10 Benefits to Having Teen Boys

Gone are the days when I was chasing my three active boys around the playground, or wiping their chocolatey mouths or their cute, little butts. Although two of my three boys are now teenagers, my house is still chaotic, dirty and noisy with a large dose of testosterone pulsing through it. Still, there are times when I long for that phase of them being young again, when I could pick them up and kiss their pudgy cheeks. Yet, I’ve recently discovered that being a mom to teenage boys has benefits that I never would have foreseen when they were little guys…

1. I don’t have to bug them to take a shower. Teenage boys want to look and smell good. No more fights to force them to actually wash their bodies. They have girls to impress!

2. I can curse in front of them. For me, the mom with the potty mouth, this is a huge benefit. If I let the F-bomb slip, instead of receiving a judgmental, “Mommy said a bad word” I’ll likely receive a high-five.

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3. I don’t need to buy them clothes. Three rotating outfits will be fine. They care about how they look, but not THAT much. And their clothes pretty much work year-round. T-shirt and shorts are status quo, and when it’s real cold, a pair of jeans or athletic pants and they’re all set.

4. I don’t have to have “the talk” with them. Yeah, I’m leaving all the embarrassing discussions to Dad. He can review puberty, shaving, and any talk about testicles with them. Sorry, not my department.

5. They’re never too cool to hug their mom. They may go through a few years where hugging dad feels awkward, but mom never gets rejected.

6. If I don’t feel like talking, I can get away with it. Teenage boys are not the most prolific creatures. Sometimes grunts and one-word answers are all you’ll get. And if I’m in a bad mood or it’s before 7am, I’m the same way and essentially mute. My boys never even notice.

7. They are stronger and taller, so I have a built-in helper. Need something off the top shelf? Need some furniture moved? No problem! A teenage boy seems to happily oblige if it means showing off their new and improved muscles.

8. I can finally have privacy in the bathroom. Nothing scares a teenage boy more than seeing his mom naked. He will do anything and everything to avoid this from happening. You can enjoy long, hot showers or take a magazine to the porcelain “throne” and I can promise you, you won’t be disturbed like you were when they were younger.

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9. I can read their minds. If one of my teens is upset or stressed or worried, I can see it immediately. Teenage boys may hold it together for their friends, but in front of mom, they are as transparent as water.

10. I can feed them Hot Pockets, frozen dinners, or leftover Chinese food and they won’t care. Teenage boys are hungry all the time, so as long as you keep a steady stream of food going into them, they won’t care if it’s home-cooked or straight from the box. Carbs are carbs and that’s all that matters to them.

As of now, I’ve got no complaints being a mom to teenage boys. But, one year from now when my oldest will be learning to drive, my list will change and so will my attitude. Please send me valium now, because that’s one teenage milestone I’d rather not face.

About the writer

Emily Cappo is a writer and blogger at Oh Boy Mom. She is a mom to three boys, ages 9, 13, and 15 and one girl dog. Emily is also an iced tea junkie and a tennis-playing fanatic whose game never improves.


Laura 1 year ago

Well as a lone parent to two tween boys, I look forward to what’s to come!
Although I’m spending an awful lot of time reading into puberty for boys, so I can have all those talks with them (already started!) as there’s only me to do it.

Marg 1 year ago

Seriously? I try and not curse in front of my kids, especially my teenage son. There are some lines you don’t cross. 3 outfits, well here it won’t cut it lol… Lots of sneakers, clothes, smelling good and hanging out with the guys is what I get. Personal stuff, well my son comes to me.

He watched a video on childbirth in school and promptly got sick and had to go to the nurse. All boys grow up but I am not ready to let go just at this moment of him.

Life With Teens and Other Wild Things 1 year ago

LOL All true!!

Reading through the comments though… Oooh mamas! If you’ve waited until your boy (or girl!) is a teen to talk about sex, you’ve waited too long! It needs to be an ongoing conversation, about respect (both for self and others), and values and moral boundaries, not to mention all the sex-ed stuff most of us got in high school classes from an outdated film and a sweating teacher who tried to demo how to properly use a condom with a banana. (Seriously though, teach them how to use one. Please.)

