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  • The kids both napped at the same time, which never happens. I was so excited to have some alone time and NOT be touched or grabbed for a few minutes when the darn cat decided he wanted to crawl all over my lap.
  • I'm jealous of youu brave mamas who have had the courage to walk away from toxic relationships.
  • I just told my son that if he didn't stop hanging from his bunk beds like it was a jungle gym that I was going to take it apart and make him sleep on the floor without a mattress.
  • my DS is 6. I am now counting the years down of when he will be 18 so i can get a divorce from his dad. staying together for the kids suck, im just like my mom-pathetic and weak
  • I feel like my DS2.5 is talking to someone else when he says mama. Still in shock these are MY 2 kids . I'm 20.
  • Our cat fell out of a pine tree (50ft) and died. I feel bad and keep reliving it. But, DH has already found us a kitten and I'm kind of excited about that. Is that bad?
  • One day I want strip off my clothes and my bosses clothes and have him fuck me doggy style right on the conference room table during a staff meeting, but I don't think HR or DH would approve. I bet my boss would though 😛
  • Wish I could summon the courage to leave DH. I care about him, just don't want to live with him any more. I dream about my own little apartment in town. Really don't want another relationship, just my freedom.
  • I feel sometimes like the world is out for my blood. Nothing ever goes right and there are days that I don't want to go on. Then they smile at me, the mini mes, reminding me why I am still here
  • I work in an abortion clinic, and every time one of my HS classmates posts some pro-life meme on FB, I am tempted to announce when I do for a living in a comment under the pic just to see how their church friends react.
  • I don't feel like my friends really even care about my problems. Feel like I have to pretend everything is pretty much OK bc no one is interested.
  • I bitch at my H for spending money on lottery tickets, but sneak inside to hide my impulse purchases all the time.
  • I wish I'd never quit going to therapy. Even though I had to pay my shrink, at least I had someone to listen to me.
  • I dread coming home to my family after school/work every day.
  • I'd totally sell my undies for money bc I'm broke. Unfortunately, I'm also fat as hell and suspect there's not much of a market for what I've got to sell. HUGE granny panties anyone?

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