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  • I can't sleep because DH doesn't have sex with me anymore. No explanation, goes to bed early on his own, pushes me away. I am now, at midnight, going to use my electric toothbrush. For the pleasure... of waking him up.
  • I used to adore horses until 2 weeks ago I watched a documentary on Youtube about people having sex with them and how the stallions masturbate by rubbing their penises on the ground. Gross- imagining a man sucking pony dick
  • Baby is almost 8 weeks old. I have missed wine! Finally drinking a glass how I have missed it
  • No physical intimacy with DH, not my choice. Felt so good today when young DC told "mama your skin is soft!" then both kissed my cheeks and cuddled. Hey they looked at me, were close to me, appreciative and loving!
  • I'm black and I'm really only attracted to white frat-boy conventionally-handsome types. too bad you have to be freakin' Beyonce before any of them find you attractive. I'm afraid I'll be alone forever.
  • Single mom so desperate for adult contact I slept with my kid's dad even though I don't respect him or like him very much. Afterwards felt crushed by sadness--I want a relationship, an intact family. Doubt I'll get it.
  • I'm a first time mom being induced tomorrow and am scared shitless.
  • MIL and I despise each other to no end. By listening to us talking together you'd think we are best friends!
  • I care way too much about what others think of me.Especially people I am not even close to. (non family/close friends) Delete me from fb and I take it so personally! I am a 31 year old mom of 3.I need to get a life!
  • I feel like a failure because I can't get my DD to nap. When she does nap it's always in my arms and when my DS3 is trying his best to be quiet and makes noise I get upset when he did nothing wrong.
  • I skimped on the frosting for the cupcakes so i could eat it out of the jar. Sorry kids. Not really.
  • there is a bowl in our dishwasher that has been through about ten cycles because its still dirty and I'm too lazy to scrub it by hand....keep hoping that one of these times it will magically come out clean
  • said no to the chocolate cake I was craving all day and instead did 30 minutes on the elliptical....a small victory but I'm still really proud of myself
  • I only wash my hair when my scalp starts to itch. Every 1.5-2weeks. My hair never stinks.
  • DH called D8 a dork for playing Harry Potter. Totally crushed DS, he had tears. I made him apologize, but I wanted to punch him. DS is a fantastic kid. So what if he's not all sports all the time. Asshole.

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