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  • I just wanted to go to the store..thats it. Now its supper time and what do we have to cook yep nada. O now you want me to go to the store? Now that its 6pm! why do you have to be such an asshole ALL the time? take a day off

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  • It's really embarrassing, but my biggest dream is to get married. Been left at the altar. Twice.
  • i'm sitting here eating cold chicken, by the light of my computer scree, so I don't wake up my kid and her friend, because they give me a headache with all the squealing and duck face making.
  • Husband went 4 wheeling so I started drinking. I pretended to be too drunk for sex but really I just didn't want him to touch me. Maybe next year he won't leave me all day with his family while he gets to hang with his buds
  • I am fat. DH says he loves me the way I am and was hurt that I still insist I want to be thinner even after he told me this. I don't know how to tell him that I just want other men to want me even if it means he wont.
  • I don't know for how many days I wore the same underwear.
  • Easy pregnancy and easy birth but it still took me two months to connect with/love DS.
  • I fucked up pretty bad, owned up to using our security cameras to check in on him. Hope he doesn't ask me to leave. I was scared he was back on the meth. 😢
  • Im cheating on my husband with my first crush from grammar school. We are in the same situation-lonely marriages, and my husband hasnt wanted sex in years. Im lonely and if I could afford it now we'd split.
  • I totally judge the moms of kids who deliberately push or hurt my kid and then don't do anything about it. And they just say "kids eh?" And I'm like "Haha! No. your kid sucks. mine wins. the end! Bitch"
  • I have random visions (not urges) of me seriously harming my DC, DH and myself. It horrifies me and I have no idea where this comes from.
  • H just asked why I'm up so early. Told him I had a nightmare and didn't want to talk about it. Actually dreamt about my first love, the one I still am in love with, 22 years later.
  • Every day I escape to my bedroom to play games in my phone. The only ones allowed in with me are the dogs- because dogs can't talk!
  • DH sucks in bed. 2 minutes in the missionary position is not what I signed up for! I'm so kinky at heart but he hates it. He's good with hands and oral but never does it for long enough! Bored. Bored. Bored.
  • Niece peed on my couch day before thanksgiving. Put towels on it and covered the couch but I can still smell it. Least favorite inlaws sat on it all day yesterday. Wonder if they got wiffs of it too?
  • I screamed like a crazy person at my 12 year old daughter for 15 minutes because I couldn't find the rice cooker to make dinner. She puts the dishes away- the worst part is her friend was on FaceTime and talked about it.

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