A Facebook Tragedy


I used to be a really organized person. I was on top of my game and productive and felt that warm glow that comes with accomplishing things. But lately, I’ve been slacking.

My to-do list is out of control and I’m finding myself adding to it without ever crossing items off. I’ve taken to tackling things that I have no business doing, like gardening, just to postpone attacking the monster list.

Today, I wasted a few hours poking around on Facebook. I clicked through a few weddings of strangers, some newborns I don’t know and really weren’t all that cute and RSVP’d no to every virtual event I’ve been invited to for the past several months.

And then, because an hour wasn’t long enough to be wasting time, I started looking up people I’ve lost touch with. I’ve reunited with most everyone, so I had to dig a little deep. Real deep. Procrastination will do that to you.

What I discovered was shocking and eye-opening. It was totally regrettable and so very, very unfortunate. I may never recover.

No, it wasn’t an old boyfriend turned gay. Nobody died or underwent a sex change operation suffered some unthinkable tragedy. Nobody, that is, but me.

It was something much more depressing: I stumbled upon the page of the girl I babysat for as a teenager, and… she’s… an… adult. Like, a real adult.

I looked for the buck teeth and the baby fat and the Cinderella tattoo and the floral shirts, but they were gone. In their place were hips and boobs and pictures with boys and a whole life that doesn’t in the faintest resemble who I knew her to be 20 years ago. I thought of my kids and their sitters and how very soon they’ll all be grown up.

The good news is that I’m going to stop snooping around the internet and actually be productive. If I ever crawl out of the fetal position, that is.


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  1. priscilla - the wheelchairmommy says

    Craziness. Facebook is not a good place for making us feel good. Sometimes. Certainly not always :).

    Get out of fetal. now . :) I demand it. :D

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  2. Alison@Mama Wants This says

    Oh gah. I feel old every time I see status updates from my 17 year old cousin. I still remember her as a 4 year old. Eeek. Facebook is evil.

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  3. holly says

    It is crazy – I also follow someone I used to babysit and she is a beautiful, young woman now. Yesterday I found out that I’m older than my new manager at work. It sucks.

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  4. Mom Overload aka Lylah says

    Scary how time flies. Just 15 minutes ago I was packing for college… fast forward 15 years and I am thinking about my kid’s college education.

    Facebook will do that to you! She should have locked her profile.

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  5. Vinobaby says

    {deep and dramatic sigh} I had that experience myself not too long ago. My steady high school Saturday babysitting job is now married and…has a kid… God, I’m ancient. That is NOT supposed to happen. Her (infant) brother is engaged. {Cue waves of nausea…}

    Where does the time go?
    I suppose that’s what we get for snooping.

    Time to go snuggle/strangle our own kids because they will be there before we know it.


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  6. Kelley says

    That part about your child being older like that child you babysat put a dagger right through my heart. Right through it. They WILL be old one day, won’t they?

    *Runs off and cries hysterically*

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