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  • At night, when Dh snores, I kick him violently and repeatedly. Then, in the morning I feel terrible about it and hope, hope, hope he slept through it all. He's never said anything about it.
  • My 'one that got away' is incredible looking. Me, not so much. Not sure if I was ever as good looking but I used to think I had a chance. Finally time to let that hope die, I guess. I'm nobody's fantasy or ideal.
  • My husband is not my type. I fantasize frequently about men who are.
  • I miss me. Nobody ever asks my opinions or for my help. I used to be good at lots of things, now I'm a sahm and don't feel like I'm even very good at that.
  • My H has problems and won't do anything to change his beer belly. They found a mass in his lung yesterday but won't quit smoking. Soooo frustated. Maybe a pillow over his face to see changes need to be made,
  • If my husband is the only person I get to have have sex with, for the rest of my life, I will get my vagina sewed shut. Yes, he is that bad. It's not sex, it's not making love, it's getting humped on. So not worth it.
  • I've lost 55 out of 65lbs from 2 pregnancies and I just discovered yesterday just how awful my stretch marks are... I think my shirt was getting stuck in them. I'm a little grossed out by my own skin, quite literally.
  • I truly resent and loathe my husband. He is a spoiled elitist brat who insists on lavishing himself with expensive gifts. He spent $2300 on a guitar last night. We are drowning in debt and can't afford to pay our rent.
  • It really bothers me that it's cool for teens to want sex with guys or girls or guys and girls. I thought it was going to be hard to have the sex talk before. Now I have no fucking clue how to go about these convos.
  • I felt too young to be a mommy in my twenties even though I had children. In my thirties, I just feel old. What the hell? Where was the middle ground?
  • H refers to me as Mommy when talking about our stupid dogs. I hate it! I did not give birth to a damn dog! also extra infuriating bc he treats the little female dog like the love of his life and me like crap.
  • I am white, married to a black man. The more I learn about racism, the more I really, really hate white people; men specifically. I can't say that anywhere but here.
  • I don't want to work outside the home, DH is terrible with DC, but if I don't get a job soon we are never going to have any financial security.
  • I'm 16 weeks pregnant and my SO told me "If we cant get along now we wont be able to when the baby comes, its not too late to talk ADOPTION you know" I just died inside I hate him now
  • I was at the farmers market with my 80 year old father in law who pooped his pants and then told me my 3 yo dd did it and for me to clean it up I did not knowing the difference. No I am plotting his murder.

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