A Thanksgiving for Everyone… Again!

Can you believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving? I mean, I know we haven’t gotten through Halloween yet, but November is coming and it’s coming fast. Once it’s over, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means…

A Scary Mommy Thanksgiving for Everyone… Again!.

Last year was such an amazing event, feeding more than 400 families a Thanksgiving meal they would have otherwise gone without. We raised over $20,000 and the effort garnered international attenton, appearing on Good Morning AmericaNightline, the homepages of Yahoo, Huffington Post and more..

This year, I have an actual system (!!!) in place and helpers (thank goodness!) to assist me. We’re ready to help even more families.
Families like this:
My family is going through some tough times and this would mean being able to continue a family tradition and not have my kids miss out on it just because mommy and daddy don’t have enough money. No matter how tough times have gotten we make sure they don’t know how bad it is. But when you miss a holiday, kids start to question.
Last year we were able to donate to Scary Mommy for Thanksgiving, but this year my husbands hours have been cut in half and we are really struggling with barely enough for bills each month. This would help us so much. I would love to be able to provide my husband and our two toddlers with a great meal for one special night.
This would make Thanksgiving possible. We will always be thankful but this would give us the chance to make the special dinner and show our kids (not to mention my husband and I) that there is truly something to be thankful for even when life is the hardest.
This gift would allow me to be able to give my three kids a proper Thanksgiving that they would enjoy and remember. It’s been a rough 6 months or so financially; I’ve split from husband, can’t find work and have been sick in and out of the hospital. This gift would give a little bit of normalcy back for my kids.

Do you need help this Thanksgiving?

Scary Mommy Community members (with post counts of 50 or more) are eligible for a $50 gift card to their local grocery store to buy the makings for a Thanksgiving dinner. Gift cards will be shipped two weeks before Thanksgiving to allow you ample time to shop for and prepare your dinner. Don’t worry if you (or someone you know in need) aren’t a current member of the boards; you can join now and accumulate 50 posts in no time. The best part? You’ll also be a part of the most supportive, caring and generous community on the web. It’s a win, all the way around.
Click here to join the boards and here to apply for Thanksgiving help.

Want to give?

If you’re in a position to give a little extra this season, please do…

You can also mail a check to:

Scary Mommy
PO Box 20866
Baltimore MD 21209.

You can also like Scary Mommy Nation on Facebook and share this post.
Here’s to a wonderful Thanksgiving for all of us… again!
{Applications will be accepted until November 8th}

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