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  • How many times do I have to tell h to lock the doors when he leaves the vehicle running? Apparently until someone fucking steals it. Fat lot of good an alarm does if it's NOT LOCKED.
  • I don't like my husbands kids, and I don't think I should have to feel guilty about it. People who say they love their step kids as much as their own are BIG FAT LIARS. The is no way that is true.
  • I want to have a second baby so badly. Adoption is our only route. Our first adoption was a dream, scared to death to start the process again. So scared my heart will be broken. Also, why is adoption so expensive?!?!
  • Thrice-worn favorite jeans failed the smell test. Wearing them anyway. Like a boss.
  • Between ovulation tests en pregnancy tests, I feel like I'm always and forever peeing in a cup
  • I'm 6 days late, which never happens. 3 DC from 21-9. I have a good full time job and good DH and I'm freaking out. I CAN'T be pregnant. I did this at 15. I CANNOT handle it at 36.
  • Some days I hope we see 3 heartbeats at my 1st US just to freak my H out because he told me not having a 4th was a dealbreaker. Then I remember I am the one that has to Bf and take care of it and then I think naw, 1 is good!
  • I want to cry when I order something from a resturant or coffee shop an it tastes gross...
  • I eye fucked the shit out of my open bottle of wine in the fridge and it's not even 9 am. It's going to be a long day...
  • Love love love my DH...but sometimes I just want to kiss someone new! Feel that zing of nervousness the first time you kiss a new partner.
  • Dreamt Sam Smith told me he's bi and we then started making out like teenagers. He was a fabulous kisser. I don't like his music though. But now I can't stop thinking about kissing him!
  • H was with a lot of women, but I was his first love w my brains, quirks, and laugh. We met at work. I've given so much, 12 years later he barely speaks and lives at work. Wonder who replaced me. Full snooping starts today
  • I am terrified to raise my daughter in a world full of awful unimaginable things. I know I can't shelter her forever. I heard a rape story and sometimes I lie awake unable to stop thinking about the victim, who died.
  • My heart is broken today. Some of it my fault, some of it from ignorant H. I want to go back to being numb about my relationship. It might not be healthy, but it's less painful.
  • I'm trying so hard to be excited about having a third child. But I really just feel like a screw up.

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