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  • Over a week ago I noticed I was the one always trying to show affection to DH hugging, kissing, hand holding ect I stopped, he hasn't touched me since. Smacking my ass & asking 4 a quicky doesn't count as affection asshole.
  • I resent my DH for buying this house. Its huge, in a nice neighborhood but has no useable backyard. Might as well live in an apartment. I just want my LO to have a place to play.
  • I used to be judgy of moms who said they hated summer vacay w/ their kids. I just had #3, and I cannot wait for my mouthy middleschoolers to go back to school!
  • I want to quit my job, get a divorce and start all over. I'm 37yo, have a DD6 and am terrified to make myself happy by taking these steps.
  • I had a short affair with DHs best friend while he was away with the military. The sex was amazing. 2 years on, I still think about it whenever I masturbate & know that he & I cannot be trusted alone together ever again!
  • Sometimes I don't get anything out of the freezer to thaw for dinner and tell my fiancé I "forgot" so he'll bring something home, I get tired of cooking & cleaning every night!
  • I sext my husband while I poop. It's not that pooping turns me on; it's just convenient to do it then.
  • I hate being a mom. I love my kids but I hate this mothering life. Hate it. I know they'll be grown and gone one day. I know. I know that I have fond memories of their babyhood. I have some fun now. Still hate this life.
  • Potty training is seriously the bane of my existence.
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