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  • My almost 2 yr old is scared of her poop. She screams bloody murder every time she sees it. Potty training won't be happening any time soon.

  • Spanked dd2.5 really hard. 3 times today she got into the eggs and threw them all over the kitchen while I went pee. Now I feel like shit for spanking. I've never spanked her before

  • I almost never wash fruit before giving it to my kids, and even if I do, it's just a rinse with plain water.

  • My 6yo could honestly live on apples, grapes, hotdogs, and mac and cheese. She almsot never eats what the rest of us have.

  • My goal weight is just to weigh less than my husband.

  • I throw out, donate, or return the majority of gifts from my mother. She gives us WAY too much stuff and I can't stand the clutter.

  • I vacuum the crumbs and bits of food out of the top of the stove.

  • Locked my pregnant, raging self in the bathroom so I'd stop snapping at DD. I don't even care what she does while I'm in here.

  • I think I took my weight loss too far. After five months of eating roughly 1,000 calories a day I'm fairly certain I broke my metabolism.

  • I tried to keep DS in his room, and he climbed out the window onto the roof! WORST parenting moment ever. He's safe, thank God!

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