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  • They will hate you by the time i'm done. They deserve to know exactly what your choices did to them, and why they don't have the mom they did. They are sad all the time, because all they see is me crying and upset over you.

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  • I think DH liked it better when I drank so he could play knight in shining armour when I got out of control. I kinda miss it too but not the booze.
  • I talk to my DSs 19&21 about alcohol and how life ruining it is. I don't have to remind them of this since they watched me nearly self destruct on the stuff. I'll never forgive myself and I've been sober for 18 months.
  • There are days I wish I can just walk away from it all.
  • My vagina smells horrible. Probably because I don't remember the last time I took a shower and I've been wearing the same underwear. Sitting at my desk at work with my legs clamped together hopin no one else can smell
  • I am ashamed of my son at times. He is in high school and failing not because he is dumb but because he is lazy and doesn't care.
  • The only reason I tried to breastfeed was because of all the pressure from the hospital staff and my BF's mother. I was totally fine with feeding my baby formula.
  • My youngest were sleeping until after 8am, and are now getting up at 6am. I am so tired that if dh and I can't get them to sleep later, we may never have sex again. I can't get a "lady boner" when tired.
  • My ex is a schizophrenic asshole who likes to drag me to court often, and now Im totally terrified to get involved with anyone again.
  • I turned on the range hood in hopes that it will get the funky smell out of my kitchen. So much easier than cleaning.
  • I don't know how to tell my DH that the reason I don't get turned on for sex with him is that I can't feel his penis at all anymore-since he has gained weight it's literally 2 inches long. Makes me sad but SO frustrated.

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