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  • I love DH but realized today that he is WAY better off from being with me, and I am worse off. I love him but honestly, I probably could have done better.

  • Just took the screen out of the bedroom window for a sec to dump out an old drink I was too lazy to take to the kitchen, and had an almost irresistible impulse to climb out and disappear into the night.

  • When I got pregnant with DD #1 I was considering adoption. I was 18 and scared. When I got pregnant with DD #2 I was so depressed and angry, because I didn't want it. Neither of them will ever know. I'll die first.

  • A skinny old woman tried to shame my fat self for getting excited about Toaster Streudel. She doesn't know I just got food stamps and will be able to have enough to eat for the first time in months.

  • Before I go to bed every night I where I check every closet to make sure no one is hiding in there to kill me in my sleep. I'm really not sure what the hell I'd do if I actually found someone one night!

  • Missed period and severe hot flashes. I think I am in menopause and I am only 43. Sad.

  • My 6 yr old is in therapy. I need therapy to deal with it.

  • My brain is so fried from trying to be a mom.

  • DH accidentally fell while holding dd9 once when she was a baby and I swear I still don't forgive him, what's wrong with me?

  • I have a triangle shaped sunburn between my boobs.

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