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  • I realized tonight I am outta control.Today I ate a bag of chips, and almost a whole bag of chocolate chips.On top of some other random shit plus all meals.It stops now!!! I am not obese and I won't let myself get there
  • If I could lose weight by eating chocolate and drinking coffee, I'd be a freaking supermodel!
  • When my DD was a month or 2 old and on her 22nd hour of screaming, i would sing horrible things to her in lullaby form "if you don't shut your little mouth, I'm gonna throw u in the trash"like twinkle little star. I suck.
  • Between the age of 20 and 24, I had 5 abortions. I was a drunk, a drug addict and crazy. I've never regretted those abortions. Thank goodness I had the choice.
  • After so much pain and agony trying to decide one way or the other, I have decided I want an abortion. But I think I waited too long to make up my mind because she's 13 now.
  • When the ed nurse/dr is rude to me at work, their patient goes to the end of my list sometimes resulting in an 8 hour wait. Sorry not sorry!
  • I really want to become a published erotica writer, but I'm too shy to admit that I even have thoughts that I would love to write about.
  • I've gotten dh hooked on reading confessions and now im scared to confess!
  • I fantasize about being Bella from Twilight. Unlimited money, clothes, travel, homes, no job needed, beauty, and having a sexy multiple orgasm indusing husband.
  • My husband travels 70% of the year. I really miss sex. He bought me a Hitachi Magic Wand with all of the attachments for my birthday. It's officially the one household appliance I never want to live without.

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