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Confession #197144

  • They will hate you by the time i'm done. They deserve to know exactly what your choices did to them, and why they don't have the mom they did. They are sad all the time, because all they see is me crying and upset over you.

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  • My dd 3 has been watching tv all day. I'm starting to wish special agent oso would come do a craft with her already

  • I've created my own curse words so my daughter wouldn't know what I was saying. She uses them now and now I have to correct her not to use them

  • I just left my doctors office and found out I'm having my 4th miscarriage.

  • I wish there was a pretend "children's home" I could scare the DC with. Drive them to this scary-ass-looking place and tell them "that is your new home if you don't behave."

  • Having kids has made me happier and my marriage way stronger ... but if we do divorce, it will definitely be because of DS.

  • I hate putting sunscreen on my 1 yo. I'd rather change dirty diapers all week.

  • I wish I had known how much harder a second child is. It's not twice as hard, buddy it's infinity. Esp if one has any health problems.

  • I got checked out by an attractive man today, and it felt great until I realized I couldn't remember the last time that's happened. I'm decent looking, but usually in the company of a toddler.

  • 12 mo baby playing with a dirty wipe. First time she hasn't cried all day. Play on, baby

  • I obsessively cyber stalk both mine AND dh's exes...and their friends and family...

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