15 Reasons Growing Up With Siblings Was Awesome

I've been on "vacation" with the kids for a few days and have spent more time exasperatedly sighing over their constant bickering than doing much of anything else.

"It's not fair", "why did (s)he get that", and "you love her/him more" have become the chorus of the trip and it sucks. I totally deserve it, though, because my brother and I put my parents through the exact same thing growing up. I can only hope that, someday, the kids can appreciate how great growing up with siblings really is. And that, hopefully, that someday comes sooner than later.

15 Reasons Growing Up With Siblings Was Awesome:

1. You learned resilience.

2. Built in entertainment, no toys necessary.

3. You rocked the same exact haircuts all through your childhood, never mind your gender.

3. Sibling shirts!

4. There was always someone to test out the latest technology with.

5. You rocked the hottest fashion trends.

6. And had someone to practice your super model pose alongside.

7. Cross dressing was fully accepted.

8. As were coordinating outfits.

9. And, of course, matching pajamas.

10. You could play teacher or student.

11. And had a built in cheering squad for every game.

12. Chillin' with homies was much better than chillin' alone.

13. You could never really be lonely.

14. And bedtime was never boring.

15. Most of all, nobody else will ever understand what it was like to grow up in your crazy ass family.

That part, at least, I'm sure my kids will appreciate.

(Thanks to my Facebook friends for lending me your pictures!)

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