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  • All my friends on FB posting about great Saturday morning workouts and 5K's. I'm killing some Easter candy, white Cheddar cheezits, and a Friend's marathon on Netflix.
  • Im straight but watching the new vic sec commercial w that gorgeous girl in the blue bra in jeans makes me wet. I want to fuck her. Id also like to be her.
  • Went to lunch with DD6, while she was getting milk a boy asked me why my DD is so weird. I asked why he's so rude & ugly. I only feel slightly ashamed
  • I have several of the signs of early stage dementia. I'm scared. I had always planned to kill myself if diagnosed, but I'm not ready yet. I've got too much left to do in life.
  • More than 10 years ago, my soulmate left me for someone else. I know I will never find another love like that again, and that makes me depressed. I like my dh enough to settle with him, but I simply CAN'T love again
  • I think my daughters and my mom are the only humans I genuinely love. Anyone else, including H, it just feels like obligation. I honestly think most people are pains in the ass.
  • Found an earring in the car, and a pack of smokes the same brand as our skinny slutty neighbor smokes after h got back from on a business trip. My ears aren't pierced. He's been obsessed with her since she moved in.
  • My dh must really think I'm stupid. The lies he tells me aren't even halfway believable.
  • My dh cheated, but I'm the bad guy because I can't let it go, and I've been "torturing" him with it since it happened.
  • I fear my baby will die because I can't imagine him any older than a toddler. I can always "see" into the future, but I don't see my baby there.
  • I worry that my kids will cut me out of their lives when they grow up. After all, that's what their father did to his family. He's never said why, just one day he decided to never talk to them again.
  • Every time I see dh checking out another woman, I say something to him and he instantly gets pissed off about it and tells me I must be making it up. I have eyes, dumbass, I can see you doing it. it makes me HATE him
  • Being a Mom is the most thankless job I have ever had. And I once had a job where my boss called me "stupid" instead of using my first name.
  • I'm so stressed out and overwhelmed with a toddler and newborn that I'm constantly thinking about being alone and drunk.
  • Yesterday my first DD would have been 8. I try to avoid thinking about her sometimes so the pain doesn't crush me. I feel horrible about it, but I have 3 other DCs to care for. Fuck you SIDS!!!

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