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  • I have my Master's degree and I am a waitress. I make more than twice as much money than I ever did as a researcher, but I am still ashamed of myself.

  • Every single day of my life I daydream about staying in a hotel alone for at least 24 hrs with a pool and a bottle of wine.

  • I took the 72 hour pill in the 70th hour about two weeks ago. My period is due on Sunday, if it worked. I'm so nervous. I'm not ready yet.

  • DH and I had a threesome with one of my best friends- and it was awesome!

  • I'm 30 years old and I still kind of want to be a member of "The Plastics".

  • I drink chardonnay every night. My tongue is always yellow and cruddy now

  • DH forced me to make a dentist appointment. My teeth are awful. I'm petrified and embarrassed.

  • I'm an avid chipotle lover. Just found out DH gets half off all purchases at chipotle for his work. I am gonna get so freaking fat.

  • Being a sahm means always being alone but never getting to do adult things. I love my kid, I just need some time to decompress and DH isn't as much help as he seems to think he is.

  • Beyond my tolerance level of my clinging ds2. I hate myself for thinking that I regret having him.

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