Fall off the bone BBQ Ribs


These Apple Cider Pork Barbecue Ribs are the ultimate summer party food! My husband’s college roommate taught me this simple rib cooking technique and it’s not let us down yet. These ribs come out tender, juicy and downright finger-licking gooood.

BBQ Ribs

cooking ribs



Fall off the bone Barbecued Ribs


Pork ribs Apple cider (enough to cover your ribs in a stock pot)

Barbecue sauce (I love Sweet Baby Ray’s)


Instructions: Cut ribs into individually portioned pieces.

Bring the cider to a boil in a large stock pot and add ribs.

Bring back to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for forty-five minutes.

Take pot off heat and allow meat to rest for at least fifteen minutes.

Smother with barbecue sauce and place on an uncovered medium heat grill for ten minutes on each side, re-basting as necessary. (This last step can also be done in a 325 degree oven.)





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