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  • I am going to have my second child any day now. I really am thrilled and happy. One of the main reason for that is that I will soon be able to enjoy a little beer ;)
  • my 19mo DD will not try ANY new food. Nothing! BUT she will eat ANYTHING she finds on the floor. I might start leaving food all over my floor in hopes she will eat something different. I feel like i failed.
  • Given the chance for one last great love. Heart pumping, palms sweating, shaking at his touch kind of passion, knowing full well that it had to be finite and would definitely end in an everlasting broken I grab on
  • Ya would be really freeing if I could just accept and embrace the fact I will always be fat...but then I see myself in photos, yikes. :*/
  • I wish I had the courage to clear the air w/SIL. She thinks everything is great with us & after 3 yrs of her hijinks, things are NOT great. Just don't want to start family WW3, because I will be the bad guy w/everyone.
  • Can't afford Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, gas for travel to family get togethers, gifts. Holidays are no longer fun, just cause stress. Wish when I woke up tomorrow it would be January 1st.
  • My adopted daughter is mentally ill and out of control. I'm getting her all the help she needs but everyone in my small town is saying I'm a horrible mother because of her behavior... Im isolated and depressed 😢
  • I obsessively clean and organize my house. Sadly, it's the only control I feel I have in my life.
  • I cooked the giblets in the turkey last year and didn't realize until my husband began carving it. GAG.
  • My husband thinks I do Black Friday shopping for the deals, but I shop online Cyber Monday. Friday? I get my nails done and camp out at the bookstore all day. It's awesome.
  • I had always liked giving oral sex, until I did it with my now husband. He held my head and forced me to swallow. I've hated it ever since. Before did it many times with many different boys and it never even thought about it
  • Am 57 and got a job because all my DDs are gone. Putting something away and a young male coworker helped me. I brushed against him and could feel his erection. He had a sheepish grin. My heart flutter, Do I still got it ?
  • Just stood at kids bus stop 39wks pregnant with unbrushed hair, in red plaid pajama pants, crocs, hubby's t-shirt, and his police jacket. Not a single fuck was given. The mom in the cute uggs can kiss my butt.
  • My boss is always asking me to work late alone with him. I always accept because of the sexual tension and anticipation that something might happen. So far nothing, perfect gentleman. Wondering if he wants me to initiate it
  • I just shit my pants

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