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  • Been on antidepressants for 4 years. Stopped cold turkey and felt so much more energetic. But DH pointed out my anger outbursts. Have to contain temper to prove to him & myself I don't need to be on meds. Scared I will fail
  • H is absolutely awful at kissing. Find myself giving alot of bjs cause I knw he wont try to kiss me after that. Feel so shitty
  • My boyfriend and father of my child doesn't care at all when he makes me cry. That hurts even more than the initial reason I was upset.
  • My husband used to sext other women and myself but he is literally afraid to touch my vagina. Dude. Grow up
  • I had an abortion when I was 19. Shitty, abusive relationship at the time. Now I'm 31, married, and 6 months pregnant and terrified that I will "pay" for my past decisions. Can't wait to hold my son and finally breathe.
  • My husband adores me like I am the air he breathes. I wouldn't settle for anything less or I would feel insignificant in a marriage.
  • My SO wants another baby. I had an abortion 2 weeks ago. We can't fucking afford to take care of the one we have. He's a good dad but I just can't handle another one!
  • I am a great mom - but today I completely and utterly suck! My beautiful baby deserves better. Major mommy fail!
  • Didn't have to go into work today due to no heat...dropped my kid off at in school in yoga pants and messy hair kinds liberating
  • I fell asleep in the hospital two days after having my baby by c-section. I was holding him in the night and he slipped from my arms onto the floor. He landed on his butt, not hurt, but I feel like the worst mom & so ashamed.
  • I started letting DH have anal sometimes b.c I was worried my v was stretched out from birthing three babies. I wanted him to be satisfied. Now I'm starting to really get off on it.
  • My bf admitted that he is not sexually attracted to me. Yet he can't see me not being his gf. I am overweight but honestly I think he is either gay or trans.
  • I hate breast feeding but we are too poor to afford formula so I act like a big breast feeding advocate in front of people to save me the secret embarrassment.
  • I'm miserable. THE only reason I stay is because I don't want my DD to have step parents.
  • I seriously think I hate my 9 month old. She never fucking sleeps and my SO never takes a turn with her and night. Fucking bullshit.everything was perfect with two kids now she's here and I never fucking sleep fml

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