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  • I refuse to buy gifts for DH's family anymore. They are very well off and they got me a $10 gift card a few years ago when I would always bust my ass trying to find them something nice.
  • I think I may have almost caught my husband masturbating this morning & that hurts my feelings bc hes claimed hes suffering ED for nearly a year now. I really hope he wasn't jerking it in there.
  • Today 5mo twins were crying in store. I gave them my shopping list then forgot about it.went to put something in front of stroller and saw soggy paper all over them, and one was choking. Got the clump out but dammit, mom fail
  • DD9 is figuring out the Harry Potter theme song on the piano by ear. DS12 is at the window, barking at the neighbor's dog. Special needs sucks.
  • Trying to provide the best life eg: schools for our kids. So we live in a town we can't afford to live in we are in debt $ 70 K on credit cards, and live check to check. Even though my H earns $180K. WTF?
  • We're a poor family in a very affluent town with great schools. Found out the collection for teacher for one of my kids was $800! We donated $20 to each of our kids. The PTA keeps asking for $3K donation! Ha! Feel ashamed.
  • My bf doesn't know her H (we're swingers) likes gay porn, fantasizes about touching/hinted about fucking men. I would never say anything it's something he told me in bed. But he fakes O's a lot. Afraid he does it, HIV?
  • DH doesn't want me to breastfeed because he doesn't want to play with "leaky boobs". He also says I am going to get up with the baby at night because he "works so much and has to sleep". Due in 2 months, worried.
  • I had an EA with a guy I only kinda knew from childhood that had moved away. It started and existed online/by phone. I finally met him again and he was the biggest fucking idiot. Made my skin crawl. Never again!! I love my H
  • SO deactivated his fb to stop us from fighting over chat. At first I was devestated. Now I realize I barely spend any time on fb since he did that- he cured my addiction to fb. But made me realize I'm addicted to HIM.
  • Its been 15 months since H has had sex w me(30yo). I'm more upset my affair.
  • I'm still nursing my almost two year old; Not for the health benefits but for the weight loss. I'm scared to stop and get fat.
  • My dd7 is so mean to me. She will take any possible opportunity to diss on me, put me down, and pick on me. Wonder if she is a bully like this at school or if someone is bullying her.
  • All h and I ever do is fight. We snip at each other all day. I can't help it, he says and does he stupidest things all the time. Not sure we will make it...
  • Holy shit!! I found out during sex last night that my husband wants me to cuckold him! Sounds hot but I don't want to ruin our marriage....

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