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  • I'm sadder than i should be that i'll never see a coca-cola bottle with my name on the label. :( my parents just had to be "unique" with my name.
  • I was addicted to World of Warcraft for about 6 years. I would sometimes ignore my DD8 when she was fairly young. Then when she could use a mouse, I let her play with me.
  • I have a husband (separated and no sex), a boyfriend(Amazing sex), and a sugar daddy (awesome sex and gifts). I couldn't handle marriage, how am I handling 3 different relationships?Amazingly. Be jealous.
  • I let my DD8 play way to much Minecraft. Even tho I told her earlier in the summer we wouldn't be playing games or watching too much TV. Fail.
  • My DW has gained 70-80 lbs in the 5 yrs we've been married, and refuses to get serious about losing it. It's frustrating, and lowers my attraction to her. Both the weight and the attitude that "this is how I am now".
  • I really enjoy being fucked like a whore by Dh. Thing is... i´d like to be fucked like a princess once in a while. Cant find the way to tell him.
  • Had a crying, mini breakdown in a department store with DD2 & 4. Thank you to random mom who helped us on the escalator. So embarrassed. Don't know what's wrong with me.
  • I secretly like it when DH fails at things because I hope it will make him more humble. He is aggressively unapologetic about how ambitious he is and incredibly dismissive of me and my 'small' ideas. I hate this about him.
  • we don't eat meat every night & when we do, i use the least amount i can get away with. i say it's bc it's healthier to cut back on the meat & have some vegetarian dinners but it's really bc meat is expensive. :(
  • Just finished my first resume in 25 years. At first I was overwhelmed b/c I thought I was so out of touch, then I realized holy crap I'm pretty good at a lot of stuff and plus, and I should get an "A" for creative writing!

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