It’s embarrassing, frustrating, and sometimes you want to crawl into a hole, but if your teen has any access to the internet, chances are he already knows more than you think he does. Just touch base with him and make sure he has accurate information! And, I can’t stress this enough, make sure he understands what consent means. Even if you don’t want him having sex until he’s older (I sure as heck don’t!- and I blogged about why not long ago,) he’s eventually going to engage with a partner, and you’ll want him to have all the knowledge he needs going in.

Good luck, Mamas! Boys are pretty awesome, even if they are sometimes strange creatures. 😉

Chele 1 year ago

Privacy…what privacy…my boys are 20 and 14 and I still have no privacy. But I agree on the rest!

Tania 1 year ago

My teenager is on a journey of self discovery that happens mostly in the shower. I can’t keep him out of the shower. I just wish he would use soap and shampoo while he was in there.

Chris 1 year ago

As a mom to three boys myself, ages 7, 5, and 2, I cannot wait until they are teenagers. I am sooooo looking forward to having the bathroom to myself for more than two minutes at a time.

Savannah Miller 2 years ago

My boys are 3 and 6 right now and I am so ready for some alone time in the bathroom!!! This morning my 6 year old got it into his head he was to sick to walk… So he got a golf club (Gator golf) and was humbling around the house. I was trying to get ready in the bathroom to go out to lunch with my hubby. After the 5th time of passing the bathroom, I finally told him if he is to sick to walk then he can’t go with his pappy today. He threw the golf club and was suddenly healed… Sadly the club knocked my make up off the sink… AND YES it was a $25 jar of bare minerals :,( this mama is beyond ready for some alone time in the bathroom lol

Tammy 2 years ago

Loved this. Actually I gave my son “the” talk because my husband was too chicken too. At first I was nervous but then I got into it – he says he still remembers me saying, “I don’t care if a girl is standing in front of you stark naked and just kissed you, if she says no, it’s no…shut it down.”

Healthyactivist 2 years ago

I LOVE this list, and identify with every item on it as the mother of a 14 year old boy. #11 I have in-house tech support. SO helpful!

Lori Whitney-Evans 2 years ago

I am the oldest of 6 children and dreamed of having a large family. When I was 5 months pregnant with my son I found out that I had MS and I almost lost him, I also found out that I would not be able to have more children. My son Michael will be 19 in June and he is my world!! I love him more than life and also miss the days when he was younger! God blessed me with the BEST gift ever!! A wonderful SON!!

scott flynn 3 years ago

I hope that was the same for my mum.

Alicia Breton 3 years ago

I loved this! Thanks so much for your insight! I’ve got a 14 yr old son, a 12 yr old son and an 8 yr old daughter. This really made me see that I don’t need to be fearful of these teenage years! Now, on the other hand, when my daughter gets to this stage I better watch out!!!

Ariana 3 years ago

Love this. Mom to 3 young adult sons, and step mom to 2 young girls, there are big differences between the 2. I too enjoyed the day I could drop an F bomb or two, knowing I was no longer setting any worse an example than they were hearing 8 hours a day at school. The sex ed part…I’m not so sure you can count on getting out of that one all together: http://arianaisstillgrowing.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-birds-and-bees-and-ostriches.html

Bren 3 years ago

I have 3 boys (and an extra grown up one, my DH). I have 2 huggers and 1 that is embarassed by hugging, so I threaten him daily with hugs. I sneak a hug or two in when no one is looking on that one. School shopping with boys is great, too. They don’t like to go and they only want T-shirts and jeans or shorts. I don’t bother making them come along to try stuff on – it is way worth having to return it if something doesn’t fit. They burp and fart a lot, though. Man, I need a gas mask some nights. I have noticed the teen manchild of mine willingly showers now. I have heard rumors that there is a girl that has noticed him. Oh, boy – dating. Can we just skip to where he finds a nice one and settles down? The little one of mine is going to need a mean one, though. He is Mr. Bossypants and needs one to put him in his place.
Boys DO rock, and don’t care if the laundry is clean or not. Well, maybe now that there is a girl in the pic, I’m screwed. I’d better get my laundry done.

