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  • I have PMS, my husband has been working 60+ hour weeks for the past three weeks, and the 3 kids are driving me nuts. I will be awake for the next 36 hours because I work night shift. Fuck.

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  • My Bf and BFF are now pretty much carrying on a bromance. They text each other more than either of them text me these days!

  • My son just told me he liked my mustache. I'm his mom.

  • When my kids make a new friend I'm more concerned about me making friends with the mom than nurturing their friendships. Seems selfish, but really I need more help than they do

  • No idea what my kids are doing in the next room. Don't care.

  • I'm desperate to tell DH he needs to stop drinking but every time it comes up in conversation I chicken out. He never wants to go spend time with our kids or me. His priorities are work and alcohol. It's sad and maddening.

  • Purchased a brand new car today without the help of my my parents for the first time. I'm 31 and I'm terrified that I've made a mistake in my budget and can't actually afford it! I hate being an adult.

  • Poor dh.. ds4 at the store with us.. we didn't want to make an extra condom run... well we had to explain in a delicate way what they were... ds4 holds them high in line and yells "this is so daddy doesn't get pregnant!"

  • DD 7mo will probably be out of diapers before DS2. Not at an earlier age- she will be in underwear while hes still wearing diapers.

  • Grew up poor and couldn't afford new clothes. I was teased a lot about it. Spent way too much on back to school clothes for DD7, maybe she won't have to go through what I did.

  • It's Saturday and I haven't gotten out of bed the entire day except to go to the bathroom. It was awesome.

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