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  • I'm drinking wine at 6 am so I can get through the day with my kids.

  • I stay cardio fit mainly for the zombie apocalypse. I too spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about it.

  • I'm going to cheat on my husband.

  • I give up a lot of my hours at work to my younger coworkers who need the money. They think I am so nice , but truth is, I just hate my damn job.

  • I am terrified I may have cancer but scared to go to the dr. DH has too much on him already.

  • I lost weight so my infant daughter wouldn't have a morbidly obese mom. I have an older son too.

  • Just spent 2yrs living in my parents basement to save for a house and give my kids a better life. Just found out our student loan debt is destroying any hope we have of getting approved. Feeling so discouraged & embarrassed.

  • I see my old high school BF a couple times per week at daycare drop off. He's not even that attractive but I get turned on & fantasize about banging him. He dumped me b4 we had sex in HS. I'm happily married w/ 4 kids. WTF

  • I'm exhausted from the unending patience required to just fucking communicate with my husband.

  • Near the end of my pregnancy with ds3, when my twin sis stayed w me w 6wk old neice, I sat with her & inhaled her smoke as she blew it in my face. Guilty, but not, bc it kept me from actually smoking.

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