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  • I constantly worry about my weight and DH thinks I'm beautiful. I know he can't stand listening to me complain all the time and it's driving us apart. he's very supportive and offers suggestions but I'm a bitch to him 4
  • I resent the way the career I worked hard for stalled out after I had kids and the fact that it's definitely BECAUSE I had kids that I stopped rising in my field or getting paid more. American Dream my ass.
  • My husband left me b/c of my depression and it's not his fault. He's a g8 Dad& husband& was supportive from the beginning but I look for reasons to start fights and was so unappreciative, all he ever wanted to do was help
  • Pawning the kids off on SIL for Halloween this year. I'm already Halloweened out. Gonna get a hotel room and get some sleep. ALONE.
  • Women envy me the lovely kids, pretty house and part time job.... Right up until they meet my arrogant, asshole of a hubby
  • I hate having to punish DH by withholding sex just to get a point across. Never wanted to be that woman but only thing that gets his attention when I'm upset is when he can't get laid. He should care about me just because!
  • DH found out about my affair. He wants a divorce. I'm not sad. I'm not begging for forgiveness. It's actually a relief. We have a way out now.
  • This morning I am negotiating how to justify eating Halloween candy for an after breakfast snack. Every day this week in fact.
  • If I had a gun, I'd put myself out of my own misery. I don't want to do this anymore, I wish I would just drop dead already.
  • Its been one week and one day since I lost one of my best friends to suicide. I alternate between walking around in a fog, bawling my eyes out, and being so pissed at her doing this to her kids that I can't see straight.
  • I don't think h has ever actually cheated. But I do know I've witnessed him act somewhat inappropriately before and I often wonder what he does when I'm not around to see it.
  • My mom once told me (about my ex's family), "I don't know why you go there so much; no one could possibly want you around as much as you think they do." She was right about his mom and now I think everyone feels that way.
  • My mom has been great and supportive (if occasionally annoying) since I had DD, but that doesn't change the fact that some of the shit she said years ago still affects me. Feel bad for not being over it.
  • Pretty sure I saw blood in my poop this morning...twice. Not worth saying anything until I'm sure; DH already thinks I'm a hypochondriac and my last medical scare turned out to be nothing.
  • I frequently worry that I don't feel enough of an attachment to my almost-2 yr old. I'm relieved by the moments I feel actual love towards her. It scares me.

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