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  • I have OCD and am the mother of toddlers. I want my house to be pristine and I scream at them constantly. I hate myself because I know my expecations are unrealistic but cannot control them.
  • 30+ pounds lost in 3 months. If I keep this up I could weigh 100lbs in less than 4 months! Just gotta put in the time and effort.
  • Still waiting to have this mind blowing sex people talk about. I am 36!
  • Teenage son driving me bat shit crazy today. Opened my mouth and my mother came out. I so hope his children are just like him
  • Sometimes I run the dishwasher with only bottles in it because the baby eats more than I do and I'm too lazy to hand wash them all.
  • I know it's shallow but I really hope my baby girl grows up to be beautiful. I wouldn't know personally, but life seems to be a lot easier if you're pretty.
  • Ever since I learned to lucid dream I feel like Iv got a super human power, I have a much dirtier mind than I realized. Now if only I can figure out how to stay asleep till I finish! Cant tell the H, I know he would be mad.
  • I hate that everytime I meet up with my guy there is an expectation for sex. Wtf is this all you want me for? That's what it feels like. Have a conversation with me or make me feel wanted or something...shit.
  • whenever i hear my boss whispering or walking by really fast w papers in my hand, i always think hes building a personal case against me to be terminated. i cant lose my job, im a single mom!
  • So, me &H weresexting all day long. When he came back from work, he put Ds to sleep so that I can take a shower. He fell asleep at 8pm (as.always). Now I have a booty call for tomorrow morning.fuckhim and his sleep
  • Turns out if I just ASK DH to do specific house chores, he'll do it... Came home from school drop off to the upstairs tidy, vacuumed, and kitchen clean and dishwasher loaded. Who knew...
  • I've been unfaithful to my husband for longer yrs than not and I've had sex more times wth my lover than my husband.
  • Sometimes I wish I had finished school before kids. The fact that I might not be able to support myself in case shit hits the fan with my marriage gives me severe anxiety.
  • My 3 year old daughter had to go to the bathroom at the park this weekend. Without a second thought she pulled off her shoes, pants and underwear and pooped right there in the grass. I blame our camping trips.
  • I need to lose weight, but I am not sure how much motivation I have. I tell myself I am motivated, and sometimes I even feel it, but every day I do nothing. that scale is creeping closer to 200 and I'm freaking out.

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