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  • my parents are fucking depressing. so glad i got out of that environment, but i feel bad for my 10 y/o brother. my parents are competely different now compared to how they were when they raised me.

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  • We're Jewish Canadians... I'm so terrified of the world my kids are going to grow up in I want to move to the south, somewhere like Texas, Alabama or central Florida... and pretend we're Christian.
  • I hit the lotto for a cool million. It's been two weeks $ I haven't told a soul, not even DH. Guess I have to tell him when we go to the office to collect. Not telling my family. They shunned us when we were down & out.
  • My diet pills make me horny as all get out
  • I called CPS on a friend because her kids constantly come to my house hungry. They have given my dd head lice twice. Now they're in foster care and I feel guilty but not sorry. She paid more attention to her men friends.
  • BIL and I were always more suited to each other then DH and I. He has been divorced for 3 Years nowan I wish I had the balls to initiate something between us. It would devastate my kids and that's the only thing stopping me.
  • DD20 is in a new relationship where bf adores her. So jealous. After 25 years of marriage, DH doesn't show any affection. I miss the feeling if being loved and desired. Too old and kid worn to have an affair.
  • Although my ex was a b*stard to me, he was great in bed. My DH loves me but is crap in bed, i am very tempted to cheat on him
  • Im going to pay off all my loans by the end of rhe year if ut kills me. Only two but its a total of 2k. I want to finance a new car is the only reason why.
  • I'm in love with another man, who's also in a relationship. The sex is better, the connection is stronger, and we have more fun than with our SOs.
  • So I think I have a drinking problem. Just budgeted for a nightly bottle of wine. I'll deal with it when dd9 is older...m

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