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  • Every day since I took the "amazing" promotion that's "so great for my career" I can barely get out of bed because I just don't wanna go.

  • I watch YouTube videos and read all the time so I can escape the deadening boredom of my life.

  • Day three of fasting off alcohol and I'm finding it very hard. I hope this doesn't mean I have a drinking problem but I think it probably does. Sad.

  • I got congratulated on my pregnancy today. I am not pregnant.

  • 36 and still freaked out by the thought of having to use jumper cables to get my car started. Scares me to death, afraid I'm gonna die by shock

  • I'm traumatized by my childbirth experience. I had a terrible nurse, a third degree tear and an episiotomy. It's two years later and I still cry about it and experience pain. I want more kids but I'm too afraid.

  • I say I'm sad that school's starting again next week, but I'm lying. I've been with my kids all summer and I want them out of here.

  • I really wish we could try for #3 but we just can't afford it since we're barely making it paycheck to paycheck as it is!

  • Today I witnessed my neighbor's dog die after chewing through our fence and choking on splinters or bleeding to death. My confession? I had just fantasized about feeding him a poisoned hot dog...

  • All of mychildren need new shoes and clothes and we cant afford it. Not even kind of. How can this be happening?????

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