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  • When it is just me & the kids & they go outside i sometimes leave Nick on, when caught i tell my so i just havent bothered to turn the channel but sometimes it is bc i like the shows even tho i am too old not bc i am lazy

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  • My showering regime is so intensive I avoid showering. 2 times a week, max

  • I switched to black coffee because the skinniest women I know live on it.

  • I have so much anxiety about parenting my kid on the weekends that I look forward to going to work.

  • I feel guilty for having a daughter, purely for all the things she will have to deal with in life like periods, pregnancy, kids and oh I dunno, men in general. Poor thing.

  • I'm always smugly proud after a grocery trip when my kitchen is full of fresh fruits and veggies. Even though I know most of them will end up trashed.

  • Getting a tattoo tomorrow. I'm not sure what it says that I'm looking forward to hours of needlework on my skin because it's a break from my kid

  • Apparently I call my dog stupid too much, cuz today while out shopping my 3yr old dd yelled look mommy a stupid dog!

  • If i were hot, i would so look for a sugar daddy

  • I may like porn more than DH likes porn.

  • I'm pretty certain my husband slept with a coworker but I'm too afraid to confront him and hear the truth.

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