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  • When DH confronts me with something that I've said or done I always deny it unless he has evidence. I love him dearly but like most males he does not know how to process information.
  • I am pretty sure I am a sociopath. 99% of the time, I choose to behave decently because I know intellectually what the rules that society sets forth are.
  • My H had an affair with the nanny for one year before I found out. I took him back, but still can't get over it 100%. I hope I can one day....
  • I think a lot of times when I think I feel horny I actually just want to feel loved. Female issue for sure. Either way sex fixes it!
  • Cheated on my bf with his brother and wasnt gonna say a word till his brother blurted it out to everyone and now that were separated im kinda relieved except for the fact that i dont have a job but being a stay home mom sucks
  • I should be at DH's tio's 50th bday party, but used pregnancy pain as excuse to not go. Still going to my sister's birthday bar get together tonight though. He has so many tio's and there is ALWAYS something going on.
  • When I'm mad at H for him being a flirtaceous ass with his good looking colleagues I take off my ring. It's disrespectful to me and not loyal. I don't care what the norm is for most people!!
  • I am a TOTAL bitch, but only to those who deserve it ;)
  • I hate breastfeeding with a passion. Nipple play is especially erotic for me, and having a baby on my boob all day and night makes me feel guilty, confused and frustrated. Pretty sure it added to my PPD with baby #1.
  • I'm using pregnancy #2 to lose weight from pregnancy #1. So far I'm 17 weeks and down a pound from when I started. I have got the reserves, and no way to exercise in a way I enjoy, so...suck the fat out of me, baby!
  • My son has the cutest butt in the world. Second to his fathers. I'm proud of both their butts. Can I say this IRL? not so much
  • Me and my daughter slept all day, I lied to husband and said she was up and will sleep while I'm at work. Haha sucker!
  • Seeing my weight on the scale makes me so depressed I want to die. I feel so terrible thinking that this pregnancy is just not worth this misery.
  • Ds2 had a meltdown in target by the pacifiers (never has it out of the crib) of course the right size were pink. I was almost in tears, other mom stopped to say we've all been there, pink public paci it is! Thanks fellow SM!
  • I hate my in-laws so much I consider leaving my H because of them.

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