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  • I have tonsil stones and it is the nastiest smell ever. I'm obsessed with getting them out and spend close to an hour a day trying to dislodge them.

  • Clean underwear 2 days in a row, I fee like a princess!

  • I still feel fun and interesting on the inside, but I am boring and rigid on the outside. 3 kids here.

  • Dd 5 bio dad is going to jail. No idea what to tell her. I was the one who reported him.

  • My 2 dd were abused by their bio dad. He's been gone for years but Idk how to fix the damage he did & I fear for their futures. I'm a therapist.

  • My kid was so deep into a tantrum, I put her in the shower clothed to snap her out of it. It wasn't cold, only like 30 sec and didn't even get her hair wet. But I still feel bad. But also like I'd do it again bc it worked.

  • I mutter, "You're so F***ing annoying," about DD8 several times each day. I have waited all her life for her 'easy days', I think she just wont have any.

  • Out of all my kids, my least favorite is my eldest and only because I hate his father (My ex). Wish he was biologically related to my current H.

  • I imagine how fucking awesome my life could have been.........A LOT

  • I got into law school!!!!! It's really happening. I want my 6 yr old to have a mom that he's proud of.

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