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Confession #197144

  • They will hate you by the time i'm done. They deserve to know exactly what your choices did to them, and why they don't have the mom they did. They are sad all the time, because all they see is me crying and upset over you.

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  • I'm jealous of the moms who have fun at the playground.
  • I'm trying to decide wether I try to throw a DIY/Pinterest party for DS or just celebrate with his grandparents. Can't afford what I would like: kids entertained by pros while the parents can drink and not care about them.
  • DH and I had a threesome with a male friend of ours. So fucking hot. But feels so out of synch with the "me" that the public sees. I feel dirty, but I can't wait to do it again.
  • MyBFis 42(I'm 25) and he might have cancer. I am worried an scared, I love him, but can't even let it show because I love my DH and couldn't lose him either. They are my best friends, both of them, I'm so fucked...
  • Took a prego test cause I was afraid I was prego with baby #3. When the negative line came up I was actually sad. I don't know if I could handle a 3rd baby but I'm starting to think I do want a 3rd baby.
  • Getting ready to finish my tattoo sleeve, at 56 years old, this momma is gonna be rockin it!
  • Teens are not only cockblockers but Masturbator blockers too!! I never have the time for a 'real' session but sure enough I get settled in and the phone's going off from school...Murphy's law LIVES here!!
  • My male massage therapist gives me happy ending massages. I am a 45 year old, married mom. It's an equal world.
  • I'm tempted to start fixing up for school to make DH jealous and suspicious. I don't give a damn about anything but my studies and don't have the time for that shit but I'm so sick of being ignored.
  • I am truly jealous of our nasty little dog who cuddles up to DH every night bc he pays NO attention to me. I complain about it and make snarky remarks that always piss him off. How can a damn dog be his "girl"?!
  • Added laxatives to a bottle of rotgut whiskey and poured it in my empty Jameson bottle. Screw my H for drinking most of the bottle and then calling me a drunk for drinking a shot to help me sleep.. Enjoy the shits, asshole.
  • Just looked up risks and side effects of egg donation. First listed was moderate weight gain. Nope. I'm out.
  • I go to a Christian school .... I've never seen such a large gay male population especially in a Christian setting
  • Sometimes my addiction scares me...other times, it excites me. Either way, I know it's fucked up, but I can't stop, & I don't even know if I really want to. So fucked up!
  • I told my mom sometimes I wish I was born with a penis so I didnt have responsibilities. She said she wished the same thing when she was pregnant with me

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