Scary Mommy Confessions

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  • My husband can't get off while having sex with me unless he's fantasizing or talking about being with another woman. And he wonders why I won't have sex with him anymore.
  • My BFF is trying to get pregnant. She's been at it two months and is in a downward spiral because it didn't happen the first month. Trying to be supportive but I want to slap her.
  • During my pregnancy I used to keep a soapy and damp washcloth nearby. I'd wake up to sniff it. Or I'd be at the Dr's office smelling it. It was my security blanket and I felt great about it. H thought I was nuts! Ha
  • I'm poor, but I vote Republican. Because I don't want to ALWAYS BE POOR.
  • I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would get so much comfort from telling the Internet why I suck and finding out through Internet Hugs and Internet Me Too! that I'm nowhere near as alone as I thought. Thank you.
  • I am secretly happy to be back at work. Loved being home on leave, but I know baby is well taken care of by daycare. And it provides much needed routine and allows me to really appreciate my time with baby when we are home.
  • Just saw my former affair (previous marriage) in the parking lot at work. We ended it like responsible adults. But he still gives me the bedroom eyes. Now I have the butterflies. DH will benefit from that tonight. ;-)
  • I just learned I am having a miscarriage. I already have a beautiful toddler son, and I know many women have miscarriages and I can get pregnant again and blablabla but I'm 40 and I'm heartbroken.
  • I'm drowning in debt and I'm not even close to 30 yet. Who knew something significant like taking care of my broken teeth finally would want me to put a bullet in my head!? This should've been my parents' debt, not mine.
  • H lost almost 80 pounds, was happier and so sexy! He is slowly starting to gain it all back, he would flip out if I said anything. Doesn't help that I am overweight too.
  • I've been at work for almost three hours, and have done practically nothing so far.
  • My MIL will be here soon with her diamonds and her judgment. I am still in my sweats, the baby isn't dressed, the house is messy and the shades are drawn. So lucky she can't divorce me.
  • Crying because DH ate all of the eggs and I wanted to make french toast. I hate hormones.
  • some days I just wanna drive off and leave it all behind! wait, who am I kidding, that's every day!
  • My hair has been falling out for months. I think it might be one of my anti-depressants. So I can be suicidal or bald. But being bald will make me suicidal again. Damn it all.

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