Melanie Chisnall 3 years ago

I always assumed it would be easier to have teenage girls than boys…your post has made me think twice about this! Interesting and fun to read, thanks! :)

Ellen Dolgen 3 years ago

What a brilliant pov, hilarious and true!!! Don’t feed them too many hot pockets and frozen meals.

Audrey Howitt 3 years ago

Yup! And so much easier than teenaged girls!

Alexa 3 years ago

This is awesome Emily! Yes, I think it’s true that nothing scares a teenage boy more than seeing his mother naked!!! Loved this!

Char 3 years ago

I have four boys. Two are close to the idea stated here and the other two are totally the opposit.

icescreammama 3 years ago

i just so happy they will still hug their mom. losing their affection makes me sad for years in the future (mine are 5,7, 10). i have such mama boys, i feel like there’s hope. :)

Carpool Goddess 3 years ago

Great list! My son is 22 now, and your list still applies :) *Visiting from GenFab

Sarah 3 years ago

Why, pray tell, is this mutually exclusive to having teenage BOYS? Anyone else find this to be kind of sexist?

I certainly hope I can cuss in front of my teenage son AND daughter 😉

    Scary Mommy 3 years ago

    Because it was written by a mom of only boys. :)

Kristi 3 years ago

Awesome post, Emily! Let me tell you, I am SO looking forward to number 8 when my son will be terrified of seeing me naked. If he even remotely suspects that I’ll be taking a shower, he wants to take one, too. If I need to go poop, he wants to help me and flush the toilet. Stuff to look forward to for sure! :)

Timebandit 3 years ago

Your #1observation about frequency of showering is correct, but the reason for it is all wrong. Raging hormones make teen boys masterbating maniacs. What better place than the privacy of the shower, among other places.

courtney 3 years ago

#10 is also true of our teenage (female) babysitter…although she does prefer good food, any food will work, as long as theirs lots of it.

mindy 3 years ago

Having two boys, I can certainly relate to what you say. It’s really amazing when they hit 20 and you can look at them as the wonderful men they are and realize all your hard work paid off!

Helene 3 years ago

Having had a boy and two girls, I can safely say that girls have wayyy more drama than boys. With boys, what you see is what you get. And yes, boys do love their moms!

Lisa @ Grandma’s Briefs 3 years ago

Great list. I have only daughters so I can’t relate all that well, but I have only grandsons (no granddaughters…yet) and look forward to such things with them.
I do, though, anxiously await hearing your thoughts when your boys find their special girls whom you’ll one day call your daughters (in law, of course).
Loved this!

Jennifer Comet Wagner 3 years ago

As a mother of two young adult sons, I saw them both through their teens and everything you said is so truth. What most resonated with me were the hot pockets, clothes (never wore any other shirts than t-shirts) and not having to have the talk. Great post.

Denise 3 years ago

My oldest boy is 14 and I can seriously relate with this one. My son totally ignores me around his friends (at Boy Scouts I’m only permitted to drop him off at the door and keep driving) but every night he still asks me to tuck him in at bedtime.

    Emily 3 years ago

    That’s cute!

Tina Blankenship 3 years ago

I am mom to an only child…a son who is now 25. I had to LAUGH and LAUGH at your post. It was all so true in one form or another.

My son and I never just grunted at each other, but both of us were pretty comfortable with silence. We home educated, so he had two talks. I gave the “this is reproduction, biology and sex. This dad gave the “you have a penis and testicles and the ways they will embarrass you.”

I always cooked from scratch, but he could eat the same meals over and over and never complain as long as there was plenty.

I still call him to help move furniture. He’s married now and gets the request from both of us. lol

There was a time that my son’s most prized possession, an ESP electric guitar was stolen. Someone broke into our church and took the guitar, the amp stack and his pedals. He held it together until I arrived. I saw his stiff upper lip and just wrapped my arms around him. He crumpled like the heartbroken 15 year old that he was. He didn’t have to be a “man” with mom. He still doesn’t.

