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  • I married my husband because of how amazing he is with my son who isnt his. If it wasnt for that we wouldnt be together. My son adores him. I dont. I am miserable. But my son is happy thats all that matters to me
  • My friend lost her baby at 27 wks pregnant. Since then i cant bring myself to post on FB about my pregnancy. Survivor's guilt. Idk what I'm gonna do when mine is born.
  • I think I may have the early signs of Alzheimers at 47 and haven't told anyone. I'm scared shitless that my forgetfulness which gets bad when i'm stressed is something serious.
  • If I could murder someone and get away with it I would totally off my brothers girlfriend. She's a terrible human being and mother. All she does is leech of my parents and fuck up her kids. Waste of space
  • I know I put my DD in front of the television too much-it's on all day every day- but I don't know how to parent her better
  • I became a teacher after 15 years in government finance. I tell everyone it is much harder to teach. I'm lying. It is so fucking great.
  • I don't cloth diaper because it's cheap or to save the environment. I do it because the prints are so cute!! I look online at more every day I just want to BUY ALL THE DIAPERS! Spend more money then I would on disposables.
  • Got my eye brows waxed and was feeling so good I tried to record myself doing my makeup like a YouTube star. I looked fat as f$&@ in the video. My face is gorgeous and my body used to be too pre motherhood.
  • I secretly find it a HUGE turn off how much H communicates w his mother. Is it normal for married men w kid(s) to call and text with their mothers every day?
  • I'm having one of the hardest weeks I've had in about 10 years. Reading these confessions is the only thing making me feel better!
  • My heart is yearning for another baby, but we have so much debt we can't. My dh is an amazing provider & daddy & works so hard. I pretend I'm not ready to have more dc so my dh doesn't feel bad because he wants more too.
  • I live my life one 22 minute kid's show at a time
  • Very religious, against premarital sex. DD 18 is living with her boyfriend. I would rather her continue to live with him than have to pay for her to marry that piece of garbage. I don't like the word hate, but I hate him!
  • I gave in and got the Pinterest app on my phone...I don't get it. I'm 26 and completely out of touch with technology. Oh well
  • I confronted DH and he admitted to cheating once and sexting multiple women. I knew but I'm shredded. He sobbed, begged and pleaded so I said we could try to work on it. Really I'm just getting my ducks in a row. Fucker.

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