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  • Couldn't afford prenatal vitamins and folic acid when pregnant. Went to mom's on Sundays for one decent weekly meal. Couldn't tell of my struggles. Dd was born happy and healthy. She's thriving very well. Thank you Jesus
  • I either have REALLY sensitive ears or I am losing my mind. I just went into the attic crawl space to try to find the source of an annoying sound that I have heard off and on for the past month. No luck. I'm scared.
  • 5ft 8, went from 138 to 202lbs in my 3rd pregnancy. Could hardly walk, breathe, sleep with my huge belly. One week before due date I rubbed my nipples until my water bag popped. I can never tell anyone.
  • I had a real nice dream about clean shaven Rick Grimes last night.
  • Left my dd6mo for the 1st time with her grandparents. Went out, drank and took a hit of weed, and now I feel so guilty and am terrified to breastfeed her, even though it was 2 days ago I pumped&dumped.freaking out!! Mom guilt
  • I look at people and think "wonder if they got laid last night....what their sex life is like...what they are like in bed" I wish this wasn't secret info. I'm so curious all the time.
  • For 7 months, once or twice a week, I met a man for what was supposed to be a sex only affair to replace what we were missing in our marriages. I ended it. And can't believe how sad and lonely I feel.
  • I desperately want to love my kids but all I see in them is regret and lifelong misery. I spend endless sleepless nights feeling guilty about my feelings while also dreaming about how great life would be without them.
  • I've never told DH that I had a 2-year long affair with a married co-worker. I ended it before I even met DH & I hate the guy now but I still work with him & don't want DH to think I don't value marriage. Feel guilty.
  • My 2 year old and 3.5 year old are "drawing". My 2 year old blows my older son out of the water when is comes to skills.
  • Three days past due date. No labor signs in sight. This baby needs to get the fuck out of me already! I just want to be able to breathe again and walk without waddling!
  • I blew up the toilet at work last night and while washing my hands I noticed I needed to flush again so I used my foot. Today my coworker complained to me that someone shit all over and broke the handle. Oops!
  • I don't like my daughter. At all. She is annoying, defiant, air headed and makes me wish I put her up for adoption when she was born. The sad part is, though, that she knows I don't like her. I can't hide it.
  • In 3 months my DC 3 and 5 will be moved into different karate classes which means going 4 times a week instead of 2. I really hope one asks to quit before then.
  • I miss my eating disorder. It was the only thing I could control.

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