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  • Being a nanny to two kids plus caring for my own...in addition to testimony from many similar confessions, I'm about 99.2% convinced to stop with my one child.
  • I'm 29 married with 2 DD and I hate the fact that we still live in an apartment. Why can't we buy a house like everyone else .I blame my DH for not making enough money . I know it's wrong.
  • I feel like my family doesn't appreciate all I do for them. My Dh and 2DD . I always put myself and wants last and they could care less.I want to apply for wife swap so they see how good they have it.
  • Old feelings coming back for fling. If only I could... on a different coast now though. I can dream, right?
  • I have no one to talk to about the problems in my relationship. I feel like I don't have the right to complain. So I keep it all in, and every so often, I completely fucking lose it. Like I did last night.
  • I started my period this morning (whew!! Not ready for #3) after denying DH sex and promising him sex tonight. Not sure if I should tell him or just ensure we have shower sex after a few drinks tonight...
  • Taking the recycling out for the week. 10 wine bottles. Shit, when did that happen. I'm the only one who drinks wine.
  • I carry my little velvet pouch bullet in my purse. I have several and just stocked up on batteries.
  • I never planned to be a mom. And I feel like a crappy one most of the time. But, after a 3 hr long battle with my son , I feel like I won. We are both still alive and undamaged. And it ended with a hug and carrying him to bed
  • I was the stepdaughter that was despised: as a result of this, I am suspicious of anyone who is a stepparent to a child and wonder if they treat the kid right.
  • My dad remarried after my mom died when I was 6. My stepmom hated me, and made it very obvious. Now that I'm grown with my own kids I realize just how shitty it was for her to treat me like that.
  • H is coming home today. I just got out of bed with my lover. This shit is getting so hard to juggle. It like I am turning into 2 different people.
  • I am so freakin happy that high waist jeans are back in style! No more flab hanging over my belt line while sitting! Why would anyone even want to wear jeans that barely cover the pubic hair? I feel 10x's skinnier!
  • Never had a date until I was 17. was starved for affection and became a little too easy. I have never told DH about my past, in fact told him the opposite. Now my past is catching up with me and I feel so lost.
  • If my MIL and husband critiszing me one more time in front of DS 4 I am divorcing him!

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