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  • FREEDOM! Mom took my daughter to best buy, DH took our boys to see their great allll alone. And a lil sick so i have every reason to curl up in a dark room and fall asleep and no one can give me hell! =)

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  • DH is such a better parent than me and it kills me inside...

  • I have been sneaking cigarettes when my hubz is at work and kids are napping.

  • I stopped washing my hands sometime during the third trimester. If I seriously washed my hands every time I peed, they would be cracked and bleeding. I've become so gross

  • I hate breastfeeding. I'm secretly jealous of the moms who can't breastfeed their babies. It would be easier to stop if I had an excuse.

  • I'm getting a boob job next week and I feel like cancelling and using that money to leave my husband instead

  • I get turned on just imagining someone giving me a massage!

  • It took a lot of courage for me to seek out help for depression. So glad I did and bummed I didn't do it sooner.

  • My son has played competitive hockey since 3 yo. Most times, has another goalie on his team. I keep a sub score. I love it when my son lets in less goals than his teammate even tho I shouldn't.

  • My husband cheated on me with a married lesbian he found on Craigslist. I never thought this could happen to me.

  • My son is 11 , and is autistic. He is a GREAT kid. But the constant demands and the repetitivness is really starting to wear me down. I finally said today that I NEED A BREAK. And I've NEVER said that before.

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