Book Tour Failure


I was so focused on not flashing my Spanx on the Today Show and all of the other events during the day, that I completely neglected to promote that I had a reading at Barnes and Noble at 7PM.

At all.

We arrived at 6:45 and the room was empty. Like, completely empty. Literally. When I peeked out at 6:55, there were exactly two people in the crowd. They were in their eighties, had no idea who I was and were obviously just looking for a quiet place to sit. See?

Way to go, Jill!

Fortunately, a few other people trickled in and I wasn’t stuck solely talking to grandparents not belonging to me. But reading to an enormous room filled with ten people was a pretty humbling experience, and not one I’d like to repeat. Ever. So, come see me when I’m in your town, ok?

I’ll be sure to tell you about it this time.


  1. 22


    Rather than spend 30 minutes arguing with my two year old about bedtime, I let her stay up an extra half hour last night if she promised to lay in my bed,watch Dora and not saying a word so I could sneak into the bathtub with your book! She only gave me 15 minutes, of course, but the book is terrific. I love it.

  2. 26

    RachRiot says

    Come to Houston and I will be first in line! Mainly so we can discuss whether Kathy Lee Gifford smells like embalming fluid…

  3. 28

    meekasmommy says

    Oy, I *wanted* to be there last night, but my baby girl threw a nice little hissy fit aroud 6:30 lasting til, well, after it was too late for me to go. But congrats on the awesome book launch stats!!! :)

  4. 30

    Carolyn West says

    Well, I’m still waiting on Amazon to ship my book that I ordered months ago! I will NEVER buy a book on a pre-launch ever again. Ridiculous! And just for the record… if you had your book reading in Los Angeles, I would be able to fill the entire room and would be sitting in the front row.

  5. 31

    Vinobaby says

    I’ve got my FIVE STAR review up (because obviously that woman has as much of a sense of humor as a used douche) and I’ll fill a seat for your Orlando signing. Can’t wait to meet you in person later this month. Cheers to you!

  6. 33

    NorthernMommy says

    Can’t wait to get my copy of Scary Mommy; ordered one for me and one for my most awesome mommy friend. will post a review once read!
    Congrats on making top 1 & 2!!

  7. 37

    April says

    BurY her ass I will and cover it all up with Lyme and plant some bushes :D that’s not what I meant to say. I really meant congratulations and can’t wait to meet you next week :) – crazymama2two aka April

  8. 42

    Christine says

    You crack me up! Any plans to come to the Dallas area? There’s a Barnes & Noble at the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, TX that has has some good authors visit. Why not add your name to that list?

  9. 44

    Lindsay says

    I SO WISH I could be at your reading in Baltimore today. Stupid work! Do you have plans for any other Washington, DC area locations? I haven’t seen any on your list so far.

  10. 46

    The Mommy Psychologist says

    I’m only posting a review if you post naked pics:) Any plans to be in Los Angeles?

  11. 48

    Jennifer says

    Am anxiously awaiting for my copy of the book to arrive!! Amazon says it shipped…will be stalking my mailman this afternoon.

  12. 50

    Ingrid says

    Haha you’re so funny not cutting yourself some slack. That’s admirable. Good luck with the next signing, I’m sure next time there’ll be a crowd!

  13. 51

    Kisha says

    Condulations! I won’t have any time to read until DD get promoted to the next swim class, where I dont have to get in with her. But it’s on my list. Hey didn’t I just say I hated organized sports for kids?

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