How to Feel Old. Really Old. (I’m Sorry.)

Jeff and I have always been the young couple. We’ve been together since we were 18, were the first of our friends to get married and the first to (accidentally) start a family. “You’re just babies!” we’d hear quite often when people learned our ages, not realizing what a nice position that was to be in. Sometimes, we’d even add a few years to our ages to avoid those embarrassing conversations.

But then, suddenly, they stopped.

A few weeks ago, after letting the kids DJ our summer road trip and wearing out the Taylor Swift CD,  I had the horrifying epiphany that Lily is closer to 22 than I am. TWENTY TWO. Probably the most fun and carefree time of my life; one that doesn’t seems all that long ago… and my daughter is closer to it than I am? Well, fuck you, Taylor. Thanks a ton for the eye opener.

It’s been weeks and I still can’t stop focusing on that depressing fact. So, because I have to suffer, I figure you should too. Isn’t that what blogging is all about?

You may want to assume the fetal position now…

1. The Nirvana baby? He’s 21 now, and probably using his five minutes of fame as a pick up line. In a bar. Where he can legally drink.


2. The Ross and Rachel kiss that made you irrationally happy? It happened 18 years ago. EIGHTEEN years ago.


3. Songs from Pearl Jam and Soundgarden are played on classic rock stations.

4. “Did you know the human head weighs eight pounds?” Maybe you did. But did you know that little Jonathan Lipnicki from Jerry Maguire now looks like this?


5. People born in the year 1997 can drive. Legally.

6. Blood Sugar Sex Magik came out 22 years ago. A baby conceived to it would now be 21. Possibly drinking with the Nirvana baby.

7. The Challenger exploded 27 years ago.

8. Kids you babysat for could be married, with kids of their own. (At least the ones I did are. Thud.)

9. Johnny Depp is 50.


10. We’re, like, grown ups. 

I’m sorry.

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In addition to being the founder of all things Scary Mommy, Jill is also the New York Times bestselling author of Simon and Schuster’s Confessions of A Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)

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Sara Hawkins 2 years ago

. Thanks for making me feel ancient. :)

Emily 2 years ago


Taylor Guynn 2 years ago

I was at a store one day when a song from Queen came on the radio. While I was singing along, one of the girls at the checkout said to her friend, "Hey, isn't this one of those songs from 'Guitar Hero?" She honestly thought those songs were made for the game. I was so shocked, the cashier and I just stared at each other for a minute. They had no idea. Sigh…

Malory Truman 2 years ago

One 4th of July, 20+ years ago, I was at the annual concert at the Boston Hatch Shell with a bunch of friends & somebody's younger sister (late teens/early 20s). I'd brought a Rolling Stone to read before the concert, and Rod Stewart & the supermodel he was married to at the time were on the cover. The younger sister said, "Oh, Rachel Hunter — who's that with her?" It took me a minute to get my head around it.

Anna 2 years ago

Johnny Depp is 50… That got me.

Teresa Homebaker Reimer 2 years ago

I recently took a picture of a phone booth as my 8 year old said that is was "Sooo Classic" and thought it was neat that we had phone booths all over when I was her age. She couldn't wrap her head around the fact that we had no cell phones!

Ulli Nelson 2 years ago

I love being older. 4 adult children, ages 22 to 18, 3 of them on their own, whew, only the 16 and 12 year old left at home. It’s exciting to launch the older ones and see them thrive. I am so much more chill than when I was a new Mom. My own Mom, who is in her 70’s and still runs circles around me, used to say: “What? Wanting to be young and stupid again? Not me.” I aim to be just like her. I look forward to chasing the greatgrandkids around.
There is energy and a passionate, fun intimate life again after the kids are older, and no more worries about another pregnancy. And I sleep well, (ok, I do go to bed before the tween/teen crowd, and get up after the early riser youngest), I have a larger world view, a ton more friends and much more support than I did when I had to focus on a bunch of little ones and could barely be there for my husband, much less for other friends.
I have time again for self care, and my body and soul thank me for it. I’ve made peace with my not quite perfect anymore body, and know that sexy is a state of mind. I don’t sweat the small stuff, but with gratitude enjoy the benefits and blessings more years have brought. Hang in there, friends, older is a lovely way to be.

