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  • My husband just told me that two of the guys where he works think I'm beautiful. And I am 31 weeks pregnant with our fifth baby. Wow what a confidence boost...
  • If I talk to another man, DH assumes I'm cheating. (Never have, never will)
  • My husband told me last night I'm a selfish piece of shit.
  • I would smoke pot all day everyday if I could afford to. I'm much calmer when smoking. Otherwise I have so much anxiety I can't leave the house.
  • I have this constant fear of impending doom. The last time this happened my favorite cat died. Now my dog is sick, but I am terrified my 3mo will die too.
  • I feel strangely impressed and accomplished when I take my menstrual cup out and see how much blood I've filled it with.
  • I never really planned to have kids when I was younger. Didn't think it was for me. Had my S with H and it turns out he's a pretty cool little dude and I'm really good at this motherhood thing.
  • I'm grateful my dad bought 3mS a bouncey seat thing. S will love it. I am disappointed its from the white trash line at Walmart. H and I were looking at this lovely one from babies r us. now we have to wait to get it.
  • My twins are 1 year old today! I hope my postpartum depression finally gets better.
  • My DH thinks that I don't have much sexual past. In truth I am very experienced. Been told that I am "A great piece of ass". Some would be offended but every time I heard it I felt good about myself.
  • I think about the one that got away every single day at least once. Haven't talked to him or heard about him in years. He has no way of finding me but I always wonder if he thinks of me as often as I do him
  • I feel extremely disrespected when my H sneak-looks at other women. Baby weight won't come off, so it hurts my self esteem too. I told him all this but he doesn't care. Still stares at every skank that walks by
  • My husband decided to sleep on the couch so I took advantage of having the bed to myself. I just masturbated to Literotica for the last 3 hours straight. Can't get my heart to slow down.
  • I broke girl code i slept with my bestfriend ex i didnt mean for it to happen it just did and when we started about 7 months ago we never stopped she heard us having sex recently and asked me &&. I lied i just couldnt say it
  • I have started the process of getting a voluntary mastectomy. I have extensive family history for breast cancer. Im really scared but oddly very excited. Its going to save my life.

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