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  • When it is just me & the kids & they go outside i sometimes leave Nick on, when caught i tell my so i just havent bothered to turn the channel but sometimes it is bc i like the shows even tho i am too old not bc i am lazy

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  • My parents' idea of parenting was to put a TV in everyone's room and let them watch it all day. Ever since I started my own adult life, I haven't had a TV at all.
  • Can I get a woohoo from any other morning runners??? Something about running at 5am that makes me feel like a badass. Now not to eat the candy....
  • I put on this huge front about being an independent and self-confident SM. But I am not. I had a mastectomy 5 years ago. I didn’t have reconstruction and I am afraid no man will ever want me. It kills me.
  • I have PCOS and am trying to lose weight. I'm also terrified of diabetes. We're planning to get pregnant next year, but I can't control my sweet tooth and keep bingeing on chocolate :(
  • Married husband told me he's addicted to drugs. Infertility. Into our 8th year of marriage with marriage c and regular c under our belt and it still sucks. I don't have much fight left .
  • I miss the husband I never had and I'm married.
  • Just over 9 months until our anniversary. I will be at my wedding weight by then.
  • Becoming self employed soon as going back to college, it's my dream but I am so nervous I will fail! Putting alot of money I don't have into this!!
  • A few years a go I was raped by a famous athlete, I never came forward due to not wanting to be that girl that's trying to get $$$ or 15 min fame out of it. Knew I'd be judged, still haunts me to this day
  • I hate it when my friends envy me because i have a baby and they don't. They want it so bad. But they just don't realize that i'm not having fun. Sometimes i wish i was them; careless and free. They hate me for it.
  • Sometimes i just hate my cats. Ever since a got a 'real' baby they have been acting like spoiled little brats and will even dare to wake the baby if i don't give them what they want. I want to kick some of them! GOSH.
  • A fruit fly landed in my wine. I plucked it out and set it on the windowsill. Said 'go home fruit fly. You're drunk.'
  • Most of the time the fact that my H has never been with anyone else just makes me sad for him. I had a kid already and the typical mum body. Poor bloke missed out on ever seeing a normal body naked.
  • After quite a dry spell, DH and I finally jumped into bed last night and did it. Twice! Woke up with some seriously sore muscles. God, I missed that feeling!
  • A few in and outs with the bf while the DF is downstairs with his mom... Soooo wrong!!! Sooo fucking hot!!! Just wish we had time to finish...

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