Something Special Magazine 2 years ago

Suzanne, just read your article in Huffington. WOULD love to have you write for us sometime. CAN you message us?

Shannon 2 years ago

I have been struggling with this EXACT thought lately. I’m no longer the young one and it’s bugging me more than I ever thought it would. I turned 40 last month and was trying to complain to my mother until she pointed out she’d just turned 70. Shit.

TJ Christie 2 years ago

Nahhh… we're not "old" — we're CLASSIC! (me — happy GoddessWoman at 57 and climbing steadily… nana to twin boys age 11 whom I watched being born! woot!)

Vickie Stengel Sylvain 2 years ago

# 4? Jonathan Lipniki? Unfair. Really

Lindsay Boudwin 2 years ago

I've had a lot of these moments lately. I turned 30 this year, have a 4yo child (and a 1yo) and every time my oldest grow up a little more, it makes me feel older…but the big ones are things like the "little girl" I used to babysit got married last year and had a baby last month. Seeing people I have many memories with and saying, "Wow, I haven't seen you in 20yrs!"…Yet still remembering vividly…Realizing that my husband and I have been together for 18yrs…etc…etc…Jonathan Lipniki blew my mind just now…and the Rachel & Ross kiss cannot have been that long ago. It's all relative…I used to think that 30 was so far off…Real adult age…but now that I'm here, it's all good…I still feel young, like in my 20s…until I hang out with someone…in their 20s…

Lindsay Boudwin 2 years ago

I'm the 30 year old child with a 4 year old child. My mom just turned 60, and a "little girl" I used to babysit got married last year and had her first baby last month.

Melissa Sculthorpe 2 years ago


Stephanie Budak Nordkap 2 years ago

I actually thought this was kind of funny! Thanks for sharing! I just read a comment the other other day by someone who was wondering what the "X-Files" was as it was before 'his time'. That made me feel old. And I had a good chuckle watching my son play with my old cassette tapes I was trying to throw out. He lasted through two before he went hunting for his phone to listen to his playlist.

Menopausalmother 2 years ago

This is so funny but holy crap I am already old…and now I feel like I belong in the Jurassic era!!!

Old School/New School Mom 2 years ago

Wow! This is terrifying and true. I can imagine the Nirvana baby and the Jerry McGuire kid out at a bar. Word.

Ken Rumbarger 2 years ago

I read this too – men have their "Geritol moments" as well, whether we're fathers or not. I used to like to quote Senator Sam Ervin's humorous sayings. I bought his book as a teenager. How many people no longer know who Nixon was, let alone Watergate, let alone the Watergate Committee? So try explaining who "Chairman Sam" was.

Jack 2 years ago

A friend called me the other day and asked if I have started planning what I am going to do for my 50th birthday. Been kidding around with the boys about some of that for a while now.

Of course I have to deal with 45 first and that is next year which reminds me of how old I thought I was when I turned 35, WTF was I thinking.

Tina Hill 2 years ago

Yikes… and that blog is hilarious… I'm now hooked

Jessica Davis 2 years ago

Woah. Lol!

Audrey Hulsey 2 years ago

Yeah, I hate that 22 song; I'd take Pearl Jam songs and being 42 any day. And bring on that Jerry Maguire kid; bet I could tire him out.

Kp 2 years ago

It freaked me out when I realised the Princess Diana died almost 16 years ago and that, if she’d lived, she’d now be in her 50s. I guess following that train…Kurt Cobain would be late 40s now.
Argghh. Need to go and buy something new and cool from iTunes now. I’m still cool! I’m still relevant!

