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  • I think my marriage is imploding and I am so sad.
  • Confession: I think Justin Bieber is fucking hot even though he's a little prick. I'd do him in a heartbeat if I had the chance.
  • Living in a wonderful foreign country over a year now & miss many things about home - most of all sanitary products I know & trust. (Just something nobody told me, I never thought of & can't put on FB..!)
  • I'm such a loser I cried through most of the Twilight movies and BAWLED during the closing credits of the last one, because there wouldn't be another. I'm 27 years old!
  • My dh told me I should look at porn alone sometime. I wanted to laugh so bad but I didn't. He has absolutely no idea I have since I was a teenager. I've never been caught in the act and hope I never am. Esp by my kids, lol
  • My tree just fell onto my neighbors house, went through their roof and deck, ruining our shared fence and power lines. Since everyone is ok, all I am left thinking is "I hope I don't have to pay for it all" Im the worst.
  • I refused to come clean about my sugar daddy because of the age difference. He is 47 and I am 29. I have a wonderful boyfriend close in age. Yet I miss the sugar daddy, I loved being spoiled.
  • Been battling depression for 15yrs. SO makes me feel worthless. I just want to outlive my parents so they won't have to suffer the loss of a child. After they're gone I won't see a reason to keep on living. I'm so tired.
  • Both Dh & I are skinny fat. We tried to go at it doggy style but couldnt finish because we both got winded.Thats it-we gotta get in shape & quit smoking & eating like shit, I'll be damned if our sex life has to suffer!
  • A year ago I received a big inheritance, DH convinced me to blow it all on a home in the country. Now I'm completely broke, miserable and lonely out here. Bitter towards DH and even angrier at myself for being so stupid.

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