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  • Taking the recycling out for the week. 10 wine bottles. Shit, when did that happen. I'm the only one who drinks wine.
  • I carry my little velvet pouch bullet in my purse. I have several and just stocked up on batteries.
  • I never planned to be a mom. And I feel like a crappy one most of the time. But, after a 3 hr long battle with my son , I feel like I won. We are both still alive and undamaged. And it ended with a hug and carrying him to bed
  • I was the stepdaughter that was despised: as a result of this, I am suspicious of anyone who is a stepparent to a child and wonder if they treat the kid right.
  • My dad remarried after my mom died when I was 6. My stepmom hated me, and made it very obvious. Now that I'm grown with my own kids I realize just how shitty it was for her to treat me like that.
  • H is coming home today. I just got out of bed with my lover. This shit is getting so hard to juggle. It like I am turning into 2 different people.
  • I am so freakin happy that high waist jeans are back in style! No more flab hanging over my belt line while sitting! Why would anyone even want to wear jeans that barely cover the pubic hair? I feel 10x's skinnier!
  • Never had a date until I was 17. was starved for affection and became a little too easy. I have never told DH about my past, in fact told him the opposite. Now my past is catching up with me and I feel so lost.
  • If my MIL and husband critiszing me one more time in front of DS 4 I am divorcing him!
  • Was just told that I am being retrenched. Along with 56 other employees, many with young children.
  • Sometimes, even though he's my life, I fantasize about ds's "father" not being an alcoholic drug addict. I'd find his ass and drop the kid off for a month. Or twelve. I've been a single mom since day one, I'm so tired!
  • When I get a job the first thing I'm buying is an expensive purse! The rest of my family can suck it. I go without all the time. I deserve something for myself damn it!
  • I want to run away, spend the week and make love to an old friend that I have been sexting with. That's all I ask. Then I think that I can come home and be a good wife to DH. I sincerely love both of these men.
  • When I yell at my son, I feel like such an awful person. I vowed that I would be better than my parents but those moments show me that I have a long way to go.
  • I hate my job and my boss. I get so stressed and have such anxiety knowing I have to deal w him. Can't even call in sick to take care of DD2.5 because he threatens to fire me. This job and my boss are joke!!

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