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  • I'm a grown ass woman but when I feel mistreated at work I still want to cry. Wish I didn't need this piss poor job.
  • It's 4:30am and I'm wide awake thinking about my incredibly frustrating manipulative parents. My life is so much better when they aren't a part of it.
  • I get irrationally jealous if another woman cooks for H or folds his laundry. Even our own mothers!
  • DS2 threw a stuffed dog at DD2mo when my fuse was short and I whipped it back at him way too hard and hit him in the face. He cried and refused to let me hug him. Don't blame him, I'm SUCH an asshole!
  • Made DH and MIL agree only to give DS breastmilk until he's 6 months old. He'll be 6 months old in two weeks, secretly gave him some babyfood yesterday. I want his first meal to be a special moment just for me and DS!
  • I wish I'd only slept with one or two guys before H. It makes me feel SO disgusting bc I was always so desperate for male attention. H's # is lower and I hate knowing that!
  • I'm way too obsessed with fictional couples. Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill, anyone? I watch fan vids on YouTube all the time. I'm 32 years old for fuck's sake.
  • Had sex with DH last night, but thought about a mommy friend the whole time. Got off thinking about her boobs. Don't know if she swings that way, but if she did, I'd do her. God, I wish she'd flirt with me! I need a sign!
  • My bf just slapped me in the face because I accidentally hit him in the eye. I told him it was an accident then he hit me even harder. I hate my life. I wish I could take ds and leave but hed kill us. Yea I said US. Hesaidso.
  • I binge eat all day every day when I'm depressed about my loveless marriage, then forget that whole purge part. Gonna need new pants soon, again.
  • I feel sooo guilty for breaking my values to sext my bf.Im so ashamed of pics I've sent. Mostly sure he does not have anything terrible saved but consumed w worry that he would blackmail me one day. I hate myself for know
  • When DH goes to work early in the morning I sneak into DS 4's room and sleep in there. I hate sleeping alone.
  • The next telemarketer to call and wake my baby up is going to be hunted down and tortured...they will be praying for death.
  • On the forums I try to give the impression that I've got my shit together. In reality my marriage is a disaster and I'm miserable. So much better at giving advice than following it myself.
  • If my BFF knew that I had a terrible crush on her she would be mortified.

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