10 Reasons Life is Better Childfree


1. You’ll have more money to spend on yourself.

2. You’ll actually be able to save for retirement.

3. You can be the most kick ass aunt or godmother ever, because you aren’t burnt out from your own kids.

4. You can fully concentrate on your career.

5. You can have a white couch and white carpet and as many breakable things as you want.

6. You never have to spend a sick day taking care of someone else. (Except for your husband, maybe.)

7. You can fully pursue your educational goals.

8. You can spoil your pets rotten.

9. You can eat whatever foods you want at whatever time of the day you want them, without sharing a single bite.

10. You will never have to spend money for a sitter to sit in your house, eat your food and watch your TV.


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  1. Megan {{Millions of Miles}} says

    So well said! My sister and law and my best friend have both made the choice that having children is not the right decision FOR THEM. But I can’t tell you how many times we go to family gatherings, etc. where the entire topic of conversation turns to criticism of their choice. For some reason most people fail to understand that a woman can still be a WHOLE person (full of awesomeness) without children. Both of these women have such a profound positive impact on the lives of my three kiddos. They are the best aunts imaginable (and yes- they always have gum!) Thanks for sharing your heart! I always love hearing this perspective put so eloquently.

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    • Kelly says


      you just described my life.
      It doesn’t matter if there are juicier topics to discuss; the topic of convo always turns to ME and MY CHOICE to not have children. It has gotten to the point where I avoid family gatherings!!

      Its sad because I love my family but I’m sick of their criticism about this!

      I needed to vent!

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  2. Arnebya says

    This is perfect in that it captures not only our sometimes fleeting feeling of wishing we had what we don’t, but also that men say dumb, inappropriate shit far more often than women. Ha. But seriously, I feel this way more often than I’d like to admit when looking at either single friends or friends without children. The ability to get up and go, and do so without naptime being a factor, the ability to watch mindless tv without it being taken to mindless extreme when someone requests to watch Spongebob instead. It’s all relative. The feelings pass. Just b/c you don’t have children doesn’t mean you’re pining for them. And just because I am bogged down with a husband and three kids doesn’t mean I’d trade for someone else’s life. It just means sometimes I just…sometimes.

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    • Jen says

      What a wonderful comment! Thank you so much. Yes, watching mindless television when one wants is a pleasure. I just get nudged by the dogs to be let out. This is much easier to deal with than changing a diaper.

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  3. Kristin says

    It’s all about personal choice. If you’re happy with your life choices that’s all that matters.I wouldn’t want people questioning why I have children and it’s certainly not my place to question why people don’t. I bet you make a great “auntie” lady! : )

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  4. Marie says

    Kudos to you, Jen, for your poignant and honest take on the controversial subject of having children vs. not having children. I appreciate your sentiments – this was a beautiful post! I sure wish you were my “aunt”!


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  5. Kristin Shaw says

    I respect completely your decision. When people understand that they do not want to have children and stick with that path rather than bow to the pressure of they think they “should” do, it’s a much better world. I have some very close friends who don’t have or want children, but damned if they don’t pick out the best gifts for my son. :-)

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  6. Melissa says

    For many years this is what I thought I wanted too but somewhere along the line I realized that I would regret it. So I now have my one perfect darling girl (well, most of the time) and she gives that hug that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the whole entire world. That being said, she is the only one I want that hug from so there will not be any more. It’s funny how you get criticized for that too. “Oh, she’ll be so lonely growing up.” (What? Is she such a loser that she won’t have any friends?) “Oh, you’ll be so bored playing all of those silly little games that little girls make up that she’ll make you play.” (What? Do I really have anything else so super important to do?) “Two children are ideal.” (Says who?) So no matter what you do you’re going to get those naysayers telling you what they think you should do so yes, take your path and just enjoy it!

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    • Jen says

      That is so interesting. I have even labored over that issue as well. What if I do have a child but only want one? The questioning never ends. It’s all about making the best decisions for you and then being happy with them.

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  7. Kate says

    I loved this post. We all are making the best choices for our own life and we really should support that. I have two children of my own but am really good friends with a woman who has chosen to not have children. She’s loves my kids and loves to spoil mine with adventures while I get a uninterrupted hours to clean my house or share a quiet dinner with my husband. When they return home, I have kids who are happy and tired because they got to spend time with their “auntie”. I’m so grateful for her it’s unimaginable.

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    • Jen says

      It really gives me a wonderful feeling getting these fabulous responses like this. It’s so nice to know that there is appreciation on both sides of the spectrum. Like I said, some free babysitting is never a bad thing. And, I get free hugs from the kids when I need them. Plus a few from very grateful friends.

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  8. Christine @ Quasi Agitato says

    I have some happily married friends who don’t plan to have kids and I totally get it. I definitely asked, early on in their marriage, if they thought kids were in the cards. I don’t know why. I just HAD to KNOW. But past that…it’s really none of my business. We all do what’s right for us in our circumstances, yes?

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