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  • Feeding the kids white cheddar popcorn and donuts for supper tonight. Mainly because my DS 21 months is ridiculously picky about food and I know that he'll eat for once!
  • Discovered my husband cheating on me, and am secretly relieved because now I can get the divorce I've desperately wanted for years while still retaining the moral upper ground in negotiations...
  • My D's father is gay. I feel bad BC he hides who he really is from our child. I feel worse BC all I really want is him and that's just not in the cards.
  • My dd2.5 sings in Latin. Only because I was abused as a kid and ignored the rest of the time, so I don't know any nursery songs to sing my ds6mo to sleep. So I sing Latin hymns in Gregorian Chant and Mass songs.
  • I only did baby led weaning for the shock value when you tell people you aren't giving your baby purrees.
  • So close to being done with my nursing degree, and I'm starting to wonder if I haven't just made the biggest mistake of my life.
  • Everytime DS comes back from the inlaws, I want to yell " get some broccoli in him, STAT!"
  • I didn't kiss a guy until I was almost 19 years old and didn't have sex until 24. I was really pretty, too, which meant I knew without a doubt that my personality was defective enough to override a teenage boy's horniness.
  • I always buy my pregnancy test at The Dollar Tree. Perfectly good tests, were often right before the other store's brands. When you are an obsessive tester, those cheap tests are a bargain and a half.
  • A close friend just got admitted to a psych unit. I can't help but wonder if that would be a nice break from motherhood. I also feel guilty for thinking that.

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