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Confession #197170

  • Why is it that when you are sick it's a license to be an ass? If I acted like that you'd put me in my place REAL quick. So pissed. Wonder why you're getting no sympathy? Yeah, I'm busy fucker.

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  • I'm pretty sure I've always had a personality disorder. Anytime I see a movie, I pay close attn to female leads and mimic their traits until I find a new person to mimic. I have no idea who I really am.

  • Ds4 told ladies in his youth church group I had bad "scratches" on my tummy... he was terribly upset... these ladies gently took me aside and asked if I was being abused.... nope... stretch marks....

  • I am obsessed with Russell Wilson and Ciara's relationship. Like legit obsessed.....

  • I just filed for bankruptcy today. Equal parts of relief and shame.

  • My husband died and I literally do not know what kind of toilet paper to buy.

  • I geniunely like being a SAHM.

  • Doing the high fat/low carb diet and miss my daily wine...but I can have vodka...hmmm.

  • Who invites a childless adult to a kids birthday unless they are an aunt or something? Kids parties are boring as hell. Not enough booze to make it tolerable.

  • I bleached my DD's hair this weekend, sitting here at the pool looking all over for her and she is right in front of my face! Didn't recognize my own teen! Scared me shitless.

  • When I get depressed about our financial situation (which is pretty often lately) I look at houses for sale (that we'll never be able to afford unless we win the lottery) and daydream about how I'd decorate them.

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