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  • Finding myself jealous of a former coworker who I used to think was a huge dork. We are both married moms, but she seems to actually have a life and does fun things. I sit on my ass without a single friend.
  • I really dislike being a SAHM!! I never have any alone time and I am honestly so sick and tired of tending to my 2 1/2 year old's constantly changing wants and needs...i want this, i want that, no, No ,NO.
  • I feel really angry that DH and I are there for people EVERY single time they need it. But they cant be there for us. There are no more real friends in this world.
  • DH looks great after losing a ton of weight and taking care of himself, and I'm REALLY enjoying the extra 2 inches he discovered he had under there! YIKES!
  • I can't convince my DS19 to go to college. Hasn't he seen the way we have struggled his entire life??? Surely he doesn't want to be poor. I want to shake some sense into him!
  • My dd16 is beautiful, sweet and funny. She is not very smart at all, though. Worry someone will try to take advantage of her and she'll fall for it.
  • I think my boss is trying to force me out of my job b/c he thinks I'm not worth what he's paying me after 10 years. I just got a pay cut. Don't know what DH & I will do. I think we'll have to move states and I'm scared.
  • I thought this parenting thing would come naturally to me, boy was i wrong.
  • I don't know if it's my husband's friends that I hate or the fact that he doesn't have the balls to tell them to go the fuck home already!
  • I wish I realized how easy I had it when my kids were younger. Raising teenagers is stressful and just plain scary!
  • I'm a SAHM w 3 kids. Im having major surgery in a few weeks but we r keeping it a secret from my MIL until the night before. We don't want her coming 800 mi to "help." She's crazy & makes everyone around her crazy too.
  • I often wonder why I married for love. I should have married for money, maybe shit wouldn't be so hard, and I wouldn't be so miserable.
  • I started baby sitting a baby 4 mos in addition to my own 6 mos DS. The baby is sweet, but the back of his head is totally flat & I am judging his parents for leaving him is a crib or bouncer so much.
  • I actually LIKE working Christmas Eve provided I'm done by four. My coworkers are all really close, some bring treats to share, and there is a gift exchange. I feel left out since I'll be out of town the whole holiday week.
  • My husband is horrible at sex. I keep thinking about getting a lover because I can't live through life with the most boring and blandest sex in the world. I think he's gay and he won't admit it. I am so angry.

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