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  • I want to bitch slap the little Cunts making up vicious rumors about my dd12. Thinking about throwing shit at their houses and blaming it on Halloween.
  • I had a psychotic break his summer and relapsed into my PPD and PTSD. Now, I miss the time alone and the extra sleep I got.
  • I started a diet yesterday. I want to stuff ALL food in the house into my mouth right now. :(
  • I'm a horrible mom/wife when I'm sober. Beginning to think I'm becoming an alcoholic. I could quit, but I don't like who I am sober, and neither do DH or DDS 4 & 7
  • We are on a new, very tight budget that doesn't include fast food or eating out. I've been secretly going over to Starbucks several times a week using change I've found around the house.
  • DD is 10 months old. Still have 15 lbs of baby weight. Having a really hard time caring enough to do the work to get rid of it.
  • I am having a ladies bible study at my house tonight, and I'm already tipsy from having 2 beers with dinner and no food today. Whoops!
  • My sick DS2 is eating cinnamon toast and ovaltine for dinner. He had cheese crackers and mango for lunch. I should try to convince him to eay something healthy, but he feels so bad.
  • I fucking hate my life..hate it...hate it...hate it.....FUCK
  • I am a sub, but BF told me he wanted to try wearing panties and being pegged. We've experimented, I love it. He still knows how to take control, but this has added something completely different. Too bad we're both married.
  • I had seven years of constant melt downs for being a SAHM and raising 3 daughters. I have a maid now, I am not a snob, nor am I rich, but my husband knew it was that or divorce Thank you for choosing me hubby!
  • 10 year anniversary is coming up in February, and we don't have any money to do anything. I've told my DH it's okay if we just go to dinner, but I swear if he doesn't come up with something miraculous, heaven help him.
  • My kids fight non stop and they are 7 years apart. Vary rare do I get to enjoy them both together in the same room and it makes me sad. These are my babies and its easier when one is gone :-(
  • Stalked my male xbff's fb and got mad. Portrays himself as DD's "Dad". Stupid asshole was just a sperm donor bc my first DH could not get me pregnant. Upset with myself I did not make him sign a gag order.
  • I lack impulse control when it comes to online shopping. Today I had to make over $400 in returns so we can make bills next month. Thing is.....I don't really care about making our bills or putting money in savings.

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