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  • My husband started his own business. I support him but we can't live on my salary alone. Don't think he puts the time into the business to grow it like he should. He hasn't gotten paid in months and we are going into debt.
  • I was feeling guilty for not taking the toddler out (it's too bloody hot). Then it started posing it down with rain. Thank you Mr Weather!
  • Lucky my 3 yr old is adorable because he's otherwise a little asshole. I thought he'd outgrow it... but he's getting worse. My 5 yr old is both adorable and sweet. Where did I go wrong?
  • Whenever Taylor Swift's 'Mean' comes on the radio, I belt it out and mentally direct it at the people who were jerks in high school. I rock, bitches!!
  • My DD is "At-Risk" for Autism. All I want, more than ANYTHING in the world, is for the day to come where she will hug me and call me "Mommy". Until then, I am left heartbroken at her lack of development.
  • Can't wait to leave my job. I've only done about an hours worth of real work in the last week and my "work at home" day today has involved a whole lot of scary mommy.
  • My husband and I have barely had a marriage for the past 10 years. After a recent hospitalization he realizes that I'm the light of his life, he can't live without me, yadda, yadda. Sorry, but that ship has sailed.
  • I'm terrified I'll end up on a episode of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant".
  • Lost my shit at my only friend's house during a panic attack. I pray this Zoloft works before I lose the only friend's I have
  • DS7 left his slingshot on his dad's truck and when he pulled out it fell on the driveway. I pretended it was an accident but really I aimed for it when I hit it... Hated that toy! Always landed on the roof!

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