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Confession #197172

  • I hate my job. How am I support to support/"sell" this "small business" when I dont even care about it. I should NOT be in sales. Greedy, greedy business. I hate it.

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  • I feel like I'm drowning in the mess that is my life. I'm so tired. I just need a break.

  • I think I married the wrong man

  • I want to tell dh that I'm suffering from depression, but he's too selfish to care.

  • Very rarely have a drink, thought I'd treat myself to a Jack & Diet. Immediately realize why I rarely do; 2 year olds are such a freaking buzzkill.

  • DD18 thinks she's gay,she's not.She nvr had BF,we move so much(military)she's nvr had a close friend,she's confusing the love of a friend with real love. I told her she can't be gay,she's never had dick, mom of the yr

  • Tonight's entree is cheese popcorn dipped in hummus and beer for a drink. You win, pms.

  • I secretly ordered a vibrator online and have been vigilantly waiting for it to arrive. Thank the lord work let me out early today. I came home to our puppy chewing on a bright pink bunny vibrator. It still works.

  • I Was on the right track in my 20's thinking I would never marry. I wish would've listened to myself!

  • Did some modeling as a teenager. Found out I was offered a contract in NYC and they wanted me to move to Milan for a year. Mom and dad never told me. Can't stop thinking about what my life could have been. So angry and sad.

  • Fucking shoot me on the head!!

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