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  • This week, I have thought that the sounds of a weedwhacker and a kazoo were a crying baby. Feeling a little crazy.

  • Parenting with my husband has brought my rage to a level I did not know existed.

  • My daughter was born with dark curly hair and secretly, that makes me super proud. Like haha your bald baby with a big head looks like a boy, check out my curly haired beauty.

  • Seriously considering regaining some of the weight I lost just to have boobs again

  • On track to arrive at a mum date 1hr30mins late because couldn't get it together with my baby. My bus just arrived with no space for my buggy. Feel so fucking pathetic and want to cry.

  • I pretend I like my job. The truth I can't find another one.

  • DH is applying for a job that would require a move across country. Can't tell him that I've fucked up our credit so bad we won't be able to buy a house. Thought we'd be here forever. He's going to hate me. I'm so sorry.

  • Single mom of dd7. I really want another baby but even if I met someone today it'd be atleast 2 years of dating, 1 year til marriage, 40 weeks of pregnancy if it works right away. At the very least I'll be 30 and dd 7.

  • Anyone who says they love summer is a liar!

  • My first thought driving down the highway with my bf and kids after an epic argument was that it'd just be easier if we got into a car accident and all died. That didn't happen, so considered popping every pill in the house

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