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  • I still dream about my first BF from 15 years ago. Ran into him a few weeks ago, glad I looked hot. We used to fuck and party every single night. So fun.
  • The last time my dh had sex was 3 years ago when we conceived our beautiful second child. I saw porn on his laptop when he had sworn up and down he wouldn't. I was mad and crying but he wanted to have sex. I felt raped.
  • I was abused by my uncle (mums sisters husband) when i was in preschool and 20 years later when i told my mom about it, she said she knew about it but never said anything because if she did her sister's life will be ruined.
  • my dh doesn't want to have sex or share a bed with me. he also does not want to be warm or affectionate even though I've begged him. Fuck him. So, as of two weeks ago, I don't talk to him barely or make eye contact.
  • I want to be done breastfeeding so I can send the kids away for a weekend and smoke a huge bowl and just do nothing but laugh and eat. And get drunk. And fuck. Single mom dreams...
  • We are sleeping in separate bedrooms now
  • I am currently bawling after finding out we're having another girl. This is exactly why I didn't want to have another. I knew I'd get fucked out of having a boy just because I wanted it so badly.
  • I thought it was cute how much DH depended on me when we first moved out. Now it just pissed me off because he's pretty much worthless and I do everything.
  • I set the thermostat to lower the house temperature at the kids' bedtime to save money. I find myself perusing SMC hours later with a scarf around my neck to stay warm and also have my hands free to scroll and click.
  • Tonight I want to slit DH's throat and watch him bleed to death. And when he is on last breathe tell his OCD ass to clean up the mess. Made both kids cry tonight for being scared at bedtime. They don't deserve his douchery.
  • Too bad it's illegal to throw your kids out to fend for themselves. Everytime they whine because I ask them to do something and nonchalantly do it after I lose my cool. Someday you're on your own boys.
  • First time im saying this out loud. Bf and I are homeless. I'm in the car right now with no money for a hotel and scared to run the car for heat because I don't have very much gas and have to get DD12 to school tomorrow.
  • I think I just realized DH and I shouldn't have a 3rd baby because honestly, he's like a child himself. I'm heartbroken.
  • Just got off facebook because my Grandmother called and I didn't answer and didn't want her to see me online. It's been one of those days and she is too Brady for me at the present moment.
  • I'm so in love with my BIL in hurts like hell knowing I won't ever be with him.

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