As a grown son now, he still treats me with extreme tenderness, respect and gives assistance where I need it. I love it.

    Emily 3 years ago

    This was very sweet to hear. Thank you for sharing..

Cindy 3 years ago

My son just turned 21, but all 10 are still appropriate. He still hugs me,if his favorite dinner is being cooked, buying his favorite snack, the list goes on.

Virginia- FirstClassWoman 3 years ago

I was always glad I had 2 boys and 2 girls because I thought it was coolthat I got to have both genders in my life. The one thing it showed to me is how much nature influences things. As much as I tried to treat them the same- they were different from day 1. The boys were stinkier, and the girls (even my tomboy girl) were more fastidious. I could never figure it out- until I walked into the gym locker room when they were in junior high and realized I wasn’t the only one influencing them. There were others teaching them to be stinky behind my back 😀

joanne 3 years ago

Hmmm…maybe 60 on target% My son is 17 and those listed below don’t apply in our world:

2. I can curse in front of them. For me, the mom with the potty mouth, this is a huge benefit. If I let the F-bomb slip, instead of receiving a judgmental, “Mommy said a bad word” I’ll likely receive a high-five.

– yes, I do swear – and sometimes in front of my son, but I really try hard not to. It sets a bad example.

4. I don’t have to have “the talk” with them. Yeah, I’m leaving all the embarrassing discussions to Dad. He can review puberty, shaving, and any talk about testicles with them. Sorry, not my department.

– Are you kidding me? My son’s father still giggles when the topic of sex comes up. My son and I have been having very frank, honest discussions about sex, male and female biological functions, birth control, STDs and all other related topics since he was in fifth grade. He missed the day they showed “the movie” at school (in fifth grade). I asked him if he had questions or wanted to talk about anything related to what the movie discussed. He sat there thoughtfully for a minute and then asked me “How do you get AIDS?”. We talked about condoms (he didn’t know what they were), how pregnancy happens (he thought every time you had sex, the result would be pregnancy…as much as I would’ve loved to let him believe this lie, I set the record straight)…we discussed periods and all the fun stuff that goes along with them, other STDs and basically anything he wanted to discuss. As much as I know he doesn’t want to talk about “that stuff” with me, he does when he has questions or issues. He says he won’t talk to his dad because he says he never gets a straight answer and that it becomes a big joke. IMHO, the more he knows, the better choices he’s able to make.

6. If I don’t feel like talking, I can get away with it. Teenage boys are not the most prolific creatures. Sometimes grunts and one-word answers are all you’ll get. And if I’m in a bad mood or it’s before 7am, I’m the same way and essentially mute. My boys never even notice.

– Again with the example setting – it’s ok to not want to talk, but it’s not ok to be rude or disrespectful to others just because you’re not in a great mood. It’s called teaching manners and respect.

10. I can feed them Hot Pockets, frozen dinners, or leftover Chinese food and they won’t care. Teenage boys are hungry all the time, so as long as you keep a steady stream of food going into them, they won’t care if it’s home-cooked or straight from the box. Carbs are carbs and that’s all that matters to them.

– Seriously? There’s no way in hell I will feed my kid pre-packaged, chemical food just because “he’ll eat it”. This woman’s attitude is part of what’s wrong with the health and nutrition in our society. If you’re lazy, teach your kid to cook a few basic things: pasta with red sauce – healthy and filling. French toast – easy, filling and if you make your own syrup and teach them to put things like peanut butter and/or fruit on it, it’s pretty healthy. Make healthy food and keep leftovers in single serving, microwavable containers. What about toast? Eggs – scrambled, fried, made into an omelette…all easy. Buy some decent cereal. Keep fresh fruit in the house and make sure it’s ready to eat; grapes, apples, oranges, bananas….this is about the only “packaged” food we keep in the house. (Unless it’s Girl Scout cookie time…that’s about my only exception!)

