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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • I accidentally gave myself a reverse mullet with the clippers yesterday. Looks good from the front, just don't walk behind me!

  • I am a trophy wife. Sadly, my husband is not a trophy husband...

  • My parents have a beach house and are letting us use it for free this week. Problem is, I hate the beach and heat, all I do is sunburn. All the kids want to do during the day is be on the beach. I feel like such a buzzkill

  • I'm in love with someone I've never met. We are both Scary Mommies.

  • 35yo mom of 4 (oldest is 18) getting it on with a 22yo. I can't decide if I'm creepy or hot

  • My child is having an MRI to check for brain tumors. I am numb.

  • My kids are eating goldfish and marshmallows for breakfast.

  • 31 with 3 kids and the fattest have ever been. Size 2 with #1 and after #3 I'm a 10-12 and stuck there. I love my kids but being fat sucks!

  • I worked as an au pair when I was younger and I believed the experience was gonna be usefull to me when having my own babies. Nope. I have no patient left since. I used all what I had. I'm sorry for my kid.

  • I'm insanely jealous of moms who get to go out and enjoy themselves while their husbands or family watch the kids. The only "child free time" I've had in almost 3 years is work and grocery shopping.

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