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  • My kids eat macaronis almost daily.....

  • I love my boyfriend but still daydream constantly about the rough BDSM sex my Dom and I had not too long ago...

  • My daughter is 8 months old and I still feel like I'm the size of a whale. From size 5 to size 10

  • It's everytime I walk through the aisles of diapers, or spend time with my friend's kids...that pang, that emptiness that it will never be me, being a mom.

  • DH and I had a huge fight this morning. Before I left I said "I'm sorry" and kissed him goodbye. I have a sore throat, a headache, and a stuffy nose I didn't tell him about.

  • I am eating ramen while my 20 month old is watching tv. No tv under two years old rule be damned.

  • Dh and i adopted right as we found out i was pg w dd. I resent not being able to enjoy pregnancy and we dont love him as much as we love dd. I hope he dosen't know it.

  • Last night I saw a cute pic of my neighbor with her 2 daughters out for a girls day and I got extremely jealous. Neither of my girls can walk ATM so going anywhere alone is impossible. Cabin fever and guilt consumes me.

  • My biggest fear is a mentally or behaviorally impaired child. I would have to abort otherwise the whole family's quality of life would suffer. I couldn't do it. But abortion would ruin my H. My limits just aren't enough.

  • I love my kids. I hate motherhood.

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