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  • I desperately wish Bill Cosby was the kind of man I'd always thought he was.

  • Son get second tattoo and I'm so happy it hurt him like hell!

  • H cooked better short ribs than me and it pissed me off. I ate it tho...

  • I was raped in the military by my superior. I couldn't report it to anyone. My mother thinks I made it up for attention.

  • Worked on the house for my parents' visit. Just the 1st floor, and it's "cleaner" - NOT "clean", but it's amazing how soothing it is to have a few rooms not be total pig-sties. Now - hope I can KEEP it that way.

  • I really wish I was single. I hate everything about my marriage and I know I deserve better.

  • I keep trying- and failing- at a weight loss plan to lose 100 pounds. I feel so, so stuck. :-(

  • I can't stand my husband when he is sick. I want to bang his head with a cast iron pan. Fucking Man Flu.

  • I'm still mad at DH for something he said and did in 2008.

  • My toddler is on my phone way more than I am, but it's quiet and i can get stuff done, and pay attention to the newborn instead of a temperamental toddler.

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