Seri McGee 2 years ago

Aaaand, BTW, Johnny Depp is still in my age bracket. As matter of fact he is a little older than I. (sniff) And the hottest guy in the universe. I'd leave my perfect husband for him. (sigh)

Seri McGee 2 years ago

We don't babysit for kids, we babysat kids. And I started feeling old a few weeks ago, the 10th of July 2013. I had a horribly childish landlady for 2 months. She would stomp overhead with every step, slam every door, the kitchen cupboards and yell at us but not really, more talking to herself. I was pacing one day and bitching to myself about it and my inner telescope (I heard the hydraulics) repossitioned itself and asked me if it looked familiar. It took me 15 seconds to decide to never look or act that stupid again. I feel no more like the 18 year old kid I always have. On the upside, I look good still. lol

Jeff Blanks 2 years ago

We used to talk about The Astonishing Rate Of Change in our society; that's not true any more. Couple that with how things have been getting more and more reactionary since about 1975 and it's easy to see how 20 years ago really can seem like yesterday.

BTW, it's kind of appropriate that Pearl Jam and Soundgarden are played on classic rock stations; Seattle grunge is about the only part of "alternative" rock that has real roots in that stuff.

Jen 2 years ago

Ahh Green Day, can you fucking believe that Dookie is 19 years old? My nine year old still rolls his eyes at me when I still rock the flannel. :)

Kerry Culp 2 years ago

Not even close. Our youngest son is 31. Our oldest son will turn 39 in December. Our oldest granddaughter starts college this fall. Our youngest was born last December…
And yet I can still totally identify with this article… 😉

tracy 2 years ago

Oh but he’s a sexy 50. I’m so old that I now find the gray-haired men sexier than the young college aged buff ones…HELP ME!

Jacqui Towns 2 years ago

Gees Nancy we're getting old! I pity these poor folk…fancy not growing up with the Beatles and our music of yesteryear…we've all been very lucky!

Amber 2 years ago

I panicked when I realized Danny Tanner from Full House was my age. MY AGE. I used to be the children’s age. What happened?!!

I feel old.

Nancy Lemmon 2 years ago

I remember once, years ago, being in Tower Records (remember them?) when a teeny-bopper said to her friend "Did you know that Paul McCartney used to be in another band before he was in 'Wings'?" I almost had a heart attack.

Nancy Lemmon 2 years ago

I recently found out that one girl I babysat is now a GRANDmother herself. And I'm still (only?) in my 50s. <sigh>

Pcpishlo 2 years ago

I am so old! I remember all of it. I tell my kids, ” You know I was born way back in the 1900’s. I am older then cell phones and the internet.” My 9 yr old freaked out when the house phone rang because he never heard one. My 11 yr old’s mind was blown when she seen me actually roll the window down in a car and not press the button.

mel 2 years ago

If you go by the styles it kinda seems like we are

Anonymous 2 years ago

Funny! Scary! Surreal! Depressing!

erin 2 years ago

this does make me laugh but I just turned 30 and I remember it all.. my son starts high school in a few weeks. that makes me feel old.

Stephanie 2 years ago

Ouch! The “ma’am”! I nearly cried the first time when a guy at the grocery store said that to me.

Stephanie 2 years ago

My 7-year old son was in tears today because he forgot to save the computer game he’d been playing all morning, and then accidentally got out of the game. I tried to console him by telling him that I’d done the same thing once, albeit a tad older. His response to my maternal care? “When you were a kid they didn’t HAVE technology!” Thanks, kid, for reminding me I’m older than dirt. Yeah, I’m 40.

Suzanna Vik 2 years ago

that made me feel sad :(

Nancy Smyth 2 years ago

oh now just stop that LOL

Jess 2 years ago

How to feel old? Pointing out to my husband that his age of 36 years means the high school graduates partying at “senior week” on our vacation are exactly half his age…and then realizing they will be half my age in just one more year.

