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  • Thinking about joining a moms group. I have no mommy friends and it's driving me crazy. I'm scared I won't fit in. Not sure if I can handle the anxiety of being the new girl again. What if they don't like me...or my kid?
  • I am astounded at the assholery that comes out of my husband's mouth sometimes. How could I have married such a person?
  • On occasion my husband and I will play hooky together. We go to lunch, the movies, even Disneyland once. All while the kids are at the babysitter and everyone thinks we're at work. We'll probably do it again soon.
  • This is so totally inappropriate but I think the soldier that was killed in Ottawa is off the chain gorgeous, like the most gorgeous man ever walked the earth. He was a single Dad and a dog lover. I'm so married but still...
  • Currently my DD8mos is biting my nipple and blowing raspberries on it. It doesn't hurt, I think my poor tatas have gotten use to the abuse
  • My 14 year old ran away 2 weeks ago to live with his girlfriend and her parents. I feel like a complete failure as a parent. I also hate that girl more than I have ever hated anyone in my entire life.
  • All my problems are first world problems.
  • I need sex at least once a day. If my bf isn't here, I masterbate. Sometimes I've already masterbated before he comes round, so I get a double serve! Sex is like hitting the reset button... Everything seems better after!
  • I like to pretend I'm a character in The Tudors.
  • I'm 105lbs and just eat a whole loin from my deer I killed last night that weighed 150lbs. Proud of myself, and can't tell anyone because they'll give me eat shit and dye looks.
  • first sex in 3 months due to job schedule, I am so depressed that I never see my wonderful husband anymore. I cry just thinking about it, we don't talk and never date.
  • H and I agreed we'd help pay for his half-bro's schooling but FIL asked for more help and I feel like a bad DIL for resenting this.
  • My husband pointed out to me today that my body has changed since having two children. (As if I didn't already know, asshole!) Asked me if I was intersted in a gym membership. I weigh 115 pounds for fucks sake! :(
  • so thankful to you mommies for providing our family a thanksgiving dinner. with my dad passing I am so grateful for the help. i hate struggling. thank you all so very much!!
  • I gave birth to a homely preemie baby. I feel horrible and shallow for thinking this. But it's true! I wanna slap my husband for giving her his bug eyes and big nose. Poor baby! She'll grow into them, right?!?!?

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