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  • I've drank a whole bottle of whiskey in the last week. It's my 3rd bottle this month. I can't do life sober.

  • My 11 month old hasn't been to the doctor in over 10 months.

  • I have use my toddler's toilet stool to put my own feet on to poop. Constipation sucks!

  • Sometimes I wish I were a single mom, I just don't want to share my life anymore. I want to parent, I want all that stuff but I just want to be alone, but not have to worry about money.

  • I hope my kids take interest in activities I'd enjoy watching. Crossing fingers for no baseball or soccer. Anything but baseball really

  • DS talks about video games from the minute he wakes up until he goes to bed. I'm ready to throw the Wii U out.

  • My house is so unbelievably messy that I'm sitting here frozen, not knowing where to start in cleaning it.

  • Got so hot had to put a fan in ds2 room. Baby proofed he outlet and cord, secured the fan in the window. He got it unplugged, got naked and fell on it just so. Has a cut on his anus. Afraid someone will think sex assault.

  • Yelled at DD6 today because her helmet is screwed up. I am such a horrible mother!!

  • I never knew you could remove the pads from bras until recently.

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