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  • They will hate you by the time i'm done. They deserve to know exactly what your choices did to them, and why they don't have the mom they did. They are sad all the time, because all they see is me crying and upset over you.

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  • I have ZERO impulse control for eating and I wonder how I'm not obese. I see women around me successfully losing weight and it makes me incredibly jealous. I used to be thin & cute! Now, puffy, bloated, and look old.

  • My iron levels drop so low when I'm on my period that I will pass out sometimes. H still can't seem to understand why I can't clean as much during that week each month.

  • I announced during an IEP meeting that if they didn't give my autistic DD10 the same aide as last year, I would burn this place to the ground. They all think I'm crazy now. But guess who is getting the same aide? No regrets

  • My husband doesn't feel well. Which means I hear about it every minute. I'm nursing a 2 week old nonstop. Sore nipples. Bleeding profusely from my vagina. a csection. Back hurting. Cramping.....And not complaining.

  • I'm so angry all the time, and I have no idea why.

  • I sucked as a mom this morning. 18mo old tantrums just did me in. Thank god for daycare.

  • Bf told Bff "That one's wild and difficult. They say nothing easy is worth having and nothing worth having is easy. She's the proof of that." I don't know whether to be proud or slightly ashamed I'm so difficult.

  • It took everything I had just to get out of bed this morning to get the kids breakfast. I feel like I'm drowning and nobody cares.

  • I'm hiding from my kids/packing DH's stuff for 3wk long annual training. We have a 3, 2 & 1yr old. DH hasn't left yet and I'm at the stage of "just turn the cartoons on and pour some Cheerios on the coffee table."

  • The self help books are actually helping.

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