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  • I screamed and told my 3.5 to get out of the house as she has been difficult since yesterday w no's to everything we ask her to do. my husband annoys the hell out of me w his cluelessness and indifference.
  • How do you tell your husband you want to sleep with someone else? That's all, just one person, but really bad. And that it doesn't mean I want a divorce or to not to have sex with him too! Just want this man so bad!
  • I regret asking my MIL to go shopping with me every. single. time. You'd think I'd learn my lesson.
  • I wish DH and I had separate bedrooms. He throws his clothes everywhere, snores, hogs the bed, and I don't want even his feet touching me. It all puts me in a bad mood first thing every morning.
  • I have a kegel app on my phone. Twice a day it reminds me, and takes me through them. Takes about 5 minutes total and it's something I can do anywhere and no one knows. If only they had something like that for rest of body.
  • DH always asks me to tell him dirty things during sex and asks me what I'm thinking about. The stuff that gets me off is so abnormal there's no way I can tell him. It disgusts me.
  • Ive never hated being a mom more than I do today. It's as if my DC know every button to push that will send me over the edge. Praying we all live to see nap time this afternoon.
  • Fucking H just left 17mo in her high chair to eat alone so he could play video games first thing in the morning. "I was giving her alone time." And he wonders why she prefers me to him. So sad he's become THAT dad.
  • My autistic son created a peaceful Minecraft world named after me, filled with beautiful colors and pretty music. Somehow this is better than a physical gift to me.
  • Took S18mo at the time to an allergist for sudden eczema outbreak. Ran a BT that stated he's allergic to EVERYTHING! He's never eaten any of it but they terrified me with threats of A-shock. This can't be right!
  • I'm spotting between periods and my periods are so heavy and excruciating... But the fear of the gyno cripples me.. So I just pretend everything is alright.
  • I was awaken by H passionately kissing me on my neck. It was great. But I should have never told him to fuck me in my A$$. 😮 I'm hurting now.
  • About to start third trimester and still haven't started doing my kegels, even though I already started peeing a little when I sneeze.
  • I'm in a tumultuous love/hate relationship with with my spanx.
  • I FUCKING hate being a mother.

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