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  • Walmart gave me $20 over in change on Saturday, and Kroger gave me $10 over yesterday. Things like this NEVER happen to me! I'm too poor to correct their mistake.
  • I denied my exBF's FB friend request bc my husband would not have liked it and bc it was the right thing to do. I really, really, REALLY didn't want to do the right thing. Secretly hope that door isn't closed for good.
  • My stepdad raped my from 8 onwards and I'm pretty sure I'm never going to be normal. I thought he was just beating me between the legs. Now I have a son and sometimes when he grabs me suddenly I scream, "Don't touch me!"
  • We bed share. My 4 mo DS just farted so loud & hard he woke himself & me up. Then laughed...typical boy
  • I weigh 350lbs. Just been to see peadiatritian about my dd6. She is overweight with bmi of 26. Mom fail.
  • Every man I've ever been with has beat me. My current BF put in the hospital with a broken elbow, dislocated shoulder, two black eyes. I'm a single mom. I just want to find a good man for my son. I like sex. I blame myself.
  • Just had to dump a guy for calling my 4 year old an asshole and all I'm upset about is missing out on the sex
  • I am viciously envious of mothers who have all boys. They will never have to worry about fucking up their boys self esteem or passing along body issues. I feel like raising girls is a minefield.
  • I don't feel completely clean and dry unless I stand up to wipe. Worried I'll pass this along to DD because she watches me go to the bathroom.
  • I was addicted to meth for almost 10 yrs. Clean for 9 yrs. Starting using for weight loss. 60 lbs later, afraid I'm addicted again and also in love with my co worker/connect. Both married. I need help.
  • SO has made it clear we can't get married until I get a new job.problem is I don't want to just take a crap job and put us in a bad $ situation.been trying so hard but can't find one worth leaving this one for.
  • Want nothing more than for me and bf to get married. besides our love for each other and our family, it makes so much sense financially! Hed be better off come taxes and my kids and I will be secure with a man we love
  • know I'd have a smoking body if I actually worked out. I'm already tiny but not toned. don't exercise but have tons of sex with Df..I count that. for as much effort we put into it 5 days a week, it counts dammit.
  • I want to use my tax refund to run away from Dh and the kids
  • I went to the Dr regarding my mental health. She asked if I ever think about hurting myself or others and I instinctively said no. It wasn't until I left I realized it wasn't true. Maybe I'm crazier then I thought.

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