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Valentine’s Day

Chocolate, flowers and romance? We’ll just take some help emptying the dishwasher and a nap, please.

Valentine’s Day (Then and Now)


Then: The day before Valentine’s day, get self a bikini wax, new flirty undies, ingredients for a romantic dessert.
Now: The day before Valentine’s day, clean up blood and gore from a scooter accident, wipe snot off shirt, run to grocery store for gauze and medical tape.

Then: The night before Valentine’s day, order Thai food, take a warm bubble bath, paint toes, drink a glass of wine, cuddle with spouse.
Now: The night before Valentine’s day, eat pizza on the couch, watch a Hawaii 5-o re-run, juggle the two warm bodies on lap so there’s room for the cat.

Then: Valentine’s Day morning. Surprise! Breakfast in Bed! (Meal: champagne, orange juice, naked man.)
Now: Valentine’s Day morning. “Surprise!” Breakfast in Bed. Which is zero surprise because the little one spilled the whole lot of goods yesterday, enraging the elder. (Meal: orange juice, an apple, huge slab of butter…oh wait, toast.) Attempt to eat while two excitable children demons frolic/fight on the bed. Strip sheets from bed. Start washer. Wander into kitchen. Clean up huge mess.