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  • Totally made up that I had to stop bf my baby at 2 months due to an infection I got from swollen ducts. Truth is I hated it. Now instead of judgement I get sympathy. Best fake excuse ever!

  • I almost never wash my hands when I pee

  • I am 49 and feel like my life is just starting. New stage of life, new career, new marriage. It's a good place to be.

  • I think belly fat is anatomically correct. There are ads everywhere how to get rid of it. Which means a vast majority of people have it. Which to me means it's supposed to be there and i'm not gonna stress about it.

  • DD is only 5.5mo, but I can already tell that our personalities clash. I love her so much, but I don't understand her.

  • My periods are so heavy that I soak through a tampon and onto a pad in just a few minutes sometimes. I'm thinking about asking for a hysterectomy because nothing seems to help. I still want another kid so bad I cry though.

  • colg crush is a pro athlete, we reconnect (as friends) every summer on his off season. I'm happily married but I always wonder what life would be like if my friend just swept me away & I wouldn't be breadwinner. so guilty

  • Feeling like the worst mom ever, even though I do everything I can for my kids. No matter what, I'll never feel "good enough".

  • When dh left us, I lost my mind and became a mess of a person instead of being strong for my kids and dealing. I have such guilt over it I will never let go of it.

  • I have not changed or washed my bed sheets in 3 months. Not visibly dirty , don't smell , not on my radar !

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