The eBay Addiction


Several years ago, I was totally and completely addicted to eBay. Lily was a baby back then and we were having a tough time adjusting to life as a single income family. I was doing graphic design here and there, but needed something else that could make me money after our nightly 2 am feedings. You know, other than roaming the streets.

From the moment I sold my first pair of jeans, I was hooked. I went to bed thinking about what I could list next and woke up ready to photograph, write, and post my listings. My dining room table was assembly line of boxes, bubble wrap and tape. I bought a postal scale and formed a tight bond with the postman who appeared at my door daily to pick up my newest sales.

I systematically went through every time in my house, making piles of the best things to sell and mapping out the most successful listing times (collectibles and Sunday nights, if you’re interested.) I sold old clothes, old books, my wedding crystal and stemware… I sold everything. My mom would give me things only once I agreed not to list them. Jeff walked around the house with me, marking the items he’d kill me if I sold.

When I had run out of things to sell around the house, I started buying things just to sell. I scoured Marshalls and yard sales for bargains and listed them immediately. I got a wholesale number and started an eBay store. It was a job.

And then I had another baby, and soon after that, another. Suddenly the shopping and the listing and the shipping became too much to keep up with. While I once prided myself on keeping ahead of the trends, I had seemed to have lost my touch. The $3 enamel bowls I once sold for upwards of $60 were selling for ten bucks and hardly worth my effort. These days, I sell a few things here and there, but it’s not the addiction it once was.

Apparently, though, I have passed the eBay gene on to a new generation. Yesterday, Lily put on a pair of never worn shoes that had seemingly grown too small overnight. I guess we’ll have to sell them on eBay, Mommy, she sighed as she kicked them off. I laughed and gave her a hug, already plotting out the listing in my head. I think someday we could make quite a team together.


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    Tiaras says

    I think to do this with the best of intentions – but never get around to it. A fried of mine sells everything her kids don’t wear on ebay. Do people really buy used clothing? I know that sounds so stupid!

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    Carrie Anne says

    My addiction is with craigslist. I sold a rocker and it went in a day. Then I started going through and picking out other things (though I found out kids clothes don’t sell well, but all my maternity stuff went). I don’t drink coffee so I needed some type of addiction.

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      Scary Mommy says

      I just sold an extra crib on craigslist. Made $100 in an hour. I’m always slightly worried that I’m inviting a serial killer into my home, but not quite enough to stop selling.

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    christy says

    Ooh she is too cute! I love selling stuff on ebay too. I did the same thing you did after my baby was born last year…but I ran out of things to sell, and just stopped it right there. I think about starting it back up one day though.

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      Scary Mommy says

      It can be a total hassle, and the fees suck. But I made well over $1000 in a few months selling enamel bowls that I bought for three bucks. That was worth it!

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    Cammie says

    I have been there! I even sold crystal goblets that someone gave us as a wedding gift. WTF was I going going to do with waterford crystal toasting flutes?

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    Lolli says

    I had no idea we had this in common! I could have written the same post (except that it wouldn’t have sounded quite as good as yours). I used to visit the thrift store once a week buying up vintage toys and legos and name brand clothes. I’d clean them up and sell them. I funded a couple of Christmases that way. And then I decided it wasn’t worth the time anymore. Or maybe I just decided I liked blogging better. Who knows.

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