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  • It's my son's 2nd birthday today, and we couldn't afford to get him a present. I feel like a complete failure, my son deserves a better life.

  • Letting the kiddos 8,8,7 and 2 go around in circles until they get dizzy and giggly.We can't afford Internet/Cable so doing it old school style.

  • When I get angry at DH for something (ex, this am he was loud when he was getting up for work) in that moment I want 2 maim him. I question my judgment in marrying him & hate him.I feel fine & love him again a little later.

  • Toying w the idea of asking my OBGYN for anxiety meds next visit. So stressed all the time, it's now taking me 2 hours to fall asleep at night. Don't want to be on meds or risk gaining weight tho

  • I hope I'm not the only one that takes "mom baths"- using baby wipes to cleanse after baby has spit up, thrown up, blown out, or drooled all over me. Who has time to shower anyways?

  • I want to get a hot body so all the guys that used to date me will wish they still had me.

  • My hubby and I are broke. Only $50 for 2 weeks of food. At least my 14 month old still breastfeeds alot.

  • I'm undergoing a spiritual awakening. I'm finding out how I'm meant to serve on this planet. I might sound like a weirdo but I'm so excited!

  • It's ridiculous and inefficient (not to mention pathetic), but each of my kids has to have his own dishes, own, laundry hamper, etc. because, God forbid, one might otherwise actually clean something that isn't his own.

  • Got a bag of candy from the huge wall dispensers at Kroger. Aye most of it walking through the store and then threw away the bag before checkout. Is it bad that I don't even feel guilty at all?

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