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  • I confess I have a very rational fear of bug infestations & DC's classmates apparently have bedbug bites. I'm not exaggerating, this may push me to suicide. Too broke & anxious for this already. Wanna burn everything!!
  • I have not had sex with DH since before DS was born...14 months ago. I feel like jumping back in the sack with him is going to be so painfully awkward at this point.
  • My husband was just laid off work. We have two kiddos, 2 & newborn. Scared as hell and pissed at the same time. I don't want to go back to work and have someone else raise my kids!
  • I am angry and feel so guilty for thinking this way, but my fiance, is leaving everything in his will to his lazy sister and her kids. If I am willing to give up being a mom for him, he is leaving his shit to ME! Sorry, SIL.
  • My husband wants to leave me. I'm devastated. I wish I didn't have an issue with sex.
  • When I'm watching porn, it's the woman that turns me on. I don't want to touch the woman...but I want to Feel like her.
  • I am an aweful mom. H is out of country and I dont feel like doing any activities with kids because I feel depressed. I let them watch TV all day!
  • I am strangely jealous of my friends who struggle financially. I feel like they are better people than me.
  • My daughter speaks to me like she's 14 not 4. I'm so angry with her all the time. People think I'm a great Mum. I think I'm terrible. I worry she'll think I'm terrible too.
  • Since I agreed to not have kids because DH does not want them, I have completely lost interest in our nephews. I want to screen SIL's calls so I don't have to pretend to be interested in an hour of Facetime with her kids.
  • Just got to enjoy the pregnancy side effect of having so much weird discharge your pubic hair sticks together and you accidently yank some out when you wipe.
  • I can't wear or put my kids in second hand clothes, especially if I don't know who owned them before. Even if I washed them on the hottest setting I would still feel they are dirty with something unknown.
  • I haven't had any alcohol for 13 days. I am extremely proud of myself! Telling people IRL would mean confessing I have a problem...
  • Ds is 1.5, and I have had a lot of anxiety about putting off baby #2 til he's in school. So Dh and I have decided to bite the bullet and start trying sooner rather than later..this fall. So excited I can barely stand It!
  • My 33 year old husband couldn't get it up last night

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