    it’s all a learning curve 3 years ago

    Joanne I think you should take a chill pill! Also it seems like you have way too much time on your hands to be so picky about other peoples lives. Some of us are not as you put it “LAZY” but are in fact way too busy – balancing and multiskilling so many projects at once, that we dont always have the time to whip up a healthy home cooked ‘meal on the spur of the moment’ EVERY single time the boy is hungry – and sometimes the boy doesnt want a ‘healthy home cooked’ meal either! but something that seems (to them) ‘special/different’ from a pre-packaged box in the freezer – bought because they liked it when they had it at a friends house, and to be used only for those times when you find yourself caught out and have a hungry mouth to feed and no time to cook and deadlines to meet – and as a once off remedy….well seriously …it will do the job! If you tried this you would find the boy and you live through it and you wont find your life turned upside down or destroyed from it, so why the big fuss as long as its not the backbone to his diet ?? – its going to be ok if you cut some corners Joanne … dont stress!
    However, I do think that you Joanne, seriously need to check ‘your attitude’ given your lecture on rudeness! Seems you missed the lesson on ‘how not to be rude’ entirely, as the original post you commented on presented a comical look to some of the situations we mothers of teen boys encounter and an attempt to highlight the upsides with humor. You do know what humor is… ?
    I, for one (of many), concur with Emily’s post on Scary Mommy and found I could relate to most of it with familiarity and got some comical enjoyment from it… I dont understand why people like you Joanne, have to be such a kill joy trojan when it really is so unnecessary. Maybe you shouldnt be on this site if you cannot find and enjoy the humor posted on it…because a stressed out, uptight, overly protective mummy is no fun for anyone – especially as an “example” to kids! I think you were unfair and unkind in your posting ..but this is just my opinion and I believe you invited and derserve to hear it :)
    Kind regards..

murphy must have had kids 3 years ago

Awesome! I’m going to save this list for the future. It makes me not dread the teenage years so much. :)

Andi 3 years ago

Love this! Teen years are a long ways off yet, but I look forward to all of the above! Don’t get me wrong, if I’d had a daughter, I’d love her to bits, but frankly, teenage girls scare the crap out of me! I LOVE MY 2 BOYS!!

Jessica Smock 3 years ago

My son is just a toddler. But this definitely gives me something to look forward to! I was a middle school teacher for years, and I always thought that boys during adolescence were so much simpler. Just feed them, let them run around, and they’ll be happy a lot of the time. I remember myself as a teenage girl, and I wouldn’t wish that on my anyone!

Amanda Fox 3 years ago

You hit the nail on the head with this article. Boys are so funny. And they do eat anything. Problem is, the eat everything. There’s nothing ever left for the rest of us. Oh well, it keeps my cravings in check. You buy a bag of chips or a box of cookies and you can expect it to be gone almost before you get home from the store LOL!

Connie McLeod 3 years ago

As parents, we really need to embrace and celebrate every age. Thanks for the reminder.

kim 3 years ago

My son is 16 and for the most part, the top 10 are absolutely true. Please believe what people tell you about the consumption of food. I’m a single parent and we purchase groceries as if we have a family of 5 to 6 to feed. I never understood the importance of pasta, rice, bread and water before meat until I had a son. No matter what, sons diligently take care of their moms and they want to know that she is ok at all times. As far as the talk, I’ve opened the door to him being able to ask me anything, anywhere and at anytime. I don’t really want to know what he is doing, but I don’t want him go without information because of fear or ignorance. Lack of information is like giving your son a loaded gun. No matter what, I find myself saying at times, “God I love that boy”.

Amanda 3 years ago

I have twin boys and you have just shown me the light at the end of the bathroom tunnel!! I can’t wait for privacy when I shower and for my munchkins to not have to be told to go shower themselves! Great post!

Jackie 3 years ago

Great stuff! I have a teenage girl. My experience is, let’s just say, different and leave it at that, LOL!

