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  • Got together with DH bc he was well-off, reasonable, and kind. Zero chemistry. 5 yrs later, and I love him so much. Glad I stayed.

  • I've been depressed following some recent health issues and my DH bought me a platypus onesie to cheer me up. I now wear it everyday which means I'm probably never going to get sex again.

  • Literally drinking wine in my car waterfront view just people watching. Just to get away from those unapprective assholes that is my family.

  • My nanny takes better care of my kid than I do

  • I lost me.

  • I was at Walmart yesterday when I heard a mom yelling repeatedly as her four kids ran around like crazy. She looked exhausted. All I could think was "I feel for ya sister" and "Thank God my kid is at home!"

  • I have a general dislike for cats and dogs. Go ahead, you can hate me, but I still don't like them.

  • I have diarrhea from my antibiotic and I am hoping it helps me lose a couple pounds

  • I dont believe in God anymore. I dont think I ever really did.

  • DS5 was just diagnosed as very high-functioning ASD. I don't plan on telling anyone(other than his teachers). Not ashamed of him AT ALL, but I don't want anyone looking at him I did with kids w/ASD.

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