How Many Kids Should You Have?

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On the fence about expanding your family? Unsure if you can handle another?

Worried if you're cut out to be a parent at all? Wonder no longer…

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- Question 1 of 10 1. Question

- Of course!

- Most of the time.

- It depends on if someone is within earshot or not.

- Usually not.

- I'm not sure my bathroom even HAS a door.

- Question 2 of 10 2. Question

- Dropped it. And then ran.

- I've made it a point to never, ever be around babies.

- Held it for a few minutes, got spit up on, and gladly handed it back.

- Seriously wondered how much its mother would miss it if I were to flee the country to raise it as my own.

- Could practically feel my ovaries trembling.

- Question 3 of 10 3. Question

- Throw up, too.

- Dry heave, while asking if they're alright.

- Run off to grab some ginger ale. And leave it outside their door.

- Hold their hair back while they puke.

- Hold their hair back while they puke in the toilet, disinfect the entire house for them, and prepare homemade chicken soup.

- Question 4 of 10 4. Question

- Roll my eyes. Enough already, Sarah McLachlan.

- Remember to feed the cat.

- Adopt a dog.

- Sob

- Belt out "In the Arms of the Angel" while curled into the fetal position.

- Question 5 of 10 5. Question

- is straight out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

- is my favorite place in the world to be.

- is...homey.

- could use some sprucing up, but it's not on the top of my to-do list.

- should have a biohazard warning on the front door!

- Question 6 of 10 6. Question

- Morning? I never went to bed!

- My partner passionately kissing me.

- My boss calling to ask where I am.

- My alarm.

- My alarm after hitting snooze nine times.

- Question 7 of 10 7. Question

- Three glasses of wine and a pack of Twizzlers.

- The grilled salmon and quinoa recipe that you saw on Pinterest and couldn't wait to try.

- Pizza. It's so convenient that the shop has memorized your order!

- There's a can of soup and a box of mac and cheese in the pantry think.

- The lasagna you made and froze last Sunday afternoon.

- Question 8 of 10 8. Question

- Am suddenly ill with some horrible contagious disease.

- Agree, and plop her in front of the TV for two hours.

- Am psyched! Any excuse to eat grilled cheese sandwiches and doodle my name in bubble letters!

- Offer to adopt her.

- Pick her up, drop her off, and feed her a meal in between.

- Question 9 of 10 9. Question

- Make sure your hair and makeup are perfect; you never know who you might run into.

- Give yourself a once-over in the mirror, smooth out your hair, and go.

- Slap on a bra and make sure you're wearing the same shoes.

- Make sure you have your wallet. It would suck to have to leave a full cart at the checkout. Again.

- Laugh at the thought of leaving the house. You can go another few days without deodorant, coffee filters, and floss. (Maybe?)

- Question 10 of 10 10. Question

- Mope around feeling sorry for myself.

- Call my mom to come over and pet me.

- I don't let myself get sick. Ever.

- Immediately go to the doctor. It could be cancer. Or a brain tumor. Or malaria. Or...

- Make chicken soup and keep tissues in my sleeves.

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