Lisa Poltz 3 years ago

I was feeling pretty good about the 3 shower a day habit (my 13 year old’s favorite pastime) until you brought up the masterbating. Thank God I have my own shower…

Dianne 3 years ago

I’m a mom of a girl and a boy. Actually they are in their 20’s now so young adults. I had the talk with both. I figured that way I knew that both understood the responsibilities that could happen if they weren’t responsible for their own actions. I found the best way to talk to my son was in the car just the two of us. They weren’t long talks but we still talked with out anyone else being around. My daughter was easier as she asked questions.
As much as you and your sons might find it hard to talk about sex find time to talk. At least this way you know it has happened.

caro 3 years ago

I look forward to the day I can take a crap in peace!

Roshni 3 years ago

Can’t wait! Though I know there will be plenty of snarkiness to compensate for all the goodness…I’m already getting the trial runs for that!!

Sus 3 years ago

I have 19 and 17 year old boys. It’s all true!
I do have to live with bedrooms that can smell like lockerrooms, but other than that….it’s so much easier than my friends with teenage girls have it. What? no date for the dance? Invite the other dateless guys over for a video game “bro-down”.

Kristen Mae 3 years ago

Awwwww, this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about my future with my 6-year-old. <3


Janine Huldie 3 years ago

This list almost makes me wish I won’t have teenage girls in a few years. Awesome list Emily and seriously making me a bit jealous!!

Kelly 3 years ago

My step-son is 17 (18 in March), and takes two showers a day! God love him for smelling good, but the laundry kills me! Teaching him to drive wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I love the little shit head like he’s my own, and by-golly he’s a darn good kid to have around! :)

Sarah 3 years ago

I have 3 teenage boys 18, 16 and 14 and a 24 year old stepson. This is my life! My boys all play hockey and there is always extra boys around. I love every minute of it. Very loud and smelly!

Amy 3 years ago

Oh every crowd is different! Yes on the cursing & them appreciating both crystal clear bpundaries & the expectation that they will honor them. I have six – four boys, two girls. Mine are very into whole foods & homemade foods (at least at home). Some hug me one says “Moooomm” in that tone we all know. They are mentsching out (growing up) & know they’re loved!

mzvanessa 3 years ago

As a mother of three boys (and a girl) , two of those boys being school aged and one just entering pre-teen boyhood, this gives me some hope.

The not having to fight them to bathe thing? Can’t wait!

to add to the list, farting and burping. You get high fived for that too.

Allen@Funny Baby Videos 3 years ago

11. I don’t have to listen to all the drama garbage that girls get sucked into. Boys know how to handle their relationship problems with one another better.

MM 3 years ago

I don’t know; I think you should be talking to your sons about sex in addition to their male authority figures. Maybe a female perspective can help foster respect and appreciation for women. If they’re only comfortable discussing sex with males, how will they be comfortable discussing it with their female pertners?

Daneen 3 years ago

As a mother of a 19 yr old, I totally agree with everything she said! Especially the showering, and all the manscaping that goes along with it!

Angie 3 years ago

They are not showering twice a day because they want to look and smell good, they are masterbating! I just recently had to point this out to my bestie who keeps bragging about the superior hygiene of her 13yr old boy.

    carly 3 years ago

    Hahahahahaha YES!

rachel @runningrachel 3 years ago

Haha! Love this! I am a mom to three little boys… and although the teenage years are still a few years away, this makes me smile and relax a bit! :)

Shannon 3 years ago

I wish these were all true for my step sons (ages 13 and almost 15).. They have to be told to shower, and whenever I attempt to make anything that’s a left over, they complain and refuse to eat it. Maybe I will luck out and my son (who is 9) will do all these things.. There is still some hope!

Juli S 3 years ago

Have a 14 year old boy and disagree with No. 1 – dont have to drag him into the bathroom, but have to keep telling him to have one, but once his in the bath he does like to use everything to hand

Savannah 3 years ago

This makes me les nervous about losing my 11mo. I’m glad hugging mom is never awkward an that he will hopefully tell me things. When I was pregnant I couldn’t imagine having a boy, now boys are my favourite little people, particularly mine lol.

Kat 3 years ago

My son is 14 and I love this stage of his life. He’s taller than me so can reach the high shelves. He carries my groceries up the stairs without complaint. He has a bottomless pit for a stomach. Best of all, he still loves his mom and isn’t afraid to show it.

