I’ve long acknowledged that having children was the end of any sense of modesty for me. Shitting on the delivery table? Yup, that put the kabbash on that.

Writing a book, however, brought me to a whole new level.

I am now completely and utterly shameless. This, my friends, is how I now spend my days…

How I wish I were kidding.

In the last couple weeks, I’ve begun accosting innocent strangers who shall now associate Barnes and Noble with crazy ladies. I’ve made it a habit to visit at least one bookstore a day, so I can rearrange the store displays. I sneak in Sharpies to sign copies which I haven’t been asked to sign. I shove the book in people’s faces so they have no choice but to see it.

I’ve officially gone crazy.

So, please… just buy the book.

Don’t make me come and find you.

Confessions of a Scary Mommy Launch Party!

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Huge thank you’s to Yogolaada, ZoeMaternity.com, Joe Squared, Charm City Cupcakes, Certifikid, Charm City Kid’s Club, TheBump, Naughty Betty and Breathe Books for their wonderful contributions to my Baltimore launch party at Port Discovery. All pictures courtesy of Evelyn Alas Photography.


Book Tour Failure


I was so focused on not flashing my Spanx on the Today Show and all of the other events during the day, that I completely neglected to promote that I had a reading at Barnes and Noble at 7PM.

At all.

We arrived at 6:45 and the room was empty. Like, completely empty. Literally. When I peeked out at 6:55, there were exactly two people in the crowd. They were in their eighties, had no idea who I was and were obviously just looking for a quiet place to sit. See?

Way to go, Jill!

Fortunately, a few other people trickled in and I wasn’t stuck solely talking to grandparents not belonging to me. But reading to an enormous room filled with ten people was a pretty humbling experience, and not one I’d like to repeat. Ever. So, come see me when I’m in your town, ok?

I’ll be sure to tell you about it this time.

Today… on Today


What a day!!! I’m writing this from the hotel where I have exactly one hour of downtime, but wanted to share some pictures and videos from Today…

First up, the clip from my interview with Ann Curry and Huffington Post’s Lisa Belkin.

Next up, my interview with Kathie Lee Gifford and Billy Ray Cyrus, who thinks that my name is cool. In return, I kind of called his daughter a slut. And then I pissed off Kathie Lee. Double whoops!

But, he did take a book home with him to share with his kids. My job is done.

And, no, my hair doesn’t always look like this. The folks at Ouidad not only threw me an amazing launch party, but they also did my hair. And have secured a place in my heart forever.

Just a day in the life of a mother of three, huh?

Thank You


It’s here! Today is the day that Confessions of a Scary Mommy finally goes on sale. Thank God.

But, I’m not asking you to buy the book today. I’m not asking that you “like” this post or tweet it or Pin it or share it in any way. You’ve done that already, more than I ever could have expected.

Today, I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. because without you, this book would never exist.

I never wanted to be a writer. It was never my life’s goal to publish a book or go on tour promoting it. The fact that my little online baby book has led here still has me pinching myself and shaking my head. I’m not entirely sure it’s all real.

My very first blog post was almost an apology. An apology for asking my friends and family to follow along, once again, while I embarked on my next big thing.

Up until my blog, I was known for starting projects with a bang and then allowing them to fizzle out once I tired of them after a few short months, when I got bored and moved onto the next big thing.

That’s never happened with Scary Mommy, though, and it’s entirely thanks to you. Your comments, your confessions, your guest posts in the Society and your presence on my boards have me more in love with this site than ever. Starting a blog was the single best decision I’ve made in my life.

I began the blog for my children. To give them something to look back on when they discovered their baby books blank and the photo albums with gaping holes.  I want them to one day see me as the imperfect, mistake-making but ever-loving mom I am. Though it might embarrass them at times and we may hit bumps over it in the future, I’ve always considered the blog a gift to them. At the end of the day, a love letter, really.

But, this book? This book, I wrote for you. It’s my story, but it’s also your’s. With your confessions interspersed through the pages and your presence always a part of my writing, the book represents our shared view of motherhood–the good, the bad and the ugly. The truth.

Thank you for giving me the inspiration, the material and the support. We certainly have a story to share.