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  • My husband has been so cold toward me lately that when the Starbucks barista was nice to me today, it almost made me cry.

  • I talk to myself in the car. I stop talking when I get to a light if there's a panhandler there - wouldn't want them to think I'm crazy.

  • I'm more attracted to women than most men. Happily married with 1ds and one on the way.

  • Dh is deploying, and now I'm pregnant. I'm getting an abortion and just telling him I miscarried. I'm not ready to do this alone.

  • I'm already irritated about being a parent and it's only 715 am. Being a sahm blows so bad. I wish I could be numb.

  • Was raped multiple times by my exH while we were married. Didn't even know to call it rape until years of therapy later. Yes, marital rape is a thing.

  • I can't stop buying evening wear because it's so pretty with all the sequins, etc. I never go anywhere though and have nothing to wear for every day!

  • As soon as I graduated me & dh are packing up the kids & moving 2000 miles away. Can't. Fucking. Wait.

  • Most of the time I say "I love you" to my 3 year old, I'm only saying it back because she said it first and I feel obligated. I feel like I'm lying.

  • As soon as I wake up in the morning I'm already looking forward to bed time.

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