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  • I just wanted to go to the store..thats it. Now its supper time and what do we have to cook yep nada. O now you want me to go to the store? Now that its 6pm! why do you have to be such an asshole ALL the time? take a day off

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  • I dislike my newborn. She makes life really difficult for me. Middle of the night feed, shit and spit up, repeat. I'm already exhausted and she won't stay up to eat so I'll go through this vicious cycle again in an hour

  • Some mornings the first thought running in my mind is "the show must go on"

  • Im pregnant. And terrified. I think we made a big mistake. Mistakes. More than one in there.

  • I've become so lazy, I will go commando rather than go all the way to the laundry room and get clean ones. Working full time is killing me.

  • I love the fact that when my dd11 and hubby are gone, I can fart freely !!

  • Sometimes I have to pretend (in my head) being single and DH being my guest - so I don't resent him too much for not doing as much housework as I'd like him to.

  • I agreed to never tell my children dear H wanted them aborted. And I never will.

  • Baby #3 is due anytime. I'm most worried about the pushing induced hemorrhoids. I still have a baboon butt from DD2.

  • I really love God but I'm starting to hate going to church.

  • DD7 still sucks her thumb. Asked the dentist about it 3 yrs ago, he said no worries. Most kids stop by 8. She's nearly 8 & now he says she needs braces from the thumb sucking. Nice racket he's got going there. So pissed.

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