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Confession #199159

  • I'm sick of my husband treating ds3 like he's 7 or 8 and should behave a certain way or know certain things. Do some child behavior research, get a clue you fucking nimrod!

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  • DD10 is too "mature" to wear Mickey ears at Disney world. Okay, but I'm 30 and I get a new pair every time we go and wear them the whole time, so... Yeah.

  • I detest Motherhood. I wish i had known that before i had Kids.

  • I've gained so much weight since I've quit smoking. I hate myself.

  • I am far too happy that the hot slutty girl from college is now fat and wrinkly, married to an idiot, and has ugly kids

  • When I need some alone time, I turn on the Roomba. That thing is LOUD, and runs for about 90 minutes, so all the kids go play upstairs or outside. Heavenly.

  • I'm very religious but dread Sundays, starting Saturday afternoon. Sunday is the most stressful day of my week.

  • I regret my third baby. I try not to, but my life would be further along if not for her. I resent the hell out of her even though I love her.

  • Exhausted, but staying up late tonight to hang out with myself and drink wine alone. Worth it.

  • Drove by the The Pulse yesterday for the first time since the massacre. Wasn't prepared for the magnitude of emotions. It is surreal. Like a nightmare but you know it's true. I wept openly.

  • I feel like I can't say this anywhere else but here: I feel so overwhelmed. I honestly have an easy job but being a working mom is kicking my ass, not to mention my heart.

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