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  • Dd3 in church for 1st time for friend christening. She thought it was boring and silly. Yep, she got that right, but unlike my DH, I was still trying to ensure she was respectful. He wanted to vomit, he said!
  • For just one day I would like to be pregnant again. Just so I can feel a baby kick, eat everything I want, get attention and take a motherfucking nap.
  • I cant wait until my dh dies.
  • I'd much rather share a bed with the dog than my DH. Dog is soft and furry, cuddles without expectation of sex, and doesn't snore.
  • DH and I used to be best friends. Stay up all night talking.. I could tell him anything.. but now, I can't wait for him to stop trying to "get me in the mood" and just go the eff to bed so I can be alone..
  • Deep down I believe people only have kids for something to do or because they think they'll be judged if they don't.
  • I pooped a little on the bed during sex once, tried to hide what I was cleaning up, then cried when DH realized, even though he was VERY understanding. pretty sure I've peed several times too. WTF?! This never used to happen
  • I love my DH so much. He is more of a dad to my 2 kids than their real dad. But sometimes he binge drinks, and then drives home. It makes me sick; I don't know what to do :(
  • I'm crazy madly in love with my DH, but if I knew how little he'd want to touch me I don't know if I would've married him. I need physical affection, dammit.
  • I'm a SAHM. My husband works and goes to school. I constantly feel guilty about not having a job but 1) I'm too selfish and lazy, and 2) every time I think about going back to work, I have a panic attack
  • Sex doesn't interest me anymore, but when we do it, hubby likes to take his time "pleasing me". I finally got smart and told him that the hard fast pace is what turns me on. Done in 10 minutes...win/win for both of us!
  • Can't decide if unsatisfying sex is better or worse than no sex. So tired of no O, just wish I could be Fucked right.
  • I was thinking today "MIL isn't all bad, at least she doesn't tell DH to divorce me". Then she did it! This very afternoon! The jealous bitch is staying at our place for ten more days. I feel like feeding her laxatives.
  • I'm so close to canceling Halloween and Christmas. My kids are brats.
  • Didn't believe in karma. Left a good man for now-DH because I was insanely attracted to him. Choosing a man with my vagina didn't prove wise :-(

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