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  • I'm filing for divorce next week.

  • I'm a Lesbian, married to a man. 3 kids, no chance in hell of escaping. Love my kids- like the husband- just not when he wants sex. :(

  • When I do errands I don't buckle DS all the way into his carseat. I just do the harness part and drive extra cautiously. If something happened to him I'd never forgive myself. But its just such a pain in the ass to buckle.

  • My husband has bigger boobs than me. Such a turn off.

  • Having my first child was the biggest mistake of my life. I wish I had given the baby up for adoption. Now I have 2 and it's obvious who is the favorite child.

  • I just had to make a late night run to Walmart. While on my way back up to front, I sharted in my pants! Thankfully it wasn't enough to go through my pants.

  • My son's speech therapist and I took a tequila shot together! Shhhhh

  • Still nursing DS2 to sleep. No idea how to wean him, and it's a no-brainer way to get him back to sleep. Plus those extra calories it burns...

  • Have 5yr old & 6mo old & due w 3rd DC in 6mo. My dh wanted me to have abortion this time. I do all the work anyway so eff him, I'm HAVING this baby!

  • My dd3 heard me say "I hate my life". She said "You don't hate your life". Feel like a failure.

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