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  • I would fuck Ben Bailey in the back of his Cash Cab any day. Or any cab. Or anywhere. YUM.

  • I shave my c section scar because I can't believe I survived.

  • I get drunk every day. Oh yeah. I'm also a fitness model...

  • I masturbated today while toddler napped. It was better than sex with DH.

  • Last week my daughter died in the hospital two days after I delivered her by emergency C-section. I feel like there is no light or purpose left in my life.

  • I've driven drunk with my kids in the car. When I think about it I want to die.

  • Ds3 was looking at and playing with his penis whilst taking a bath. He then peed in his own face. Proud mom moment.

  • I only wash my hands in the ladies room at work if someone else is in there.

  • My husband just deployed and I've come to a standstill. All I want to do is sit around and watch Netflix. I feel bad for my kids, but not bad enough to do anything about it. I'm hoping this depression goes away soon.

  • My husband does duck face in every photo and in every's disgusting

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