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  • I just wanted to go to the store..thats it. Now its supper time and what do we have to cook yep nada. O now you want me to go to the store? Now that its 6pm! why do you have to be such an asshole ALL the time? take a day off

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  • I am a fairly liberal person, but sometimes I wish I could SLAP all the people behind women's right to work. All they did was make life harder! I miss my kids every single day I'm at work. Can't afford to be a SAHM either.

  • We're kidding ourselves. Telling ourselves that our sexting isn't a big deal bcc no one can control what's in our heads. But the other night, it was sexting, it was feelings. We're having an emotional affair.

  • My PMS has gotten to the point that when I'm on day three of silently planning my divorce, I check the calendar. It's like clockwork.

  • I can't deal with being a single pregnant hypothyroid mum of an 19 month old whingy toddler. I think the exhaustion is going to kill me.

  • after 4 kids and a decade of marriage I just had the epiphany I'm a lesbian...

  • One of my few mom friends went to go see Bad Moms with other moms and didn't invite me. It's like I'm in eighth grade all over again.

  • DH is SO crabby lately about politics, and it's starting to wear on our family. So I logged into his FB and unfollowed tons of negative pages and followed some more positive ones. Two days later, the difference is insane.

  • I am full of anger when my son won't sleep and resent that I never get the bed alone for me and DH. I'm taking my turn on the couch and DH is with baby and dammit, I am missing my DS1.5 so bad I can't sleep!!!

  • Dh and I went on a diet 3 weeks ago. He has already lost 11 pounds. I have lost nothing. I'm considering spiking his dinner with bacon grease and protein powder.

  • I chose to smash my head into the wall repeatedly for relief in an extremely stressful situation one time. It gave me brain dmg. Now i wont even remember posting this and had to relearn how to walk, talk, hold a spoon, etc.

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