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  • Wish neighbor would die. He's in his 70s and he turned his home into a halfway house so literally, we have a bunch of junkies living in a shack next to us. Didn't know when we bought our house.
  • I hate my almost ex husband. I mean he is an abusive manipulative prick and I just want to punch him. But his new girlfriend looks like shrek so in my head I say I win.
  • Aunt flow decided she had been away for to long and needed to visit. H doesn't understand the kind of bitch that Aunt Flow is. I wish men could experience what it's like to wake up in a pool of your own blood.
  • I don't bathe my kids nearly often enough. They behave so much better when we're out of the house so we stay out all day and at night, I'd rather them spend time with daddy. Once or twice a week hasn't killed me! Or them.
  • I just spent way too much time and money planning a pinterest inspired birthday party for my daughter. Then realized I don't have any friends to invite. It's gonna be grandparents who couldn't care less about that crap
  • H and I used to have different issues with booze. We have had drinks, not to get drunk, one time for a spec. occasion. I want some wine this weekend..but the kind I want has higher alc. content so I don't want to mention it.
  • I am a teacher, but I am not even able to teach my own kids well
  • I never liked toddlers. I hoped I would like mine better. I don't, can't stand all the screaming & yelling! She's a doll face & sweet as ever but that part I HATE!
  • I blame myself for my son's autism. If I hadn't chosen such a moron to be his father he'd be ok
  • DH is trying to lose weight. Instead of being proud of him I'm super annoyed that he has more willpower than I do.
  • I thought I would wean myself off my Wellbutrin. I was wrong. Especially without any support from my DH.
  • I came really close to hurting DS10 mo last night. He just wouldn't stop crying and I was so tired. I feel so guilty this morning.
  • I stopped loving my H after he cheated. I put him through hell, was unbearably mean & cruel to him, torturing him for months trying to make him leave. the fact he stayed after what I put him through made me love him again.
  • DS2 has a bad cold and is super whiney. I gave him benadryl more bc he's driving me crazy than bc I thought he needed it. Feeling like an asshole mom.
  • I drink tea everyday. I am the only one who uses my tea cup. I never wash my tea cup. Ever.

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