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  • I have very dirty thoughts about a guy at work who gives me some pretty strong signals. Today is company picnic day, when we bring our families. Awkward.

  • I'm not the mom I wish I was, but I can't think of anyone who would do better. Either I have shit friends or I'm doing okay.

  • When no one else is around, I totally lick the bowl/plate after I am done eating when there's still good stuff like sauce still on it!

  • Having a second child was the worst decision I've ever made. I feel no love, just anger and resentment. I hate myself for caving to the pressure to have another child and that she's destroyed my relationship with my first.

  • He said he loved me after 2 months, said I did too. Really it took over 2 years.

  • My house has fleas :-(

  • I was mistaken for a prostitute once.

  • My son goes to bed every night with a bottle. Its just water, but I feel terrible for giving it to him. He's 18old! months

  • I refuse sex about 8 times out of 10. When it does happen, I wash my private parts beforehand, and that's it. The rest gets washed in the biweekly shower. And I feel fine with that.

  • I love my wine box. It doesn't judge me when I drink 4 glasses of wine.

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