Julie Warwick 2 years ago

It can't be true. Oh wait… only child is just about to start her senior year of high school. What the hell happened?

Julie C 2 years ago

Damn you for bursting my little “I am still young and cool” bubble. I refuse to get old, and I will remove my dentures and yell it to the whole world!

Anita @ Losing Austin 2 years ago

I hate you right now!

Man, I’m old. As if I hadn’t just figured that out when I got my 20th year reunion save the date. ARGH!

Dani Ryan 2 years ago

I just put earphones in and set my iPod to “shuffle” while I pretend not to hear my daughter not napping, and guess what song came on? “Come as You Are” by Nirvana. Now I REALLY feel old. 😉

This was awesome, by the way.

Randi Bergman 2 years ago

You are pure evil for posting that ;).

Hillary 2 years ago

Wow! This was an eye opener! I went to a gathering a few weekends ago and the kids I used to babysit were there. One’s going into med school, one is a PhD teaching at a college and the other is a child psychologist. I felt old, and fairly certain that their family is smarter than mine.

Suzanne Perryman 2 years ago

Too funny. I have been experiencing a lot of fashion déjà Vu lately, so many clothes I should have held on to!

Jacki 2 years ago

For some reason it feels really wrong to check out that photo of Jonathan and drool.

Molley@A Mother Life 2 years ago

Well FUCK…. Now I have to try and remember why it’s good to be over 40… Bueller? Anyone? Oh wait they’re all too young to remember Bueller, again fuck, whatever I’m gonna go cry in my rice krispies.

MomChalant 2 years ago

I just turned 21, so I can go drink with the Nirvana baby! And I may be a little young, but I do remember Jonathan Lipnicki from Little Vampires and GOOD GOD HE’S SEXY NOW.

Ally 2 years ago

I love Lithium…although learned the hard way that they don’t radio edit the songs…F-ing Green Day dropping an F bomb in front of the kids!

Kasey@AllThingsMamma 2 years ago

YOU SHOULD BE SORRY! GEEZ! I had no idea I was so old! LOL!

My husband and I talk about this all the time – how we don’t feel “as old” as our parents were when they were this age. I guess we are. I’m really OK with it – yeah, really, I am. :(

Now, if I could just have my 22 year old body back….sigh….

Linda Clemenger 2 years ago

I can relate to that but I do look forward to not living my life around a school schedule. We have been doing that since 1988 when my daughter started school and I would love to plan a vacation or day away from home during any time of the year.

Jessica 2 years ago

The record screeeeeech for me is when I tell someone about a childhood friend, oh we’d know each other for 30+ years!

No one under the age of 50 should have known ANYONE for 30+ years.

jasbeeray 2 years ago

Ha3 you’re make it sound so bad! The worst was knowing those born in 1997 can legally drive!

Mariana 2 years ago

I teach 11 and 12 year-olds… a few months ago our book mentioned September 11th terrorist attack in NY. They could not believe I watched it live on tv while vacationing in CA (I’m from Brazil). They had no idea what a canister of photografic film was (they saw one on my desk and asked why I had such a small box of cookies).

I’m SO old!!!

Dana Russell Reimann 2 years ago

I read the caption that says "want to know how to feel old?" And I kept saying no but read it anyway! Ugh, wish I hadn't! I feel old!

Janis Smoot Smyth 2 years ago

I have you all beat: my eldest son turned 30 in June. My youngest son is leaving for college in two weeks. Of the three girls in the middle, the middle daughter made us grandparents four years ago.

Yes, I am officially older than dirt.

Shannon 2 years ago

My girls have been watching reruns of “Friends” lately… Michaela asked of Ross and Rachel ever got back together. I told her yes, and she didn’t believe me.

Her: “How do you know?”

Me: “Because I’ve seen all the episodes when the show was on “for real”, not in reruns.

Her: “Wow, I didn’t realize this show was so old.”

Me: “You and me both, kid.”

