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  • My sister buttdialled me while having sex with her bf in his car...still can't erase the horror from my mind. I'll never tell her.
  • Dh is the only man I've been with sexually. Totally happy with him, but feel like I missed out by not having been with other men.
  • I eat junk all day and drink way too much caffeine. The only reason I'm still 115 pounds after 2 kids, is bc I never eat real food or sit down. Also have endometrial cancer that keeps me high as a kite on pills.. Oh well.
  • Neighbor is always passive aggressive about my kid vs her kid. One day I'm going to unleash my real feelings on her "perfect" baby and her "amazing" post-baby body. I'm done bitch!
  • I hate my stepson so intensely, and it gets worse every time I see him. We have 50% custody, and his mom has threatened to leave him with us. If she does, I'm leaving. With my newborn.
  • I got recruited for a job, had and interview that went well, but then they changed their mind about the position. I've been a WAHM for a year and I didn't seek out this job, but I am bummed not to get it.
  • I love NFL football more than most men!
  • When I was about 8, I remember finding a racy sex magazine buried in the bottom of the clothes hamper... It was called "Erotic Bedtime Stories to Make You Wet". I closed the door & read it. And got VERY turned on. WTF?!!
  • When I was little (like 8-10) my cousin (who is also female) and I were extremely kinky - playing "doctor" and "embarrassing dare". I can't believe some is the stuff we used to do!
  • The only reason my shower is dirty is because of my husband so when it starts gunking up again I use his loofah to clean it :)
  • I just put in applications to be a retirement home aide and/or a phone sex operator. Not even sure what that says about my skills. That I am a person who likes to help people?
  • i use to see a councelor and like going to her. i need to start going back but for some reason im feeling embarrassed about it. i think its because i dont think my problems are that important
  • I spied on fb on an boyfriend who was a real asshole. I'm happy to say that he is really fat now. I hope he spies on me and see how hot I still am.
  • I have always had a ton of vaginal discharge. Even as a young kid I would put toilet paper down there to catch it, and I wear panty liners every single day!
  • My H's birthday this weekend. He told me last night that I had no idea how much he hated me & he was only with me for our kids. I'll still have a party for the kids' benefit b/c I only stay with him for our kids, too

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