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  • Just farted at the obgyn. Embarrassed as hell.

  • I tell people that I enjoy eating lunch alone. In reality it's my only break from my bitch of a coworker. Now I am perceived as anti social.

  • DH and I have no friends where we live. Awesome when ppl say "what are you doing for memorial day weekend?!" Me: "nothing". FML

  • Sometimes ...okay a lot of times I think about how much easier life would be without my dogs. They're amazing, I love them, but they're extremely needy and expensive on top of having a toddler.

  • I want another baby and DH doesn't. Makes me sad, but then I think about all of the money and sanity we'd save without another...trying to make myself feel better.

  • I put the baby in a room on the floor then go into a different room so she'll crawl around the house. Just kidding, I do it to get away from her. It's a constant game all day.

  • My DH is paying an expensive daycare for our baby to give me free time. What he doesn't know is that I never take my baby there because I love to be with her all day. Wasted money.

  • Last day of preschool. I should be looking forward to a summer at the pool and lots fun. Instead I feel like a weight is hanging over my head, waiting to drop.

  • I confessed previously about quitting my job on Monday. Today I set my alarm as if I was going to work so I could get an early start job hunting. After DH and DS left I gorged myself on junk food and watched youtube until 9am

  • DH was 10 minutes late for a morning meeting because we had a quickie.

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