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  • When it is just me & the kids & they go outside i sometimes leave Nick on, when caught i tell my so i just havent bothered to turn the channel but sometimes it is bc i like the shows even tho i am too old not bc i am lazy

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  • I've been dealing with infertility for 15 yrs. I admit (on here only!!) that I get super pissed when people complain about struggling to have another baby.
  • My kids suddenly developed phobias of small spaces (elevators, bathroom stalls, etc) since finding out my bf is not just a friend. Pretty sure they're making it up, but still don't know what to do.. Mom fail.
  • I fantasize about having my hair pulled during sex, I watch porn with it too. But when H does it, it really just annoys the shit outta me!
  • DH comes from a religious background and is trying to raise our kids to believe in God. I have a hard time believing in God, and hope my kids don't believe in him either, but I act like I'm a believer so my DH won't leave
  • We use Christmas wrapping paper year-round. Birthdays, anniversary, Valentine's Day - you name it Cheaper and easier than keeping separate categories of wrapping paper. Leaves the garbage men scratching their heads too
  • I am so regretful of having my boys circumcised, and letting my family pressure me into doing it. I feel like a jerk for not trusting my first instincts to care for them.
  • I was tricked into getting my HS sweetheart pregnant so I wouldn't go into the Army. I LOVE my daughter but every time I see her I see her trailer park trash mom and resent her. Feel like shit because of it. Daddy FAIL
  • I think a new friend of ours has a crush on DH. Not worried, but slightly annoyed because I like her.
  • Signed up at the gym on Monday... its Wednesday and I haven't gone I'm running out of excuses but truth is I was really intimidated by the people working out I'm scared/embarrassed to go :/
  • Had kfc for dinner last night and literally shit myself today while wearing my bikini. Never again kfc, NEVER again.

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