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Mother’s Day

Our Favorite Celebrity Dads Made Us Love Them Even More On Mother’s Day

Justin Timberlake, Channing Tatum, and John Legend post Mother’s Day tributes to their wives There was some epic sap coming from our favorite celebrity dads this year, as they shared some messages of love to the mother of their children on Mother’s Day. Nothing melts hearts quicker than a gorgeous man gushing over his love. […]

Why I’m Mad On Mother’s Day

mother's day

This Sunday, families across America will be celebrating Mother’s Day. I will be doing the same, gathering with my own mother, my mother-in-law, my children. But this year, I can’t quite settle into it the way I usually do. Something doesn’t sit right with me. To put it simply: I have been thinking how America […]

The Cruel Joke That Is Mother’s Day

mother's day

Once a year in May, there is that glorious day celebrating all things motherhood. The day we finally get to sit back and not lift a finger and bathe in the accolades our loved ones shower upon us. The day when we get a year’s worth of recognition for all the sacrifices we’ve made and […]

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