Clare 2 years ago

Great post. You and I must be about the same age. I started early, too. It’s funny how we don’t age in our minds, but then something will remind us that time is marching on. Tick Freaking Tock! My first dose of reality was the first time my son has a teacher younger than I was. I hated that little snot.

Sabrina 2 years ago

I’m only 32 and now I feel irrationally depressed. I’m ready to start preparing myself for the nursing home.

But Daaaaamn, Jonathan Lipnicki…. And now I feel dirty. So, so dirty.

Damn you, Jill. Damn you straight to the walker.

Kerry Ann @Vinobaby’s Voice 2 years ago

::sigh:: Yeah. I had my share of feeling old as dirt a few weeks ago when I took my kid to his first Dave Matthews Band show. And he was big enough to wear his dad’s shirt! I started going to those shows back when I was a wild and winsome 22-yr-old. Now I went as a parent. ::sigh::

Jennifer Keats 2 years ago

I'm a high school teacher. Back a few years ago I referred to a local event that I was sure they should remember, it was a huge historic event, until a girl in the front row reminded me that that was the year they were born! Oh yeah, it was 1992. They're all now graduated, some have children, some are married or engaged.

Allison 2 years ago

The resident who delivered my baby recognized me as her grade ten band teacher while she was stitching me up. 13 years ago I was 24 and and student teacher… and suddenly then there she was, wrist deep in my vagina.

Janine Huldie 2 years ago

I had kids a bit later, but damn this really did make me feel old and I too could totally have the Nirvana baby if I wasn’t a bit more careful back in the day. Now I need to go find a room to go cry in, lol!! Seriously just feel so old now!

grownandflown 2 years ago

Today is my son’s 23rd birthday – reading your how to feel old column made me fee, yes, old. All I can say is misery loves company!

Sandy 2 years ago

You’re not that old. I’m skipping my 35th high school reunion this month and chuckle when clerks ask to see my ID when I buy alcohol because they have to card anyone who doesn’t look 40. (The last one took a peek at my ID and said “boy, I got that one wrong.” )

Yes, there will come a day when being taken for under 40 is a big mistake. Just remember that you’ll never be a moment younger than you are right now, so enjoy yourselves (and stay out of the sun).

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes 2 years ago

Holy Crap! Ross and Rachel 18 years ago! No no no no no!
Last time I went out I was actually hit on by one of my former babysit – charges. The guy was 20! A kid who I thaught to build card houses is 20. Yes it was flattering, but also kinda depressing.

Sally LoChirco Keating 2 years ago

I will talk to my kids about something that happened 20 years ago ( only yesterday…) and they look at me like I churned my own butter……

Mary 2 years ago

I’ve never babysat… So I’m still young, right? 😉 I remember all those things but you didn’t kill me! I’m young! I’m 22! I’m not, but that boy made mistake the other day and asked me if I were… And I’m thankful to him! :) I have 2 little kids, had my first when I was 30. Weight is going down rapidly and I’m feeling great! So… Jill, dear… You didn’t kill me! Yet. But you made me laugh! Again. :)
Also, I have some home care equipment for elders on sale…if you need some special bed or walking stick or something… 😀

Mary 2 years ago


Jean Rice 2 years ago

Even worse, my son is the one who is legally drinking, and my youngest is one of those 1997 babies who can drive now.


Alison 2 years ago

Okay, now I feel terrible for crushing on a 50 year old.
Damn you, Smokler!

Kimmie 2 years ago

I had to explain to my 16yr old the other day what that strange sound was coming from his phone, he thought it was broken, no it was just a “busy” tone, he had never heard one before. [ face palm]

Helen 2 years ago

Now you know how I feel! ALL the kids I babysat have their own kids now.

Kelly 2 years ago

Who the fuck cares about Johnny Depp. Bret Michaels from Poison is also 50, looks better in eyeliner than JD, and I am seeing him Friday night w/ my 14yr-old daughter who, yeah, is closer to 22 than me! I can’t wait for her to drive (like her 1997-born cousin) so she can be my dd.

