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  • DS4 just asked me if he would have to go to the hospital if he licked his poop.. Wtf.. Uhh, yeah, a mental hospital, maybe. 👩 💥🔫
  • Just found out that my OBGYN may have mistakenly given me the pill to abort my pregnancy. Nurse called today to say my HCG Levels were up. I had the blood drawn before they gave me the meds. I am devastated!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Woke up after drinking to find SO was drunk sexting the neighbor trying to cheat. He begged her to meet him outside and emphasized me being passed out and all the things he wanted to do to her. I'm broken. I love him.
  • I use a princess blanket every.damn.night to sleep with.
  • Sometimes my two-year old doesn't want to take a nap. I am okay with that as long as he plays in his room and gives me mommy time for an hour.
  • I JUST had major surgery 2 days ago, last night my husband kicked me right in the gut... Now my incision hurts sooo bad. But when he tries to leave I beg him to stay. I hate that I'm so dependent on him. Fml!!
  • I want to fool around with another woman and my DH. DH would be up for it, but I'm afraid he would end up holding it against me for some reason and think I was a cheater.
  • If I had it to do over (yet could keep the beautiful children we made) I would have said no to the marriage proposal.
  • Wish I had the type of husband that would just love me unconditionally and who was actually scared to loose me, DH could care less.
  • Im a better mother now to my kids ages 7, 10,12 than I was when they were babies/toddlers. I just couldn't bond with them as babies, IDK why. Kids & I are really close now, so I dont think I messed them up in spite of that

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