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  • Somedays, wish I was brave enough to suggest an open marriage to DH. I want to stay together for the sake of kids and money. But I'm sooo bored. DH has cheated in the past. Now I want to, with permission!!!
  • My husband and I have been together for five years and I still think he's the hottest, cutest guy I've ever seen. I've gained fifty pounds from medication and he still thinks I'm gorgeous. I don't.
  • I lost all my baby weight within 2 weeks of giving birth . I lie to other moms and talk about how hard it was to get back in shape.
  • My kids are eating spray cheese and Ritz crackers right now. For breakfast. Too sad and lazy at the moment to do better by them. At least their is some protein, right? Fail!
  • I use social media as my therapy. I look cute in pictures and can hide my social anxiety. I put my whole life out on twitter, facebook and my blog. It sure beats cultivating real relationships with actual humans.
  • DH says he is attracted to me, but he never really complements me. It makes me wonder why I bother trying to look good at all.
  • I HATE FIL. I wish we never took his ass in. Everything he does pisses me off. And I resent DH because I'm the one the taking care of his shit not his own son. And stop trying to parent my DD5
  • I haven't had any contact with my dad in over a year. I keep telling everybody that it doesn't bother me and that I don't miss him. Inside I'm crushed he is so disappointed in me and my life choices. Grown up fail.
  • Of all the crazy things in my past I miss, the one I miss the most is being a coke head. I miss cocaine like the sahara desert misses rain. I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I wasn't suburban soccer mom now.
  • When I lose weight I always lose it from my boobs first, which then makes me look even fatter because it makes my stomach look even bigger since the boobs are smaller in comparison!
  • I watch DD like a hawk for signs of intelligence. DHs kid w/ his ex is a moron and I'm terrified DD will be stupid too.
  • I think pregnant women are so fucking sexy
  • Back to the gym bc H remarked I'd enjoy sex more if I was slimmer and in shape. After 1 year @ 56 I'm back at size 6, can run mile in less than 10 min press 90 lb and after workout I F the brains out gymmate. H was right
  • I wonder how much weight I need to continue gaining in order to give a shit and vSTOP over eating.... I swore I would never be over 150. Here I am at
  • Dh found an old friend (girl) on fb and I'm trying to pretend it doesn't bother me. But I hate that he gets so giddy reminiscing with het and all we ever do is fight about kids and money.

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