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  • We FINALLY have a new place to live! Going from a tatty 2 bed house to a gorgeous 3 bed apartment our dd9 & ds3 will each have a room 😊 I can't believe how happy I am! Family are judging because it's an apt but screw them!
  • I regret not having an abortion. All these people who said my spouse and I SHOULD have kids are never around to help. I guess they wanted me to be miserable too.
  • No, I don't want to watch your magic show, come to your carnival or costume convention. I love that my DS is so creative, but after working all day I just want to be left the fuck alone.
  • I'm kind of thinking of taking a year off after my youngest goes to school. 12 years a SAHM by then, and I think I'm due for a sabbatical or something.
  • When I am I'm binge eating I don't want sex & I don't want to shop.When I am thin & dieting all I think about is sex & shopping.Food addiction cancels out the shopping & sex addiction.I can't do anything in moderation.
  • I can't decide who I hate more...myself for having a 2.5 yr old who takes a paci, sleeps with me, and won't use the potty, or the "people" who say there is anything wrong with all of that.
  • It gives me way more satisfaction than it should, to watch my younger sister age faster than I am aging.
  • My mother told me that she thinks my sister is not as strong as I am. It was the most validating thing my mother has ever said to me in my entire life.
  • I LOVE IT when DH wears jeans, as he can totally pull off fitted, cowboy kinda jeans. All I can do is stare at him and fantasize about tearing them off of him and swallowing him whole, especially when he's driving.
  • I have had fucking enough of DD3 not listening to anything I say today. So I just locked her in her room for a little bit. It's too early to drink and DH doesn't get home for another 4 hours. The door lock is all I have.
  • I've just realised that I put my undies on inside out this morning. Not going to change them either.
  • I like to visit the websites for hotels that I could never afford, and then when I'm trying to get to sleep at night I imagine that I'm on vacation at these places.
  • The amount of rage that I feel sometimes scares me.
  • I want a 3rd child. Bf doesn't. I don't see why he gets to say no considering I do all the work until they are old enough to walk. Then he likes them. We have 2 kids already and just started to engage in our 1 yr old.
  • Sometimes I feel like the only grown up in my entire family. I'm surrounded by selfish teenagers in adult bodies.

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