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Confession #199147

  • I just wanted to go to the store..thats it. Now its supper time and what do we have to cook yep nada. O now you want me to go to the store? Now that its 6pm! why do you have to be such an asshole ALL the time? take a day off

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  • Dumped by the most amazing guy I hoped to be my lover in such a sweet way that initially I didn't realize he was saying he's not free to see me. God I'm an idiot. When your married 10+ yrs. you forget the signals. Crushed
  • Missing the person I ended my 3 year affair with 2 months ago. So. Fucking. Much.
  • Love how my engineering job is governed by known, predictable laws of nature - if I do A then B, I know C will happen. I know how to MAKE what I want happen, and how to STOP what I dislike. Wish my marriage was like that
  • I hate breastfeeding most of the time. I only do it because I know it's good for my son and to lose weight. I'm so tired of my boobs hurting.
  • DS6 gave me a letter to mail to Santa. I noticed the envelop was addressed to MRS Santa, and asked him why. He said he figured the mommy was in charge at the North Pole - just like she is in our home
  • Dh always teases me about being super vanilla in the bedroom. I don't know how to tell him about all if the wild fantasies in my head.
  • I have always had a thing for redheads. Our new neighbor is a very sexy ginger. I have a feeling my daydreams are going to heat up!
  • DW is currently in a screaming rage because someone ate the last chocolate eclair she'd been planning on having. It wasn't me, and I don't know which kid ate it, but I'd give him up to her in a heartbeat to save myself.
  • I would never have an affair because I think it's wrong, but I daydream about having a one night stand. Never have and just wonder what it's like.
  • My bf broke up with me because he thinks I'm irresponsible. I just want to fall asleep and not wake up.
  • Nursed all 5 of my children. I did it gladly but complained to DH "What happened to my boobs ?" He must have listened, he saved money and gave me a card for breast surgery for my bday. Scared excited. Perky breast again
  • My husband told me I'm a fucking idiot and threw a tub full of computer equipment at the wall. Said I put it in his way while I was cleaning. I'm starting to kind of hate him
  • My boyfriend once said he has a thing for red heads. I'm naturally blonde. Everytime I see a cute redhead I wanna puke and punch her face.
  • I fantasize about death and being reborn as an infant and having no responsibility and getting coddled and sleeping all day.
  • Baby screamed for over an hour. I came close to hitting him. I smashed the laundry basket on the floor into 100s of pieces. Not sure whether to hide the evidence or leave it out so H can see how much I am struggling.

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