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Confession #199151

  • my parents are fucking depressing. so glad i got out of that environment, but i feel bad for my 10 y/o brother. my parents are competely different now compared to how they were when they raised me.

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  • I have a houseful of new furniture, but I'm more excited that my old dishwasher was fixed.
  • I kind of feel guilty that I can afford nice things and my friend can't. She chooses stupid men and keeps changing jobs.
  • I don't get drunk anymore but I get a massive hangover. I'm not drinking anymore.
  • I'm convinced all my engagment and wedding pictures will be horrible because BF does not understand how to look like a normal human being in any photo ever taken. Especially his "smiling" face
  • I often dream about anal sex. That is about as close to it as I will ever get. Depresses me that SO won't give it a try.
  • Why does DD have to scream about everything? She has absolutely zero patience, she gets it from her father. It really stresses me out!!!!
  • DH is a 1 min wonder in bed. He also likes slow soft sex. I need a lion in my bed but he can't do it or he will cum in 2 sec This isn't his fault. So unfair. So FUCKING unfair!
  • Schools have way to much power over parents. Sick of doing homework assigned to me by DDs teacher.. Just want to write F off in big red letters and make my daughter turn that in. I am obviously a sheep so I don't do it :(
  • I noticed my 2 BFFs are more like their mothers the older they get. Maybe I am too. Maybe we all will be. I'm scared. I don't want this to happen. My mom is crazy. I am afraid to ask anyone if they think I am like my mom.
  • Stopped a 2 liter a day 20 yr long Pepsi love affair. Drinking only water now. It's hard but I need to lose 100 lbs. I want my life back. It's hard to admit that being fat bothers me. I hurt so bad. -Desperate
  • Have a guy staying with me this week that I've been dating. He's just had surgery and I thought I'd be nice. He's only been at my house a couple hours and I'm over it. I want him to go home now! Not interested anymore!
  • Hiding out in the bathroom at work trying to poop AND shirk my management duties. Fuck em, I should of been out with ds 4 instead of serving rude bottomless assholes
  • I have so many strikes against me (pierced/tattooed, androgynous, and chronically ill) that I feel I have to work much harder than the average "normal" parent because people don't think I "deserve" to be a parent.
  • Today while trying to put together a floor lamp (it wasn't going well)...I threw the lamp on the ground and then literally screamed at it "fuck you, you motherfucker!!" And then started crying. PMS much?
  • In the 2.5 years ive been with this man ive never gone to bed unsatisfied. Until tonight. I actually want to cry i feel so bad. Due to have his baby monday and all i want right now is him. He is out cold.

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