Scary Mommy On The Bethenny Show


Last week I went to New York to promote the book and shoot a short segment for the Bethenny show, which was perfect because I really needed a good night’s sleep away from my snoring husband and really, really needed a good haircut (Thank you, Ouidad!)


I sat on a panel with reality TV stars Tia Mowry and  Jenni Pulos to discuss “mommy issues of the day.” Please note Bethenny’s face below while listening to me babble about Lily critiquing my naked body.


(She did tell me I smelled good, so that’s something.)

And then Jenni Pulos started rapping about poop. And I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to respond since everyone else was bee-bopping and dancing in their seats, so I just sort of sat there like, is she really rapping about poop or am I imagining it? Proof that I wasn’t imagining it…        

And then I ran into Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile, and I informed her that she was really short in real life, which I’m sure she loves hearing. She also looks really young and I told her that, so maybe I made up for it?

photo 2

I spent the train ride home ripping off the eyelash extensions that were applied in single strands, so if you didn’t know better, it would have looked as if I were ripping out actual eyelashes. Which is probably why the two people next to me got up and moved. At least I smelled good, folks!

So, that was my 24 hour trip to New York last week. And also why I really shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house.

Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)


Mission accomplished at Disney World!

Evil Stepmother

Scary Stepmother

And then a few weeks later…

The Launch of Motherhood Comes Naturally


What a week it’s been! God, I love book releases! Motherhood Comes Naturally came out this week…


A huge thank you to Haley Fox, owner of Alice’s Tea Cup, who hosted most beautiful NYC launch tea for me. If you live in NYC, I’m sure you’re familiar with Haley’s adorable restaurants. If you aren’t, get your ass there immediately. They are just the sweetest spots for lunch with the girls, an afternoon snack or the best birthday party ever. And the scones? Made this non-scone liking person a scone lover. They are to die for.

Everyone took home a goody bag filled with not only the new book, but my first book as well (thanks Simon and Schuster!) Also in the goody bag: Awesome treats and a coupon from Sunshine Sam, a spin class from Soul Cycle and frames I love from Butch and Harold. Lucky party goers!



Diana Berrent Photography was kind enough to not only come out and photograph the event, but also to remind me to stop slouching and stand up straight a hundred times. Now that’s a good photographer. If you live in the NY area, Diana is a truly gifted portrait photographer. Check her out! 


A few days later, back in Baltimore, my wonderful friends at Charm City Kids Club opened up on their day off to host a launch party for me. So awesome of them! Quaker provided breakfast for us…


Lisa and Mikal from the band Milkshake rocked the little crowd…


… and I signed books for their moms.





An enormous thank you to Meg Smith for capturing these beautiful photos. Meg was a joy to work with as well, and I so appreciate her time and energy.


And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a nap!

Motherhood Comes Naturally Pub Day!


Someday, I will get through every tweet and every message and every text and every Facebook post and every missed call and thank you each of you personally for your support. But because I can barely keep my eyes open, it won’t be tonight. Until then, an enormous mass thank you to every person who bought the book, spread the word, shared my excitement and supported me today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

In case you missed them, here are the Today Show clips. The first one is from the eight o’clock hour where I took questions from Today fans who seemed to think I was some sort of parenting expert. Um… sorry folks!


And then the ten o’clock hour where Kathie Lee once again proved to be a huge Scary Mommy fan

She can barely contain her excitement. Also? I’m pretty sure she was wasted.

Jill Smokler
I did find Matt in the green room and demand that he take a picture with me. He looks a tad frightened as well.

Matt on Today

Maybe it was the random sketchy guy behind me my bodyguard who scared them.

jill smokler TV

(Best freeze frame ever.)

But, really, it was a blast. Thanks again for the good wishes and for tuning in!