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  • I'm so happy I got my period on date night. Immediate "get out of jail FREE" card to avoid sex with DH without feeling guilty. It's not terrible, it's just so incredibly boring.

  • Drinking beer and reading confessions is as badass as it gets for me.

  • Just sold our old two-person sleeping bag via facebook. And then husband was kind enough to remind me we did it a few times in that sleeping bag and I don't think we washed it after that trip... mortified.

  • Two hours trying to put baby to bed. Drinking a beer while nursing because DH left us hours ago for a party.

  • Fruit fly floating in my wine. Picked it out and drank it anyway because, toddlers. Cheers!

  • Today I vomited so hard I pooped my pants. Even in the throes of a migraine I thought "guess I'm a real scarymommy now."

  • Gave up TTC due to my age, and our one child has a severe disability. Eaten up by jealousy of my teenage cousins who keep having healthy kids they can't afford and don't want to raise. Why can't I have one of them?

  • Two years clean!!!! No meth or pills for this mama! My baby girl saved my life!

  • If I could do it over I wouldn't have married H.

  • The daughter I put up for adoption 17 yrs ago when I was 15 is looking for me,I cant be the mom she wants me to be.Her father is my dads brother,I cant look into her eyes without the horrible memories and it hurts.

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