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  • DH is addicted to porn our whole relationship and marriage. Im an least he's getting help. I feel fucked having to deal with the pain he's caused. I want all the plastic surgery. I feel so ugly and worthless...
  • Would totally cheat on H tonight if I had a sitter. Or a man. I could get a man easier than a sitter though. Must plan better in future. I just want a FWB, or even a hot one nighter. Anything but what I've got
  • My daughter was put in a psych ward today. Crying on outside relieved on inside.
  • DD11 talks on phone w/me for 1.5 min when she's w/ExH, but spends 5x as long on phone w/ExH when she's with me. Therapist says it's because she can say what she needs when she's with me. Still feel like the lesser parent.
  • after 13 yes my ExH thought it was cool that i had a girlfriend. I think he thought he would get to have a 3some but instead i realized how much i loved having sex with her more so all he got was regrets
  • Dh is a decent guy and keeps us in a good lifestyle but if I could I'd leave him for our younger fun guy friend the chemistry is crazy between us!
  • I love my husband and my children, but we are having some serious money troubles, and it's killing me inside. I feel so bad DH has to carry the burden of supporting us. How come I never win the lotto. :(
  • I keep a list of my secrets on my iPad, I secretly hope H finds it so he could know how much he sucks and motherhood is killing me ,but he's to oblivious to figure it out.
  • I'm not sure I love my boyfriend anymore, but can't leave him for fear of my life falling apart.
  • I enjoy smelling my own farts all year long
  • I never got over my father's sudden death 18 years ago. At this point, I don't really want to. It's all have of him.
  • Sometimes I'm so irritated with my dh, I start thinking about leaving. He can be a real jerk. The biggest deterrent is our daughter.
  • My DH has yet to discover that I started smoking again 2 mos ago. In the last year & a half I have conquered my pill addiction, anorexia & bulimia. If he wants to pull punches over cigs, he's in for one helluva fight!
  • I wish I had never taken the first pain pill, I've been addicted for 5 years, Dh is the only one who knows. My family has never noticed.
  • I had the week off work and the weather was gorgeous. I'm going to lie to everyone at work that we went to the beach and park everyday but really my depression kept me in bed n kids on ipad. I feel sad for them :(.

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