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Confession #197170

  • Why is it that when you are sick it's a license to be an ass? If I acted like that you'd put me in my place REAL quick. So pissed. Wonder why you're getting no sympathy? Yeah, I'm busy fucker.

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  • I'm an early literacy specialist, and my dd10m already watches way too much TV. I read to her often, but she has seen *a lot* of tv in her short life. I feel like a fraud.
  • My DS6 cries and begs for a sibling BC he is lonely. I would love another baby, but can't get clean/stop using opiates. I'm an awful mom and shouldn't have another kid anyway. I am already fucking up the one I have now.
  • It still bothers the SHIT out of me that SS13 was a product of meaningless sex. Makes me feel our children and I are getting punished for DH's past & bad decisions.
  • My H is a good person, but he irritates me. Too clingy, too needy. I wish I could leave him, but I just found out I'm pregnant with our first baby.
  • I want full body tattoos over my stretch marks. In tiger stripes. Because they are my battle scars, and I'm a wild cat. I suffered through 9 months of pregnancy and went through labor, at 16. I'm ducking awesome.
  • My boy has more self esteem and body issues than my 2 daughters. He also cries at the drop of a hat and thinks we are all out to get him. I wish I had all girls.
  • Dr said I needed to eat more fruits, so I have been drinking wine since 8's made of grapes and that is a fruit.
  • Sometimes I really, REALLY hate being touched by my kids. No abuse/rape history. But sometimes their touch makes my skin crawl.
  • Thought the guy I was with was the one to make me happy again till he ended it over a stupid mistake. Now I can't stop crying and can't get out of bed. This is ruining my life and affecting my kids. I want him back
  • When I went to deposit money on my prepaid VISA the check cashing lady was new and she counted my cash $100 over. I corrected her, and now I'm kicking myself. I need that money but I'm sure she needs her job too
  • My oldest DS steals things and I don't know what to do about it.
  • I'm way to hard on my daughter. Sometimes I slip and swear at her. I feel like a failure to her. She's only 9. What the hell is wrong with me.
  • Spending a hour on one letter only for DS5 to tell me that he doesn't remember or try to remember what sound it makes. Thank you. Wasting a hour of my life is just what I wanted to do on a Monday morning.
  • Walmart gave me $20 over in change on Saturday, and Kroger gave me $10 over yesterday. Things like this NEVER happen to me! I'm too poor to correct their mistake.
  • I denied my exBF's FB friend request bc my husband would not have liked it and bc it was the right thing to do. I really, really, REALLY didn't want to do the right thing. Secretly hope that door isn't closed for good.

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