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  • Wish my DH would cheat on me. Then I could divorce him. Just don't feel like being unhappy is enough of a reason to leave.
  • It's almost a bit disturbing how often I fantasize about beating the living shit out of a few of my co-workers.
  • I don't understand why people wipe boogers ANYWHERE. I eat mine.
  • DH and I rarely have sex; neither of us is ever really up for it. Too tired. Part of me is totally fine with that; the other part wants him to "bug" me about it. He has no game tho. Never did. Never will. Depressing.
  • 5 months pregnant. Can't handle my ds3. Counting down until my dh gets home so that I can watch big rich texas in peace. Mom fail
  • I hate being around other moms sizing them up and getting sized up. I don't want to believe that I'm actually one of them, pot bellied trying so hard to be better and wondering to what extent my DH's eyes wander.
  • We lived somewhere else for a while for my DHs job and I didn't want to go but ended up making dear friends. Now we are home and I am alone again, FB stalking their lives and the cool moms here who ignore me.
  • 8 months after finding our DF cheated while I was pg, 4 months after letting him move back in, I finally feel secure in our relationship again. If he does it again, I get a free pass, though. I will use it.
  • I think I might be able to cope better with my size 18 body if I could dress myself from Nordstroms and Sak's. Target and JCPenney just ain't cutting it.
  • Even though we are happy Now, I have no doubt that our marriage will end in divorce.
  • So embarrassed to eat and shit around DF. I always wait till he leaves. I'm 40, btw.
  • Had a play date with the most narcissistic woman ever,had a pimple in my chin so I squeezed it while talking.It ended up in her lip and then a big apple bite to her mouth..almost peed of guilty feeling
  • Our sex is mind blowing but he only wants it once a week if I'm LUCKY. I could do it every day. He would be hurt if he knew I masturbate but what does he fucking expect? Sorry!
  • I've started fantasizing about having an affair with a few of my colleagues. It would be really easy and I'm not sure SO would even care if he did find out. Not in a good place at all :(
  • Finding out my abusive xH was cheating on me probably saved my life, and yet every day I have to stop myself from calling his 19 yrs younger GF to tell all the dirty details I've found since leaving b/c I'm PO he cheated.

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