    Daneen 3 years ago

    Yep! I haven’t carried groceries up the stairs by myself in a loooonnnggg time!

Amy 3 years ago

My boy is five and my girl is three, and I can already foresee how great he’ll be as a teen and how she will be terrifying.

“Privacy in the bathroom” made me laugh, and “transparent as water” made me cry. Great read!

    Emily 3 years ago

    So glad you enjoyed the post!

Keelye 3 years ago

I’m going to supervise the talk i do believe bc I’m afraid it would end in a high five or atta boy. I think if I feel like he has not received the correct amount of education on sex, puberty, etc. i feel certain that videos of people with STDs and MAYBE a video of child birth would scare him enough to keep it his in pants for a little while longer :)

Crystal 3 years ago

I love this! I’m a mom of three boys too, 2,4, and 6. It’s super difficult right now, but I’m looking forward to the teen years. I know it’s going to be much easier for me than my sister who has 4 girls!

    Keelye 3 years ago

    I love little girls but don’t think i would enjoy having my own. I like to babysit and dress them up lol but when you Get into the child rearing, I think I would go nuts! I have two nieces and all of my friends have girls and let me say OMG the drama and tears that come with those adorable bows is enough to drive anybody crazy lol. I love them but glad when I do have them that I can send them home

Jenelle 3 years ago

Please make this true for my boys…right now one’s 4 years and the other is 4 months. I’m exhausted! Glad there’s light at the end of the tunnel…in like 10 years. *sigh!*

Kate Sciandra 3 years ago

Oy. I have a recently turned 15 year old girl. Things that are the same: showers, fear of seeing mom naked, daughter is 3 inches taller and an athlete so useful in that way. But oh, the attitude.

I understand from other people that my daughter is a kind, gentle, lovely person with good manners and a friendly nature. I will have to take their word for it. No mom gets to see that with her daughter from age 13 until…well, I’ll let you know.

    Charee 3 years ago

    Mines 20…still waiting… I’ll let you know.

    Life With Teens and Other Wild Things 1 year ago

    Well, I was 23 and had my first baby before Mom got smart, so…
    Umm good luck! lol

Nikki 3 years ago

I have twin boys and their dad was a hellion, so I fear the teens!

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes 3 years ago

As a mother of girls I fear puberty. I remember myself at that age all too (painfully) well.

Chrissy 3 years ago

Good to know I have these things to look forward to, although because I’m a single mum I’ll still have to do the “talk”. I’m hoping to leave that one to his grandpa or uncle :)

tracey 3 years ago

I have a near 14 year old son who is still impossible to get INTO the shower and then impossible to get OUT OF the shower… And I have been the one to have all of the sex talks (and I homeschool, so I’ve been doing a little reproductive/sex ed stuff lately) so I feel like I am getting ripped off here! But leaving the sex ed to hubby means they’ll get a couple of sentences and a high five before they play Xbox. That doesn’t seem to quite cover it well enough for me… This is not fair. :)

But yeah, it’s nice that he’s taller than I am. Esp since I’m pretty freaking short…

    Shannon 3 years ago

    My step son’s, who are 13 and almost 15 don’t take showers willingly either. We have to force them to get in there.

      Mary 2 years ago

      It can take a while, but the shower gene does activate eventually. :)

        Soul 1 year ago

        I had a friend who, still to this day at 24, STILL refuses to shower just because he’s too lazy. He bathed maybe twice a month while he lived with me. Just…EW. I couldn’t get him in there until I really started to bitch and threatened to kick, and I quote, his “repulsive, disgusting, and offensive smelling ass” back to his Uncle’s house. I have no idea how he even has a girlfriend right now. I’m convinced she doesn’t have a sense of smell. *gag*

Rebecca 3 years ago

So looking forward to the teenage years!

Stacy 3 years ago

As a mother of 2 boys (and one bitty girl), I loved reading this! I am a few ways away from this stage but its coming! My eldest boy is almost 8!


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