Halloween Vodka

Halloween Vodka via Scary Mommy

I have decided that there is no reason for kids to get all the treats on Halloween. What about us? Don't we deserve some fun, too? Other than overdosing on candy, of course.

Yes, yes, we do.

I still haven't gotten over last year's fascination with candy vodka, and got inspired last week after a trip down the candy aisle. I think — actually I know — that I had way too much fun with this Halloween Vodka…

Just take any sugar candy and separate by color…

… and soak it in vodka for a few days, shaking periodically. If there's any gunk floating, drain it out with a coffee filter. My bottles came from Ikea, but mason jars work, too.

So easy, and so fun. (Especially if you taste it.)

If you're serving cocktails using your boozy treat, garnish the glass with something fun like a spooky plastic spider, or "salt" the rim with something sweet like crystal sugar or orange and black nonpareils (those little round sprinkles that roll right off the counter when you try to decorate cupcakes), shown below.

Don't you wish you were trick or treating at my house?

How to make Halloween Vodka via Scary Mommy

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