

How about the moms who bring their kids over for a playmate, don’t say a thing while the kids ransack your house, walk in the house without knocking, open your fridge and take out what they want and then they leave and don’t offer to help clean up? When they leave I take two Aleve and a shot of vodka and I don’t call her in the morning.

Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom 4 years ago

I’d like to nominate someone for this list: the teacher who ran out of time during the school year to effectively teach all the kids their math lessons SO SHE SENDS THEM HOME OVER MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. Nice. Nice.

    Susan 4 years ago

    It couldn’t possibly be because the school system is so broken that it doesn’t allow the teachers to do their jobs properly. I’m sure you volunteer all the time to help in the classroom so you know exactly what goes on. Glad you’re on top of that!

      Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom 4 years ago

      You’re right. I didn’t mean to harsh on all teachers. I’ve just had a long year with just this one.

Jessica 4 years ago

#4 makes me INSANE. I went to a high school banquet for my daughter the other day and it was one of those times that I was thrilled that she has autism because she would never dream of a minidress that barely covers her underwear. I can’t believe girls are dressing this way and that their parents actually let them. I would be embarrassed to head out with my daughter looking that way.

Mark S. Strecker 4 years ago

Parenting is a career, and every parent must succeed for the benefit of the child.

Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com 4 years ago

Reading this list, I kept thinking “Nope, that’s not me. Nope, not that, either.” But darned if I don’t know people who are JUST like this!

And then I got to #10. *cough*

Time to drink.

Rebecca Schorr 4 years ago

What is particularly annoying is that your list is so accurate that I am able to actually call to mind an actual face of an actual person to go with each type you listed.

And I bet I’m not the only one…

Kerrie McLoughlin 4 years ago

How about those parents who invite your kid someplace really awesomely cool … before asking you … and it turns out you all have other plans and your kid can’t go. Not cool.

Erin@MommyontheSpot 4 years ago

There is a child, maybe 7 or 8 years old, that wears a bikini with a triangle top and tie bottoms to swim class. Now my 6 year old wants one, too.

Don’t get me started about sick kids at school.

Anne (@notasupermom) 4 years ago

And parents who “help” with the science fair project, etc.
A standard 4th-grade project here is an A to Z state scrapbook the kids work on all year.
My kids did his all by himself and it looked like a piece of garbage next to the other “kids'” projects. You can tell who scrapbooks.
Still, I was proud of him earning that C all by himself. He really learned a lot about checking the details of a big project.

Practical Parenting 4 years ago

#9 is ruining my life! Seriously, I don’t want to have suck kids at home either…so please keep yours home!

Good Enough Mom 4 years ago

Along with number 8…the goodie-bag-givers…let’s add the party throwers who give out crappy toxic plastic “toys” from China that won’t biodegrade for about a million years…and it also takes just about that long to throw them out without your child noticing (you know, into the landfill where they’ll remain until your great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren die).

    zumpie 4 years ago

    Instead of throwing the toy away, why not either

    1) let your kid keep it, if they still want it (instead of sneakily throwing it away)?

    2) Donate it to Good Will or give it to a less fortunate kid? Or your school’s carnival or something?

Lynn from For Love or Funny 4 years ago

Oh, boy. I so agree with # 9. For the first three years of my kids’ school lives, I’d send them to school healthy and they’d come home sick. Thank you, parents who send their kids to school sick.

Mel 4 years ago

My daughter had a silver crown put on one of her teeth when she was 6 years old. The dentist told her that it will be exciting when it falls out years later because “silver princess crowns” are worth more money to the tooth fairy. Thanks a lot, dentist. Where was the dentist when my daughter turned 9 and the tooth fell out?!?!

Christina Baglivi Tinglof 4 years ago

Too good. Totally complete.


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