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  • Husband was off on Monday. He did NOTHING. Said he hasn't "relaxed" in a while. Immediate images of me stabbing him popped in my head. I haven't "relaxed" since being gutted like a fish for 2 C-sections. I hate men.
  • My husband was sexually abused as a child. I'm the only one who knows. So pissed that my kids suffer b/c of this. I wish I could tell my MIL. He tried, but she's a bitch. SIL knows from childhood, they are all so fucked up
  • So hard to not internet stalk all my crushes
  • Husband is abroad for work since last 2 months. We havent said miss you or love you to each other on phone/text. When we call/skype,its just about kids. I think our marriage is loveless but dont want to ruin kids' lives.
  • As a male, I don't understand why the hell anyone would care what I think of same-sex marriage. Unless you're another guy, and you're asking me to marry you, it's none of my business.
  • My future in-laws don't wash their hands. They don't even have soap in the bathroom for guests. They are hosting thanksgiving and all I can think about is how every bite will have their feces included.
  • I've never cooked a Turkey ever. I'm 41. DH is the cook. I hate cooking. Kinda makes me feel like less of a woman though. Jealous of all the traditional ladies and pretty cooking channel ladies like Giada!!
  • Who gets knocked up right before the holidays? THIS IDIOT! And my in-laws are in town tonight and I can't play the "unwanted criticism, take a sip" drinking game... ugh
  • I can't stand my husband. Like I actually hate him, he's controlling n a giant asshole. But we have 3 kids, n a 4yr old w a terminal illness. I'm stuck stuck stuck...ugh
  • A boy in my DD12 class said to her, "You look sad, is everything OK?" I have been crying for almost 6 months straight and my husband would never even think to ask me that. Told her that is the kind of man to look for.
  • Tomorrow at Thanksgiving dinner when we each say what we are thankful for, I really want to say "I'm thankful for my DH's enormous cock. But I will say something appropriate I'm thankful for my tight pussy.
  • I am sick of stroking my husband and trying to make him feel better over every little thing. I could be on fire and he wouldn't notice. At least our kids like him becasue its the only reason I stay.
  • Just realized this is the first date we have been on since he proposed last Valentine's day. Only reason we are now is bc mom got me a gift certificate for my bday.
  • Sometimes I regret having children. Not because I don't love them or want my old life back; I love them so much and I don't know what kind of world I brought them into.
  • I'm watching my 4 month old twins and my husband is sleeping...he's been asleep for over 8 hours... I turned the TV up and I'm playing with the kids really loud...wake up you lazy mother fucker!

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