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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • I have steered my kids toward only the activities I like enough not to want to sleep through practices, rehearsals, games. They aren't allowed the other stuff. So far they don't even know options are available. :)

  • I know it may sound cruel but if I had to choose between DH or the kids, I'd choose DH. I love my kids but no one could ever replace my DH. He is my soulmate and my one and only. I cannot live without him.

  • The waistband on my pants is way too tight. I should trying losing a few pounds, but I'll probably just buy bigger ones. Again.

  • I purposely eat before going to the ILs for dinner cause it drives MIL crazy when people dont eat her food until they explode.

  • I'm mad at my sister-in-law for being pregnant

  • I lied to the insurance agent about the breed of our dog. I think it's fucking stupid that they won't insure you if you have a "dangerous" breed.

  • Once I turned 45, some of the organ donation registries I'm on contacted me to say they were dropping me because I'm too old. Great - NOW I'm not even considered good enough to use for spare parts anymore!!!

  • I wish someone would have warned me 15 years ago what a PITA in-laws would be..... Boy was I naive.

  • I have to have the shower curtain open whenever I'm in the bathroom - I've watched too many horror movies.

  • I love when other people don't have their shit together. Not because it makes me feel better about myself, but because it makes me feel normal.

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