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Confession #197172

  • I hate my job. How am I support to support/"sell" this "small business" when I dont even care about it. I should NOT be in sales. Greedy, greedy business. I hate it.

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  • I love trolling my secretary. I know she's an uber conservative Christian, so I make sure to blast the DNC speeches I'm listening to on my computer extra loud.

  • I saved my baby's placenta to eat it.

  • I was bulimic throughout high school and college and the past 2 days I've found myself binging and purging. Gotta stop

  • I have an unhealthy addiction to Sia's "Elastic Heart." I blast it in the car when I'm alone and attempt to sing like her.

  • At Aldi, realized at checkout had left ebt card at home, asked cashier hold my cart. Incredibly nice lady paid for it, thanked her, ran out crying so embarrassed can never pay her back, didn't even get her name. Ashamed.

  • I'm lonely for friends and social gatherings, but I find socializing to be mentally straining and exhausting. That's my predicament.

  • Find out in five weeks what the baby's gender is. Terrified it's a boy. I do NOT want a boy. I feel actual sympathy for mothers of boys.

  • We're a "good" Christian family. 1 dd & 1 on the way. But we aren't married. I'm so ashamed and embarrassed of this, especially at church. Marry me already, dammit!

  • I only married ExH and had kids with him because I didn't want to move back in with my mother. That was stupid. My mom had issues but she actually loves me and she is a lot better now. My punishment w/him is never ending

  • Feeling obligated to go to a "friend's" kid's birthday party. Our sons are friends but I can't stand to be around her negative self centered bullshit.

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