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  • They will hate you by the time i'm done. They deserve to know exactly what your choices did to them, and why they don't have the mom they did. They are sad all the time, because all they see is me crying and upset over you.

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  • I feel like I'm drowning in the mess that is my life. I'm so tired. I just need a break.

  • I think I married the wrong man

  • I want to tell dh that I'm suffering from depression, but he's too selfish to care.

  • Very rarely have a drink, thought I'd treat myself to a Jack & Diet. Immediately realize why I rarely do; 2 year olds are such a freaking buzzkill.

  • DD18 thinks she's gay,she's not.She nvr had BF,we move so much(military)she's nvr had a close friend,she's confusing the love of a friend with real love. I told her she can't be gay,she's never had dick, mom of the yr

  • Tonight's entree is cheese popcorn dipped in hummus and beer for a drink. You win, pms.

  • I secretly ordered a vibrator online and have been vigilantly waiting for it to arrive. Thank the lord work let me out early today. I came home to our puppy chewing on a bright pink bunny vibrator. It still works.

  • I Was on the right track in my 20's thinking I would never marry. I wish would've listened to myself!

  • Did some modeling as a teenager. Found out I was offered a contract in NYC and they wanted me to move to Milan for a year. Mom and dad never told me. Can't stop thinking about what my life could have been. So angry and sad.

  • Fucking shoot me on the head!!

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