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  • Raised conservative Christian. Married 15 years. I don't believe in marriage anymore. I don't need a man to tell me what to do and how to live. I'd rather be single and fucking around.
  • My bf is great. But I FB stalk unhappily married ex-bf that I can't stop thinking about. I ended it, he had an online affair and refused to stop. I want to FB message him, the irony of it and why we ended stops me so far.
  • I always count up my groceries as I go, but always lose count, recount at the end of the soda aisle, and then proceed to shove random items onto the shelf beside me. Sorry grocery store people, this mama's on a budget!
  • Broke off an emotional affair months ago. Sometimes the urge to see him is so strong I can't breathe. Now is one of those times. :(
  • I miss DS10mo all day at work, but often, when I get home, I find myself yearning for bedtime... :(
  • Sometimes when I think about things my exsf did to my brother and I when we were kids, I think "I wish he would die!" Then I remember he did, 4 years ago.
  • My MIL was making a big stink about something. My DH said picture her coming over leaving the smelliest gas and then leaving. I was smiling when she was here and she left early when she saw she couldn't cause any problems.
  • My labia is wrinkled, grayish in color, and hangs kinda low. So unattractive and gross! No wonder dh hardly goes down on me...
  • My husband's an introvert. Met him online,first night let him hit it. Best I ever had. 5 years later realize after 2 kids, the only thing he's ever been interested in with me IS sex. Then back into his shell.
  • I have two jobs, mom and office employee. I suck at both. There's just not enough time in the day and I'm losing it.

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