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  • I just wanted to go to the store..thats it. Now its supper time and what do we have to cook yep nada. O now you want me to go to the store? Now that its 6pm! why do you have to be such an asshole ALL the time? take a day off

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  • I didn't know how hard motherhood would be.

  • Just made the last debt consolidation payment. Paid off 78k. Hope I have learned from this.

  • Really angry that i'm pregnant with 4th kid that I don't want, H is making me keep. So fucking angry all the time.

  • Actually screamed out the words "stay at home moms lives matter!" to DH and kids when they were being shits. It stunned them. I walked away and laughed

  • Kids shows get played with the volume super quiet. If I'm watching something it's blaring.

  • I'm jealous of my younger sisters. They have grown up totally differently than I did. Their beauty, experiences and what they have access to.

  • Fell asleep trying to masterbate last night. My life has reached an all time low

  • Just had to tweezers my colostrum leaking nipples. Pregnancy is disgusting.

  • I cheated to get out of my F'd up marriage. I knew it was the one thing H wouldn't be able to live with and it was the only way to be done once and for all. I'm so much happier now.

  • i think i have ptsd from my multiple rapes over the past 8 years. i can't move or do anything without thinking someone is going to hurt me. i hate being so scared all the time.

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