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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • Starting to resent my 7yo dd like I did wen I had ppd after I had 4yo ds. She has daily meltdowns over stupid shit and I don't think I can cope without Meds much longer.

  • I'm sitting in the parking lot at the grocery store after shopping so I don't have to go home yet...

  • I pee in the shower, sitting down, with my vulva touching the floor of the tub. It's orgasmic.

  • I should be proud of what I've accomplished, but I'd give it all up in a second to stay home & raise my kids

  • I wouldn't feel bad if my SIL died. It would be hard to even pretend.

  • I finally muttered some shit under my breath to MIL and walked away before she could do it to me, like every other time we see each other. Felt amazing.

  • I feel like I'm going to be an awesome mom when my kids are school aged. I suck at parenting toddlers and babies.

  • Starting to question how much I need my husband. Seems like he's just a warm body. Breaks my heart bc I love him- not sure if that's enough

  • There's nothing wrong with me emotionally or socially but I'm just terrible at talking to people. Never know what to say and would rather just stay silent and listen most of the time, even with those I love.

  • My floors are sticky but I am out of mop pads and I'm too poor to buy more. My solution is wearing socks.

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