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  • When it is just me & the kids & they go outside i sometimes leave Nick on, when caught i tell my so i just havent bothered to turn the channel but sometimes it is bc i like the shows even tho i am too old not bc i am lazy

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  • DD10 is pretty, funny, sweet, well behaved, and so so smart. I constantly worry the new baby won't measure up. Then I feel like shit for comparing them already.

  • I pretend to be mad at XH when he skips visitation weeks because it means DD misses time with him, but it's really because it means I have more than one weekend in a row with the little hellion and I need a fucking break.

  • Ds4 figured out what the hole in his underpants is for, promptly pulled his penis out and walked around all morning like that. I laughed so hard I cried, mom of the year here Lol

  • My son who is gay also feels compelled to dress like a woman. He's not transgender. After all the fight for equality I am so angry and hurt that he trivializes what women deal with everyday. There are no words.

  • I'm a disabled sahm,I used to love fashion,make-up,and having my hair look incredible...Now,my biggest style decisions are whether to wear my "nice" matching pajamas or my worn in pajamas.What the fuck happened to me?!?!

  • I asked my husband for a Fitbit. Now I have one and I hate it. I feel like big brother is watching me eat dessert!

  • I hate Donald Trump but part of me secretly hopes he wins so I can find out what happens....

  • I have toenail fungus.

  • When DC refuse to eat the meal I make for them I wrap it up and that's what they get to eat the next time they're hungry. I think they may be starting to learn...

  • I think my teenage DD just lost her virginity. It's a vibe. I am So. Freaked. Out right now.

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