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  • I resent H and his anxiety induced ED. I used to love sex. Now it's just another chore.

  • I want a divorce

  • I was going to take a sexy selfie for DH but then realized I had breast milk running down my boob. Mood killed.

  • Just joined the "cult" aka Weight Watchers. So not happy with it, but I need to get rid of this weight. I am NOT going to Hawaii for my 10th anniversary FAT!!!

  • I miss the days when the kids were happy with pancakes or ramen for lunch. Now they want Bagel Bites, taco rolls & other expensive shit to eat.

  • I am 41 years old and my period still catches me by surprise every month. Never remember to track it, but I'm getting tired of cleaning up leaks. 41 for Pete's sake!!

  • there was an old sick lady at the grocery store yesterday. She didn't have much $ and asked for the meat to be sliced thin as possible. I should of gave her $ right there but didn't want to offend her. Broke my heart

  • I have a huge girl crush on Miranda Lambert.

  • Coffee with a beer chaser for breakfast.

  • Dh has a comb over, wears tapered mom jeans, and never shaves. The man is brilliant and I love him, but he looks like the Unabomber.

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