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  • Today is my day off, so last night I let the kids stay up waaaay too late so they'd sleep in and I can binge watch Netflix in peace. Fucking best morning ever!

  • Last night my husband said he is going to buy me a Fitbit (!). He said it was because I've always wanted one, but I have never cared....I'm scared it's just his way of telling me to loose weight.

  • Youngest DD is still at the age where having playdates means that I am forced to spend time with the mom. Because of this, she has very few playdates.

  • I live in a foreign country, speak to no one but my husband and child. I am So used to being isolated that when his parents come to town I don't know how to act.

  • I am not sure I am unselfish enough to be a mother.

  • I cant parent without tv

  • I feel like the emergency cesarean was my fault because I chose to be induced. My baby almost died.

  • I named my son, after my TOY cat. Nobody else knows, not even my wife, she just thought it was a cute twist on Wilson.

  • Feeling super proud because my husband and I have paid off 27k of student loans in the last 18mo. But super depressed because we have 39k to go. Ugh!!!

  • I use the breast pump to keep my boobs big. :) It works really well and can increase a few cup sizes.

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