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  • I only want sex once a month...if even that. h wants it daily but settles for once a week. It's all I can do to endure it. When my period comes I make it last almost 2 weeks even if it only lasts a few days.
  • Trying to think of a way to get my lover in the bedroom with me and SO. Its a fantasy to fuck him while SO watches. Don't think this will be an easy one.
  • bff is having her first baby. its sick, but i can't wait for her to find out how i can manage to be so tired after only being a sahm to 4 kids, and not having a real job. love her, but i'm going to enjoy her new reality.
  • Easter is cancelled due to NO MONEY. First time in over twenty years we won't be going to grandma's house. I'm devastated/heartbroken for my kids. Can't stop crying.
  • I am such a slut every time i see a women i find attractive i always play the vagina it trimmed,a little strip, bald or hairy. DH has no idea I am bi
  • All my friends talk about their home-owner issues at our get togetherness. I pretend that's why I Iike renting. It's really bc I have horrible credit and I'm poor.
  • My BFF's husband is a homophobe and it makes me want to punch him in his face.
  • I am afraid to watch the nightmare before Christmas... I will have nightmares about it for weeks if I do. I'm 21 with a 9m son.. I'm a chicken.
  • My daughter is beautiful. She's also adopted. I no longer wish to have biological children because they would look like me and DH, and would end up being "the ugly kid" in the family like I was.
  • I'm only 35, and haven't had a period since my youngest was about 3 months old. She is now 8 years old. Fucking PCOS. Makes me look like the bearded woman too

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