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  • Summer vacation sucks when you have no money to do anything. Then I wonder if I had the extra money would I have the energy to actually do...years of ppd is real.

  • I PVR Days of our Lives every day. That and reality TV (teen mom, bachelor/ette, TLC shows) are my guilty pleasure.

  • I just got engaged!!! It's my fourth engagement, hopefully it will result in my second marriage. It's the first time I've felt confident that "Yes!" was the right answer. I am so in love with df. :)

  • I thought my child was autistic, so had him tested. Turns out, he's gifted. Not telling anyone. Mommy fail for not seeing it.

  • I feel like I neglect my toddlers as they need to be in daycare from 730 thru 6. I feel so bad Iam missing seeing them grow up in a few years I won't even know who they are this life sucks all I want is to be with them

  • Bought vinegar for my dishwasher at the store, legitimately forgot it under the cart till I was walking out. Didnt go back in and pay for it. Forgot it in the cart and left without it. Karma got me.

  • I literally had to cut my thong off at work today. I have gained so much weight that they were squeezing the life out of me and my poor whoha

  • I hate being with my crying baby all day long. But when he smile, I melt and this joy enters my soul. But, he cry a lot. He just want to be in my arms all day

  • I hate and at the same time love being a stay at home mom of my 2month old baby boy!But, I find myself and my husband playing PokemonGo...

  • On the days home alone with DS3 and DS1 I am a great mom IF they nap at the same time. If not, I turn into a rage-y bitch by 3pm. I just can't handle them ALL day. Momma needs a breather!

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