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  • I cringe when I see those "Help me find my birth mom" on FB. I want to type in all caps: "DON'T DO IT!" If I thought being an unwed mother was a big mistake, I was wrong. Reuniting was the biggest mistake.
  • I think my DH and I would get along better if we lived in separate houses. I just want my own fucking space. It would also be nice to switch off days with the kids.
  • DS3 just demanded we name every single one of his army guys, and DH made a conscious effort to include minority sounding names and womens names. Proud of him for not being like his family.
  • I feel like I ignore my dd4months. I just don't know how to play with her. So I end up staring at the tv or my phone. I'm so worried it'll give her developmental problems, but I don't change.
  • W/out DH's knowledge, I got addicted to painkillers after my c-sect, used heavily for 3+ yrs, and made the choice (on my own) to start Suboxone & got totally clean.No one knows.I did it alone.Hardest thing I've ever done.
  • Sometimes I think that realizing my inability to get preg AFTER his vas reversal is punishment for cheating on him before we married (he knows) and that he will find someone else to have babies with and I'll Lose him
  • DF and I are pretty vanilla but last night we had the kinkiest sex I've ever had, he licked my butthole and even though neither of us got off it was still amazing. First for both of us and cant wait to try again!!
  • Just found out I'm pregnant last night. I don't want to have another baby but I also don't want the guilt of another abortion. Hate my SO for this. He said he wouldnt get me pregnant.
  • It is Saturday and I'm not sure if my last shower was Tues or Weds, my hubs is deployed and I have a 2 year old
  • I think my marriage ended the other day. Not sad. In fact I smiled more that day than I have in a long time. He's not a bad guy, just a sucky husband. I think we're going to be great co-parents though.
  • Water got shut off today thanks to DH's garnishment leaving us unable to pay bills. Thanks for fighting to have it lowered, asshole. He just bends over and lets everyone fuck us all the time. I hate him.
  • Decided to start playing piano again. I used to love to play, but haven't touched it since DD was born. I want her to know who I am, not who I became after I had her
  • Sometimes, I get dreams about my ex that are so real, I believe our souls are touching. This comforts me, because we can never be together in this life.
  • Due in 3 days. Cant wait for him to go back to work so I can enjoy my first cigarette im 10 months ! So excited!
  • Sometimes when I can't sleep I fantasize about what life will be like after my MIL kicks it. It calms me down right away.

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