Frankie Lawson 2 years ago

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m turning 29 this year. Again. (+11)

I’m glad I’m not 22 anymore, that was not a good time in my life. My husband and kids make me nuts, but they also make me smile and laugh every day.

Kristen Mae at Abandoning Pretense 2 years ago

Indeed. I love my online friends. It’s all good, though, I’ve cooled off now. I *could* be a touch sensitive because of the IUD stuck in my lady-bits, which is to be surgically removed this Friday. Is it horrible that I’m kind of excited to have surgery because it means I will *have* to stay in bed and nobody can say shit about it? Plus, I really enjoy complaining about my vagina; it’s been a long time coming.

Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy 2 years ago

I felt the same way until I went back last year and they looked like BABIES. It was awful!!!

Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy 2 years ago

Reason #6231 why internet relationships are superior to in person ones. :)

Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy 2 years ago

Shit. I do.

Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy 2 years ago

I’m torn between feeling 22 and feeling 80. Closer to 80 today.

Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy 2 years ago

That was the worst for me, too. Feels like, maybe, 5-6 years ago. Sigh.

Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy 2 years ago

Fuck, Marinka. Better get that nursing home lined up.

stacey 2 years ago

I know. She looks amazing. I do too when I’m not wearing my fat suit…but after four kids it kind of turned into my mom uniform.

Missy Homemaker 2 years ago

Le Sigh…one of the girls I babysat is married…to a guy I graduated high school with and had a baby a year ago. Ugh.

Erica 2 years ago

I seriously still feel like I could hit up a Sig Ep party these days and fit right in 😉 Not going to try it since I can anticipate the room’s reaction if I did! btw – I was at the gym the other day in the midafternoon when no one but the college folk were around and this group of teens in barely there shorts came up to me and said “excuse me ma’am, are you done with this?” lovely…

Melissa A 2 years ago

Yes…the older of the two kids I regularly babysat for is now 28 and a father. Just seeing pics of him and his baby makes me feel ancient! I’m proud of him though. He was a great kid to babysit for (my older son reminds me of him a lot) and I know he’ll be an awesome dad.

Kimberly 2 years ago

The worst part about that is, Jennifer Anniston is also in her 40s and plays a hot stripper in her latest movie.

Elaine A. 2 years ago

I call bullshit. Let’s go back to the ’80’s but keep our hair that we have now. Sound good?

Kristen Mae at Abandoning Pretense 2 years ago

If you were sitting next to me right now I would totally punch you in the face.

Erin 2 years ago

I ran into a kid I babysat while at a college reunion pub crawl. He loudly announces to everyone within earshot that I was his babysitter, buys me a shot & introduces me to his fiancé. I hoped he was a freshman, but no, he was starting grad school. Sigh.

Ilene 2 years ago

A surefire sign of my age is that I don’t even realize that Nevermind by Nirvana is 21 years old. In my mind, I still think it’s current and cool. And my daughter at 9 is also closer to 22 than I am. Ouch.

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons 2 years ago

Holy crap!! I loved that Jerry Maguire kid! (Maybe I still kind of do, but in a TOTALLY different way now!) Ross & Rachel – 18 years???? And Johnny Depp is 50???? Oy!

MandaLynne 2 years ago

This whole grown up thing has been fun but I have to go now. 😉

Kelz 2 years ago

You know that song “22” gets me thinking every time and it’s so funny to see someone point out all the things that don’t seem real!!! Lol thanks!!!

Laurie 2 years ago

Ugh. My first slap in the face on this topic was when I got the invitation to my 15-year class reunion. WTF. HOW have I been out of school for 15 years!!?? Sadly, my 20-year reunion is only a few years away. I am glad however that I really do still feel like I am in my late 20’s

MandiB 2 years ago


Kristi 2 years ago

LADY!! What are you DOING TO ME?!?

