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  • Sister brought a friend's baby over yesterday, and I actually said "WTF is that thing? Get it out of here!". Yep, definitely 1 and done here. Recently got a dog and now family is complete. No baby fever at all!
  • I feel like my viewing affects my favorite tv shows. Like how will Rick and Daryl live through another week if I don't watch. They need me!
  • Think I married the wrong one. Met dh bff a week after dh. Been with dh for almost 10 yrs, secretly in love with his bff for over 8 yrs. Bff travels, is a musician, and can have intelligent convos. Think picked the wrong one.
  • I want a cigarette. Haven't had one in years but someone outside my window is smoking and it's just so tempting.
  • I legitimately hate my life, everything about it and everyone who is in it. Married with 2 kids. It isn't likely to change.
  • I'm not even buying my 16mo any Xmas presents - not because I can't, but because it'd be a waste. Just wrapping up her favorite toys so she's excited when she unwraps them!
  • I have a ds8 and dd4, just found out my breast cancer even after surgery and chemo has moved to lymph nodes and bones. I'm only 30 and I'm afraid they will end up being raised by their shitty cheating father and his gf.
  • Had PPD with my first but never took my meds. Have it again with my second and can't get the meds so I'm taking the ones from 1.5 ago. Good thing the shelf life is 2 years and I can stop them after we move next month.
  • I feel the need to take a pregnancy test but I'm too scared to tell anyone. Not having sickness or anything, just a gut feeling.
  • My son is almost three months old and he's had 3 baths in total since he was born, not including the one in the hospital. What, it's cold!
  • If there were a contest for the best husband, mine would win hands down. Cooks, cleans, shops, does laundry (folds AND puts away), listens, great dad, and rocks my world. Married 20+ years. WTH does he see in me?
  • I sent my ex elephant poop and he had no idea it was me! He told me about it and even showed it to me, trying to figure it out. I will so it again in like, 2 years... just for fun.
  • Somehow managed to still get enough presents to make it not be depressing under the xmas tree. I know a ton of relatives are buying for dd4 but I wanted her to know Santa didn't forget her. So relieved!
  • So I want to have an affair, but scared to do it. Mostly happy with our life, but I think about it alot. It drives me crazy imagining it. But I wouldn't even know how to start one.
  • I don't shave my legs or my lady parts when I go out without my husband in an effort to make myself behave and not mess around with another man. Or woman.

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