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Confession #197172

  • I hate my job. How am I support to support/"sell" this "small business" when I dont even care about it. I should NOT be in sales. Greedy, greedy business. I hate it.

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  • I keep a box of protein bars, a couple of jars of peanuts, bottles of water, dollar-store toiletries and clean t-shirts in care packages in my car, each with a $20 bill, for whenever we pass a homeless person on a median.
  • ds2 almost posted nonsense while i was digging for change for someone at the door asking for donations for his DS that needs a kidney. don't care if it was a scam, bc if not, he is $6 closer to staying alive.
  • When dating my wife we talked about our sexual pasts and I lied that I was not that experienced. Truth is I did anal with and ejaculated on the face and breasts of many other girls. I lied so I could repeat it with her.
  • My kids were better taken care of when I was a working single parent. Now I'm a SAHM, Other half is a lazy SOB who can't be bothered buying his children anything or taking his family anywhere. I can't afford to leave now.
  • My DS2 and I bond over watching Psych. I know it is inappropriate for his age, but we enjoy it. Growing up (around 2-5 yrs) I use to watch Young and the Restless with my grandmother and I am fine… I think
  • DH hasn't worked in 4 years cuz of drugs and drinking. I've supported him and DS for 4 fucking years. Today is his first day of work and I'm terrified that he'll start drinking and using again; I feel sick to my stomach.
  • in physically/emotionally abusive relationship for so long that i stopped feeling emotions, things are so great now but i still can't cry, feel sad, i wonder if i can even actually feel love or just say it because - 5y later
  • I poliety told cashier I had dog food and water in bottom of cart, she rudely replied I'll get to it. Guess who didn't tell her she forgot them!
  • I have 3 kids and I love the youngest two the most. My oldest DD8 is annoying now and I can't stand hearing her talk anymore.
  • EVERY day, I swear I'll go to bed at a decent time. then i stay up til 3am again & feel awful the next day. the ONE time i was in bed by 11, the next day was productive & full of energy! why the hell cant I learn from that?
  • It finally happened. I moved ds3's car seat over to SILs car and realized it wasn't buckled in. The last time I moved it was WEEKS ago, so he's been unbuckled that long. Thank god he's safe.
  • I take anti-diarrhea pills so I can eat crap food and not spend the rest of the day in the bathroom...I'm sure I'm going to end up with a bowel blockage or something but I get diarrhea all the time!
  • I sleep with my ex-husband on a regular basis. He is still in love with me and wants to get back together. I love the orgasms but hate the rest of him.
  • I constantly worry about my weight and DH thinks I'm beautiful. I know he can't stand listening to me complain all the time and it's driving us apart. he's very supportive and offers suggestions but I'm a bitch to him 4
  • I resent the way the career I worked hard for stalled out after I had kids and the fact that it's definitely BECAUSE I had kids that I stopped rising in my field or getting paid more. American Dream my ass.

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