This woman is still living under the “I’m in my 20’s” umbrella. :)

Janet 2 years ago

I knew I was old when the 2 boys I babysat were getting married and having babies :( next year is my 20th class reunion!! How depressing! Think I’m heading for the wine now….

Julie M. 2 years ago

OMG! I LOVE the 90s channel on XM. my husband thinks its weird… You should try the Lithium channel, too.

Stacey 2 years ago

#9 and #4 officially freaked me out. Crap. I’m old. Wanna know what makes me feel even older? My 14 year old. Gah!

Autumn 2 years ago

I remember watching that Ross and Rachel kiss for the first time like it was yesterday! And the kid I most frequently baby-sat for is heading back to Dartmouth for his sophomore year in a few weeks. However, as I was recently reminded by a similarly depressing Buzzfeed list, at least my daughter will get to grow up watching Cory and Topanga, too! She just won’t get to grow up WITH them, like I did. 😛

Ally 2 years ago

I found myself rocking out the other day to Tupac California love and then saw the year ( damn you XM radio info) 95!!! And here I am 2 cars seats largely pregnant with #3 shaking it Cali in my minivan to a song that is 18 years old…

Gigi 2 years ago

REALLY?! Did you REALLY have to point out how old I am?! I think I hate you.

Okay, I don’t, but STILL! Did you have to go there?


Urban Flowerpot 2 years ago

Remember when there used to be real numbers on “how many served” at McDonald’s and they’d have to go up there and change them? …

just JENNIFER 2 years ago

The Ross and Rachel kiss was 18 years ago? Wut?? And little Jonathan looks like THAT? Holy shitballs!

Thanks, Jill. Thanks so much.

WebSavvyMom 2 years ago

–>Good God that is depressing. I has to explain a life before ATM machines and check cards recently. Time to watch Reality Bites and define irony.

Loretta 2 years ago

My oldest son is one of those kids that falls into the #5 statistic. I’m pretty sure I just sprouted a few new grey hairs while reading this. Damn.

Julie 2 years ago

Personally, I hate pop songs about age. “I’m 21 now, and I have all of this wisdom and . . .” No. You’re still basically a teenager. Get over yourself.

Julie 2 years ago

Jonathan Lipnicki about killed me! I can’t handle it!!!!

Cindi 2 years ago

The kids that were in my second grade class the first year I started teaching are sophomores in college now. COLLEGE! What happened to those cute little seven year olds? oh…some of them can legally drink now, too.

lynn @ Maven of Savin’ 2 years ago

OK you just killed me!!!!! And seriously – HELLO Jonathan Lipnicki – BOOO YA! I do remember that kiss and everything else like it was yesterday. We can also still FEEL LIKE WE ARE 22… even though we are not.

monica 2 years ago

I fear i’m older than you so this is excessively depressing. especially #9??? is that right??? 21 jump street – where did you go???

Teresa 2 years ago

That damn song hit me the same way a few months ago…at 45, and having an 18 yr old daughter. See, all this time I was thinking I was still young because I adopted my kids as older children. Then one fine day after singing along like a fool to “22”, I did the math and by gosh, it turns out that I AM old enough to have an 18 year old. Dammit. Just to rub it in, the girl I was a nanny for when I was 22 just graduated…..from college. It really is just a down hill slide to the nursing home!

Lauren (Don’t Lick the Trash Can) 2 years ago

This is truly frightening and depressing!

stacey 2 years ago


Okay, I’ll take it back. But that was really mean. Seriously…18 years ago for Ross and Rachel? I was just watching a re-run and felt like it went off the air just a couple years ago. Uuuuggghhh…all of a sudden I feel like I’m going on 42…oh…wait…dammit.

Ashli 2 years ago

I used to babysit the current miss maine… the youngest kid I started babysitting at 3 months when I was 16 is now in high school. I am definitely not keen on this whole getting older crap.

Marinka 2 years ago

My daughter is closer to 30 than I am. OMG.


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