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  • I'm jealous of the moms who have fun at the playground.
  • I'm trying to decide wether I try to throw a DIY/Pinterest party for DS or just celebrate with his grandparents. Can't afford what I would like: kids entertained by pros while the parents can drink and not care about them.
  • DH and I had a threesome with a male friend of ours. So fucking hot. But feels so out of synch with the "me" that the public sees. I feel dirty, but I can't wait to do it again.
  • MyBFis 42(I'm 25) and he might have cancer. I am worried an scared, I love him, but can't even let it show because I love my DH and couldn't lose him either. They are my best friends, both of them, I'm so fucked...
  • Took a prego test cause I was afraid I was prego with baby #3. When the negative line came up I was actually sad. I don't know if I could handle a 3rd baby but I'm starting to think I do want a 3rd baby.
  • Getting ready to finish my tattoo sleeve, at 56 years old, this momma is gonna be rockin it!
  • Teens are not only cockblockers but Masturbator blockers too!! I never have the time for a 'real' session but sure enough I get settled in and the phone's going off from school...Murphy's law LIVES here!!
  • My male massage therapist gives me happy ending massages. I am a 45 year old, married mom. It's an equal world.
  • I'm tempted to start fixing up for school to make DH jealous and suspicious. I don't give a damn about anything but my studies and don't have the time for that shit but I'm so sick of being ignored.
  • I am truly jealous of our nasty little dog who cuddles up to DH every night bc he pays NO attention to me. I complain about it and make snarky remarks that always piss him off. How can a damn dog be his "girl"?!
  • Added laxatives to a bottle of rotgut whiskey and poured it in my empty Jameson bottle. Screw my H for drinking most of the bottle and then calling me a drunk for drinking a shot to help me sleep.. Enjoy the shits, asshole.
  • Just looked up risks and side effects of egg donation. First listed was moderate weight gain. Nope. I'm out.
  • I go to a Christian school .... I've never seen such a large gay male population especially in a Christian setting
  • Sometimes my addiction scares me...other times, it excites me. Either way, I know it's fucked up, but I can't stop, & I don't even know if I really want to. So fucked up!
  • I told my mom sometimes I wish I was born with a penis so I didnt have responsibilities. She said she wished the same thing when she was pregnant with me

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