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  • I hate my bf's son. I just want to punch this little turd in the face. I really don't want to be this kids stepmom. He maybe a deal breaker and I feel like a piece of shit because of my feelings
  • 1st DS was toddler we did CIO method to get him sleeping in own bed Would only last a few min No regrets. Not with 2nd DS He's so stubborn I'm sure he would cry for hours Bribed with character bedding every kid is different
  • My DD8 wore pull-ups until I set my alarm 2x/night for a couple of weeks. Got her out of bed to pee. I was so tired but it worked! 2 years accident free!
  • The cost of living is way too high. I have a fucking doctorate degree, as does my bf, and we live very middle class lives with barely any savings. Our kids are screwed.
  • Got some devastating news about my daughter (for me it was)...Don't feel like talking to anyone about it & would prefer to deal w/ it myself. Feel numb. If I knew this was going to be the case I wouldn't have had kids
  • The only reason I want a baby is so there will be someone on this earth who will love me truly and actually miss me when I'm finally gone. I'll probably have one who is indifferent.
  • I'm secretly happy the hospital has a no kids under 17 policy for this flu season because I don't want my stepdaughter to ruin the birth of my first baby with her presence.
  • Dh finds it funny to threaten me. It never works because I don't value my life.
  • I HATE women who didn't get stretch marks during pregnancy. My abdomen looks like I've been mauled by a tiger.
  • One of my BFFs daughter's is disturbingly ugly. Don't say it out loud, just scroll quickly past her pictures.
  • H is bisexual. Loves to bottom. I love to watch. Win/Win.
  • H finally talked me into his fantasy watching me with other men. Got fucked by 21 different men in a 3 week time frame. All of them loved my extra pounds. Don't regret a thing.
  • I am pretty sure I have a cancerous mole, no health insurance so I can't find out. Husband says insurance is a scam. Meanwhile he pays for a house across the country that he gets to go party in. Hate him.
  • I get cold sores and have gotten them my entire life. I know it doesn't mean I have herpies but my mom has it and could have passed it to me as a baby. I'm scared to get tested.
  • My MIL passed away last week. As I was at her bedside, holding her hand, all I could think was "I'm glad I haven't bought her Christmas presents yet". Feel like a very shitty DIL. She was so good to me.

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