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  • So glad you called. I love to hear about your perfect house and all the stuff you bought. Just give me a minute - I can't hear over DD coughing. Yup, she's sick again. Sorry, what was that about how great your life is?

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  • DS is 6, and every single aspect of his development has been excruciatingly difficult. Testing shows he's brilliant, but I'd honestly prefer he just be easy.

  • I'm a petite woman, but each of the last three days, I've eaten an entire package of cookies by myself.

  • I'm secretly hoping Brexit somehow makes it easier to move there from the u.s. That's how selfish I am.

  • I want to set fire to my husband's PlayStation.

  • My 7yo has never been to the dentist

  • Today's mothering generation makes me feel inadequate that I don't teach my kids enough. What happened to letting kids have imaginations.

  • I have PTSD from my husband's suicide attempt.

  • I miss when my children were toddlers. I was such a better mom then.

  • I don't think my "blended family" will ever blend. We're like oil and water, and I wonder how much longer I can live with this.

  • 3 weeks of maternity left, 5 until I will be paid. And we are broke and screwed. I'm buying food for dd2 and eating what she doesn't finish while breastfeeding dd2mo. How did this happen?

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