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  • I have so many strikes against me (pierced/tattooed, androgynous, and chronically ill) that I feel I have to work much harder than the average "normal" parent because people don't think I "deserve" to be a parent.
  • Today while trying to put together a floor lamp (it wasn't going well)...I threw the lamp on the ground and then literally screamed at it "fuck you, you motherfucker!!" And then started crying. PMS much?
  • Out trick or treating with the kids and the streets reek of alcohol and there are a ton of house parties. I'm not mad, I'm jealous I'm not one of the people partying
  • When I was 16 I went to interview for a job. I was 4 minutes late, so the manager met me at the door and politely told me that I would not be considered for the job. I was so embarrassed!! I've never told a soul.
  • I never brush my hair and only shower twice a week and I've got a few dreads in my hair
  • I frequently fantasize about a threesome with my boyfriend's best friend. It would be so hot and I know he is into me. I feel like the only thing holding us back is my boyfriend being slightly uncomfortable with it.
  • I think more about a guy I work with than my husband. I hope this guy thinks about me as much as I think about him.
  • I am putting together a Japanese schoolgirl outfit like I see in anime in hopes my boyfriend will have sex with me. Once a month just isn't enough, I feel like he isn't interested despite him saying he is.
  • Everything H knows about sex, he learned from watching porn and I HATE IT. Not impressed!!!
  • Got back from trick or treating in the snow/rain w/my 3 yo twins. She was dragging the pillowcase, there was no candy in it. Shut off our light, used our stuff in a new pillowcase, they never knew. WHEW
  • Two kids, five and two. Have never done Halloween because we live in the ghetto. I'm so jealous of people who can. I quit Facebook because of my resentment to people with better lives.
  • Just got my email saying we've been approved for the Thanksgiving Project! So very thankful to all the Scary Mommies out there! We won't be eating left over Halloween candy! Happy tears!!
  • Have a crush/old friend recently told me I have been at the back of his mind for years. He's traffic-stopping hot, wants me. Feel attractive again. H and I barely speak,his alcoholism made me lose respect for him years ago.
  • Want to get day drunk with my friend. She's also a scary mommy!
  • I think my cat is the only one who really gives a shit about me

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