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  • Told my H I didn't want to work it out after he asked to go to counseling. Feel oddly calm with underlying happy.

  • I need to stop binge eating junk food at night when everyones asleep. I'm beginning to realize that it's an addiction.

  • I gave my son an energy drink to help settle him down, he has adhd and the caffeine helps him chill out.

  • DH told me I'm "mentally ill" like "someone with autism or something." Then admitted he hates me. 11 years. I encourage my kids never to marry.

  • My mantra is 'the money the money the money'. If I wait long enough this will pay off big time. The money. The money. The money.

  • I'm a single mom and my four year old suddenly won't sleep. He cries all night unless I sit by his bed. I'm going fucking crazy

  • DH surprised me with a Fitbit after mentioned wanting one. Dammit, now I have to actually use it.

  • Im a pretty decent mom, wife, long as I take my Adderall and Klonopin.

  • A couple days ago I posted about getting a tattoo. I got it, I love it, but I just remembered I have to bring dd to her cousins bday next week with most judgemental members of my family. Tat's not gonna go over well

  • I wish I had the willpower to be anorexic

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