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  • I stalk my dh's ex's Facebook pages. It motivates me to stay thinner and prettier than them. I feel like such a bitch for it, but it makes me feel powerful. Plus I have his baby. Win!
  • I feel so awesome when I am ovulating. I wish i could feel like that the whole month! Except the horniness, that's a nuisance, DH can't keep up!!
  • I really love my SIL, like really love...a lot. It's not sexual but I feel like I love her more than I love my own sisters. I'm almost worried by the depth of the affection I feel for her.
  • My 4year old is watching tv and I could be interactive with him but I just can't. I don't know. I feel too lazy.
  • As I was online buying myself toys my BF texted me what a great GF I am. Made me feel guilty, but the toys help me cope with his ED.
  • You know, if I didn't have my son, I'd probably kill myself. I often think that would be the only thing that would make my boyfriend happy. I hate disappointing him. It hurts so bad I can barely breathe.
  • Last night I drunk texted him!!! Jesus Christ. That tiny bit of dignity I had left after pursuing him, is nonexistent now. Fuck.
  • My daughters doll is better dressed than I am. And has more clothes and shoes.
  • I'm 9 weeks pregnant and already struggling with the body changes. I want this baby and I know this is just part of pregnancy, but between the acne and non-stop bloating, I don't want to leave the house.
  • Our mutual lady friend came over to stay the night, ended up cuddling with her, then messing around with her. BF watched as we played, I got to watch them too.. Another fantasy checked off! Can't wait for it to happen again!
  • Took off to visit my sister for Thanksgiving and left my dh to entertain my in laws, his parents, and I won't get back until after they left. Best holiday ever!
  • Flushed a tampon at my sister's house and accidentally plugged the toilet. I claimed to know nothing when they wondered what happened. Oops.
  • H has saved money all year to make christmas easer on me. More like easier on him. Now he's pulling "I got all the money" so we have to do what he says.
  • My husband gets invited to holiday parties and goes alone. We can't afford a sitter so we can't both go, but he never thinks to decline the invitation and stay home with his family. It hurts more than he knows.
  • So stressed I've been scratching at my shoulders, back and scalp. I'm a bloody, scabbed mess... I feel disgusting, I'm ashamed to look at myself & resentful of everyone for stressing me out like this

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