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  • Have to schedule an appointment for the big A. I hate this. It makes me sick that i have to do this.
  • My throat hurts from yelling at DS1 and DS4 today. Feel like its ALL I have done today. I just want to cry. I want to run the fuck away. What is wrong with me?? I love them so much, but today is defeating me.
  • Dread taking my kid to school when he starts on Wednesday. Hate the principal & all the bitchy stuck up fake parents that stand around in line in the mornings. Catholic school fail!
  • I always include my stepson in my "kid count". Not because I consider him part of my family, but because i get huge praise from my mommy friends.
  • I consider the grape shriveling up on the carpet to be a science project: how raisins are made!
  • Didn't want to have eex with DH last night and he knew. He took it anyway. I cried the entire time but he didn't stop. FML
  • I understand why people go berserk and wipe out their co-workers. My list is getting longer everyday.
  • I haven't showered for four days. I just use baby wipes.. Too tired to turn on the faucet and wash. Wiping is easier
  • This is probably my worst quality: when I need to feel better about myself, I look at the arrests page for my old hometown / county. I get a thrill feeling better than people whose lives are fucked up. Not proud of this :(
  • I'm sick taking driving lessons. I'm not getting it at all but dh has spent a fortune on them. I want to quit so much but he's a banned driver and I don't want him to drive and go to jail fml.
  • I lock my bedroom door for at least 15 minutes every day & just listen to my 4 boys destroy my house...
  • I work alone in an office. I spend 50% of my time on SM, 30% on Facebook and only about 10% actually working. The other 10% is used to do other meaningless tasks...I just got a raise.
  • I seriously ate a peanut butter and Hershey bar sandwich for lunch today. I have no idea why it took me so long to think of this delicious creation.
  • I started and finished miscarrying my second child while I was at work. No one at work knew. I am now 7 weeks pregnant again. My secret- while at work, I constantly close my door and check my underwear for signs of blood.
  • I have a really painful ear infection. Finally called the doc today (3 wks in) and they could have seen me today but we didn't have the $ for copay. More upset about this than I should be. Seeing him 1st thing in the AM.

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