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Confession #197162

  • Come near me again and you're dead, bitch. The police won't stop the stalking, you won't leave my family alone. It's been almost twenty years of your shit. I will kill you if you come near us again.

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  • We have over 10K in credit card debt. I see no possible way we will ever get rid of it. Every time a miracle happens and we manage to make a dent, some new emergency happens, and deeper in the hole we go!

  • Pulled dd 6 ponytail today as she ran away from me. Feel like shit.

  • When my husband flirts with my sister I do really bad things to his food. Like, so disgusting I can't even say here.

  • Found out my baby is only 5lbs 14oz at 37 weeks. The doctor said not to worry. She may just be petite. Nobody in my family is tiny, and I've been eating like a trucker. I'm nervous.

  • Totally made up that I had to stop bf my baby at 2 months due to an infection I got from swollen ducts. Truth is I hated it. Now instead of judgement I get sympathy. Best fake excuse ever!

  • I almost never wash my hands when I pee

  • I am 49 and feel like my life is just starting. New stage of life, new career, new marriage. It's a good place to be.

  • I think belly fat is anatomically correct. There are ads everywhere how to get rid of it. Which means a vast majority of people have it. Which to me means it's supposed to be there and i'm not gonna stress about it.

  • DD is only 5.5mo, but I can already tell that our personalities clash. I love her so much, but I don't understand her.

  • My periods are so heavy that I soak through a tampon and onto a pad in just a few minutes sometimes. I'm thinking about asking for a hysterectomy because nothing seems to help. I still want another kid so bad I cry though.

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