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  • I wonder what kind of person I'd be if that piece of shit has never touched me when I was 12. I wouldn't mind running into him someday now that I carry a gun.
  • Normally I make a very balanced lunch for myself and DS2, today is his birthday...guess who's having velveeta shells and cheese with ham chunks lol
  • I let my husband believe the day has been more hectic than it really has when he comes home and I'm still unshowered. Sorry, babe. I've just been lazy.
  • Sometimes I just feel like I can't do this mom thing anymore. And I only have one. She's so difficult 100% of the time, I don't want more kids anymore. I think i would go insane with 2 of her
  • It's a snow day and I have no wine! Because I drank the bottle I bought yesterday last night.
  • It's a snow day so I am not going to put a bra on at all today. Now If I could just get rid of these kids...
  • Confided in my sister about our kinky lifestyle. She told everyone in our family and very close friends. They all treat us like freaks now. I will never forgive her for the betrayal.
  • DH has no idea that I had to repeat a grade because I struggled academically. Our son struggles academically and when we ponder why he struggles, I appear just as shocked as DH over these issues. Like mother, like son.
  • Would NEVER cheat, emotionally or physically. But, there is a guy vying for my attention and it's such an ego boost. I'm acting oblivious so I won't lead him on. Maybe I'm not totally boring after all?
  • I wish "traditional" marriages weren't looked down upon so much. I gave up my nursing career to be a SAHM. And guess what? I'm HAPPY. Happier than ever. No regrets. I wish I would stop being judged by "career women".
  • My youngest is 2. She's been in a bed since 15 months. There's a play pen still in the living room.why? Cuz I dump all the clothes from the dryer in it and we just dig thru it. I'm too busy lately to put clothes away.
  • It breaks my heart my husband refuses to work on our marriage, but instead prefers to be the victim, and blame me for everything, although most of our problems come from him and his depression.
  • It's not so much that I want to leave dh and dc, it's just that I desperately want to leave this thankless, monotonous life. There's no me in this SAHM life. I hate it so much.
  • A few people I barely know from church are throwing a little birthday supper for me, and I'm trying to talk myself IN to going. Social anxiety sucks.
  • I'm tempted to commit myself until spring comes. I can't handle being in the house much longer with these monsters. This is becoming the longest winter ever.

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