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  • I'm wearing the same dress I wore to my 8th grade graduation party to my DD's school auction tonight. Classic LBD for the win!

  • I just weighed in for a "Biggest Loser" challenge at work and I am mortified. 233. The most I've ever weighed. At least I bit the bullet and faced the scale. Now it's time to get healthy.

  • I bathe my 18 mo two times a week at most.

  • Got my fat butt off the couch and did insanity workout today. When I was jumping around the house was shaking like it was going to fall down around me.

  • I want to get the hot body I never had, so I can finally be the one who blows off a desperate admirer instead of vice versa.

  • Stress eating nachos in the kitchen after my 4yo didnt eat his breakfast, then told me he was hungry an hour later. I feel like im raising hobbits. Second breakfast, elevensies, etc.

  • I yell at the kids when they do it but I just peed in the tub while taking a bath.

  • I like eating baby food along with ds.

  • Never thought I was bi but I have a crush on another mommy.

  • DS 4.5 can't touch his penis enough. Anywhere anytime.

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