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  • Dear Child, I was okay with trading my body for a new baby. I accept giving up my life to love you. But when you tear up the few personal belongings I have and care's over. JK. but srsly, ur days are numbered.
  • It's 330am and I can't sleep bc I keep rehashing our marital problems in my head. Been with him almost half my life. Don't know if I should stay and work it out or just cut my losses. Have a DD, and pregnant again.
  • All I want is another baby. My partner has three and we have one. She says I should be satisfied. I hoard my toddler's things because I can't let go. I cry over everything when no one is looking.
  • Having a period isn't a curse. It's a blessing. I get to let loose the raging bitch I keep surpressed. Winning.
  • I would love to have mommy friends. But between being overly anxious about saying something stupid and worrying if my child is behaving/having a good time/is safe, its easier to just stay home. Social awkwardness always wins
  • I'm actually excited to decorate for Christmas this year! Plus, we don't need to sign up for help!!
  • H and I are not good. Never EVER thought I'd see us here. Love him so much but how long can you take someone constantly diminishing your feelings? Makes me feel crazy. Don't know how I didn't see it before ds1...sad.
  • Twice today DS12 told me during a ADHD/ODD meltdown that he wants to kill me. Probably not as much as I want to kill him when he acts like that.
  • He's bald and a little fat and I'm married. But that smile and that look in his eyes, the way he WANTS me...makes my clothes fall off every time!
  • my brother used to play 'guess what this is' with me in the basement with the lights off... and get me to touch 'something' to guess what it was... I just remembered this before family holidays...
  • I have succeeded in not calling or texting him for two days. Constantly reminding myself this needs to be over. I'm married & he lives far away. Which is for the best cause I would fuck him like crazy if he were any closer!
  • the neighbours on either side of us have moved away. sad to see them go. relieved that now I don't have to sensor myself when dealing with a shitty toddler and can swear again.
  • Some days I wonder if I'll ever know what it feels like to be in love again. I'm married.
  • Dd6mo was a terror tonight so I dipped into the vodka. I'm a little buzzed. Hope I don't need to breast feed her soon. This is the 3rd night I've had a drink since Friday.
  • I'm Black. I grew up in St. Louis and I think Mike Brown got what he deserved attacking a police.

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