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Confession #197172

  • I hate my job. How am I support to support/"sell" this "small business" when I dont even care about it. I should NOT be in sales. Greedy, greedy business. I hate it.

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  • Got so tired of mismatched socks that I threw them all out and started over. Then I found at least 15 matches under the kids beds.

  • Starting to think I only want another baby so I can take a break from school. That can't backfire, right?

  • How can a little girl, who I love so much make me so murderous angry in 5 minutes? What is wrong with me?

  • I fucking hate the park. But I hate being at home with my hyper kids even more. Park it is!

  • Made a nail appt, walked in & realized they don't accept tips on a credit card. It's 2016- I never carry cash. Ever. Cancelled and went home to take a nap instead.

  • I have lupus, and I'm terrified my kids will inherit it. I love them more than my own life, but I feel selfish for even having them knowing this could be their future.

  • I hide the good stuff I buy at the grocery so my family won't eat it all before I can.

  • I am so worried that my 10 year-old, Aspergers daughter will never have a normal life.

  • I want my girls marry for money because we struggle buy food and keep the electricity on. I married for love.

  • Husband took kids out to run errands. I'm finishing a bottle of wine.

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