Made Dh leave. He started AA. Now I'm scared that I just dont like him anymore. His drinking killed it. Feel bad cuz he's trying so hard but I still loathe him and what he did to our family

Confessed long-held love to someone. No response. Nothing at all.

I married a man with a vagina.

I masterbate to the personals on Craigslist. I would never reply to them but the thought of it turns me on.

Our tax problems are finally over!!! H told me there's 3800 in the account. Irs still owes me about 18K tho..

Sometimes I think of HORRIBLE ways my little could get hurt and die from some freak accident. Then realize I don't want to live and think of my own suicide. His uncle died and gma never leaves and is so morbidly obese.

I wish I had been more patient and appreciative when my second was born. I love her dearly but found myself wishing I had never had her. Couldn't be without her now though.

I never want to leave my kids alone with anyone because I'm afraid they will be treated as badly as I treated kids I used to babysit.

Love my 2-10 PM job because I come home to a quiet house and can do whatever I want without anybody throwing a temper tantrum!

I talked DH into us having a 3rd child. Now I'm having second's crazy enough right?

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