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  • When it is just me & the kids & they go outside i sometimes leave Nick on, when caught i tell my so i just havent bothered to turn the channel but sometimes it is bc i like the shows even tho i am too old not bc i am lazy

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  • We're so poor. I feel sorry for my kids, they deserve better. I didn't want this for them but when their dad walked out everything changed.

  • This lactating vegan mom is researching how to make cheese. Hahaha

  • I stopped overeating and still can't lose weight. I work a desk job and am taking way over a full load of college classes... when am I supposed to exercise?!

  • I want a baby. I'm afraid I'm too fat to enjoy a baby bump. My husband's afraid I'll get frumpy to add to my fat. I just want a baby.

  • There was a fire at my daycare today. Everyone is ok but I'm terrified of sending DD4 back!

  • They are now making Crush and A&W pop tarts. They will be in my cart the next time I go grocery shopping. Yum!

  • I love my children but i don't like my dd! She is difficult all day everyday. Her brothers are well behaved.

  • I love my kids but I HATE mornings! Like I am downright mean when they start nagging me at 6am.

  • Possible offer on our house coming. Freaking out: idk if I want to move. The idea of having to make friends and a life in a new community scares the crap out of me.

  • I'm obsessing over my kids dance teacher. He's young, good looking, straight and can dance. Too bad I'm just an overweight, married old lady in his eyes.

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