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  • I think the reason I'm so obsessed with my dogs and kids is because I need to feel needed. Not sure that's a good thing.

  • When DS was 2, I spent months on end drunk on the couch. Idk how he survived or didn't get taken from me. I am sober now, but am so guilty for not remembering a good chunk of my kid's life.

  • My eating habits are so inconsistent. I'll let DS3 and I eat junk for days on end, then I'll snap out of it and insist on healthy eating, until the cycle begins again. Hope he's not too messed later in life from this.

  • I was doing a countdown and blanked on what number comes between 9 and 7 - literally couldn't remember "8"

  • I have everything I always said I wanted. But I feel trapped in my life and fantasize about running away every single day.

  • I spend the whole day at work watching serial killer documentaries and pretending to be busy. The worst part is my boss thinks I am amazing and awesome at my job.

  • I don't know what my neighbor does for work but he is always home. I hate it! Just know he hears all the things I snarl at frustrating DS.

  • DS7 has the screechiest and most high pitched voice. I never thought I'd be excited for puberty and voice changing but that voice. My god.

  • This morning was the first time I have taken a shower during the work week in seriously like 4 months....I only shower on Saturdays. I am disgusted/proud of this lol

  • I get wooden stir sticks from the gas station to dislodge my tonsil stones. The kids that work there can't figure out what I come in and grab 20 stir sticks every few months for.

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