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  • I haven't worn underwear since I was 17 ... Because fuck that. Less laundry.

  • H & I were both so miserable with our exes we promised to just bail if we ever don't want to be together anymore. I find that comforting.

  • I'm legitimately bummed that I don't have a patriotic outfit to put on DD for Memorial Day.

  • Apparently it's normal that my dd3 doesn't eat much. I'm terrified I gave her an eating disorder by yelling at her and making food a constant issue. She told me she doesn't eat much so she won't blow up. Fuck.

  • I love being home alone so I can binge eat without hiding it.

  • I introduced my sister to a friend of mine. They are really hitting it off. I didn't tell her I used to hook up with him and he is also bisexual.

  • I will lay down my life for my daughter but qiven another chance, I would never have had her. I will also never tell a soul. Ever.

  • I told H that I would rather be with my ex. It was during a big argument, but I feel bad.

  • It's 2:30am Baby has been up for hours. Only mantra is DO NOT SHAKE THE BABY

  • I'm unhappy. Baby #2 is exhausting and I never get s break. My dh doesn't seem to miss our sex life since I'm only 5 weeks pp. I feel like his nanny that he just pays to watch his kids.

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