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  • My dd 3 has been watching tv all day. I'm starting to wish special agent oso would come do a craft with her already

  • I've created my own curse words so my daughter wouldn't know what I was saying. She uses them now and now I have to correct her not to use them

  • I just left my doctors office and found out I'm having my 4th miscarriage.

  • I wish there was a pretend "children's home" I could scare the DC with. Drive them to this scary-ass-looking place and tell them "that is your new home if you don't behave."

  • Having kids has made me happier and my marriage way stronger ... but if we do divorce, it will definitely be because of DS.

  • I hate putting sunscreen on my 1 yo. I'd rather change dirty diapers all week.

  • I wish I had known how much harder a second child is. It's not twice as hard, buddy it's infinity. Esp if one has any health problems.

  • I got checked out by an attractive man today, and it felt great until I realized I couldn't remember the last time that's happened. I'm decent looking, but usually in the company of a toddler.

  • 12 mo baby playing with a dirty wipe. First time she hasn't cried all day. Play on, baby

  • I obsessively cyber stalk both mine AND dh's exes...and their friends and family...

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