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  • I found benzos in my husbands closet. I packed up my kids and left. I would rather be a good mother and bad wife then vice versa. I lived in a home of drug abuse. But my kids will not!!!
  • I'm so thin from pills and not eating. I love being this thin, the attention, all of it. In reality though, I tell people I have a disease that makes me thin and that I hate it.
  • Breast feeding has been so easy for me and Dd14mo that I don't dare to say it irl. I appreciate the health and emotional benefits but oh Lord!!!, I think overall I hate it more than I enjoyed.
  • I usually have a thigh gap and now I don't have one since I'm pregnant. My thighs rubbing together is driving me CRAZY and can't wait to lose weight. 6 more weeks!!
  • this morning, i had coffee followed by two rx laxatives and miso soup. i'm shitting rainbows
  • If my neighbor doesnt start to discipline her son I am going to do it myself. So tired of dd getting harassed in class
  • DS6 had health issues which I felt sure meant he had a certain genetic condition. I joined an online support group to ask questions and made lots of friends. But he didn't have it. Relieved, but sad about losing my friends..
  • The autism dx process is so emotionally draining; I haven't been to the store in a week. Today, the kids got Lean Cuisine, microwaved and dumped in Tupperware, as the entree is their school lunches.
  • When 4m baby is fighting sleep, exhausted and cranky, I turn on Pandora radio on my phone and just hold him and rock back and fourth. Puts him right out
  • This is the third day in a row that I've vowed to stop binge eating. It's also the third day in a row that I've failed miserably by noon.
  • I lack self discipline. I would love to learn to acquire it, but, since I'm a grown ass woman, that would involve having the self discipline to stick with learning it. Not really sure how my kids are all still alive.
  • Saw therapist for the first time in 17 years....I have no idea what is wrong with me.....
  • I happened to end up alone in the restroom at a school function with the little girl that bullied my 3rd grade dd. I told her she was an ugly little brat inside and out.
  • I am married with 2 kids, having an EA with a woman 13 years younger than me. Will have a full on affair if I get the chance..... don't even care.....
  • I have decided to become a Dominatrix. I am ready to say WTF I want, when want and make some damn money doing it. No one will suspect either, I'm 5'1 and look innocent

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