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  • He gave me an ultimatum and I don't think I can do through with it in the time he wants. I'm gonna lose him again. He's gonna hate me. But I can't. I just want to talk to him. but he's not answering me. cry.

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  • Ds3 is a healthy, cute, mostly nice, little boy. I fear he may not be very bright. I'm hoping this is a phase. Feeling guilty for confessing this.

  • I'm scared to death that my autistic son is going to become a ward of the state because he is slowly becoming violent.

  • There's something very off about my child I just know it. Doctors tell me she's fine but I just know it

  • I have been bragging profusely on Facebook about a play my son is in. Saw it for the first time today and it is BAD. Oops.

  • I'm a 2 year stage 111 cancer survivor. I still feel so alone and am struggling to figure out a "new normal" after a year of surgery and treatment. I feel like I'm failing as a mom and wife.

  • The amount of pizza I order is disgusting but some days (like today) I just can't bring myself to cook a damn thing!

  • I'm addicted to online shopping. I can't stop!

  • I feel all alone and worthless.

  • Taking St. John's Wort while pregnant. I feel so guilty about it, but the body aches from depression are absolutely unbearable if I take nothing.

  • I refer to Hawkeye from the Avengers as "hot guy" a lot. If people ask me to repeat myself I say it the proper way. I've heard "I thought you said...never mind" from 3 different people. It's hilarious. I love hot guy!

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