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  • I'll hit the 9 month mark of my pregnancy tomorrow. Have an OB appointment today. I starve myself for about 12 hours before every weigh-in. That terrified of the scale.
  • Sometimes I wake up in he middle of the night and jerk off using my dw's hand
  • I had some chook for supper and later that night had a dream I was a fucking chook
  • One of the mom's in my mom & me play group keeps dropping the I like you vibe. My DH hasn't touched me in over a month due to stress at work, even when I ask for it! So I masterbate thinking of what her & I would do.
  • I wish I was more patient with autistic ds13 so I could homeschool him. His autism is mild but he can be SO difficult and all his teachers have given up on him. He isnt getting a proper education at all.
  • This conceited girl I'm friends with on FB posted a pic of her lower back dermal piercing. I knew it wasn't her fat ass, so I googled it and it was the first pic that popped up. Ha ha nice try fake bitch
  • The real reason I don't want my own kids is I was bullied throughout HS. I just can't stand kids. People think I can't afford them. he-he
  • I love seeing all the popular girls I went to school with on FB, and they look all haggard and I still look like I'm 18! Ha ha feels good
  • H borrowed my phone, saw that I was reading confessions & started reading some. He pointed one out and said that he thought it was so sad that some men make their wives feel unwanted and invisible. It was my confession.
  • I was in the guest room when my MIL came over to pick up my kids. She got on the phone with my SIL and started talking shit about me. I stayed in the guest room and kept listening.
  • I have sciatica pain and is so bad I can barely walk but I secretly enjoy the fact that saves me from having sex with DH
  • I eat supper usually with my TV-set. It's the best friend, shows me what i like and does not talk back
  • OMG! I am the biggest asshole ever! Its 1230AM and I just realized we are TOTALLY out of drinks! Tea & koolaid pitchers are empty on the counter and kids never said anything bc I've been in a shit mood all day! Mom fail! :(
  • Still pregnant but broke out the postpartum supply of lanolin and nursing pads because all of the clothes that touch my nipples feel like they're made of gravel and broken glass. Pregnancy is fucking glamorous.
  • My neighbor beats his girlfriend all the time and I just know one day he will kill her. I feel horrible for just ignoring it and doing nothing, but the cops wont do anything about it and she doesnt stay away when she leaves.

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