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  • My H went to a funeral today and I'm SUPER depressed... not because of the person who died, but because in 8 years the ONLY times I have seen him dressed up is for funerals. I desperately want to go on a fancy date damn it!
  • I love having a debit card. No bill so H don't know where the money goes. I just ordered makeup from everyday's our little secret.
  • i am now addicted to glycerin suppositories as a result of pregnancy constipation.
  • Suddenly my libido is soo high! I constantly want sex! I've had sex with my DH three times today and want more! He's beginning to think I need help and so am I...
  • I have to confess that 97% of the time, I feel that having kids has destroyed my nerves, wreaked havoc on all my relationships, and is disappointing in every way. But I still love them.
  • I'm pregnant and enjoy a glass of wine a week. I wish I didn't have to be so secretive about it! Super frustrated with the tight ass view on this.
  • Might be pregnant with #3. Was just starting to feel like I could handle my dd3 and dd1. Now we are going to have to figure out how to get a bigger car and house too. Not looking forward to the next nine months.
  • My husband and I dated for seven years before marrying and never had that we have been married two years we have only made love twice.....I don't care about the reasons anymore I just know it is tearing me up inside
  • I almost blew my head off with a shotgun 2 days ago and am feeling the same way today because H blames me for everything wrong in his life. Thinking of my 4 boys stopped me.
  • I hope I'm happier as a mom than I am now being pregnant. I've cried every day for 27 weeks. Im terrified of post partum depression being any worse than this.
  • If I have to hear one more time about something expensive DW's BFF got from HER husband, or some trip THEY took, and why don't I do that for DW, I'm going to blow up Facebook's server farm.
  • Totally lost it on DS's today. In my defense, I was getting on their cases about cleaning up their messes, and not having done their chores, when I caught one muttering to the other, "Crap - Dad's on the rag again!"
  • My dad paid for my wedding...and my divorce😉
  • I don't understand women who obsess over "ugly" vaginas. If it's not physically uncomfortable and your DH/SO still wants it any time he can get it, who the hell CARES what it looks like!?
  • My friends H with whom me and my H have slept with is closet bi/gay. Tells me all the things he wants to do with other men, while fucking me. I find it kind of exciting but afraid he actually does it without condom!

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