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Confession #199159

  • I'm sick of my husband treating ds3 like he's 7 or 8 and should behave a certain way or know certain things. Do some child behavior research, get a clue you fucking nimrod!

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  • I have a triangle shaped sunburn between my boobs.

  • A piece of me dies with every pregnancy announcement. It matter how happy I am for the woman a part of me still dies. Love DD but I feel incomplete.

  • I have PTSD from my daughter's birth. I want to have another baby just to try to erase what happened. I don't even really want another baby.

  • I get supreme satisfaction from blacklisting calls with my new call blocker.

  • My BFF doesn't know I'm friends with her ex and his new wife.

  • I hate my ungrateful, asshole children.

  • Sometimes when my DS4 whines "I'm hungry", I throw him off by whining back "I'm hungry too! What are you going to make?" Good to get him used to the idea that I won't always do everything for him.

  • Just masturbated in the bathroom at work. Because, well, stress.

  • My 11 year old only child is becoming so spoiled and ungrateful. I am so mad at myself for letting this happen and don't know how to change it :(

  • I accidentally touched my baby's soft spot today and it freaked me out

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