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  • I know when I'm ovulating because it makes perfect sense to get pregnant with BF. Lasts 1 week. As soon as the egg is gone b/c not fertilized, I can list a million reasons not to get pregnant again, EVER.

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  • I'm afraid if I get skinny I'll want to be with men other than my husband. I know I didn't settle, but when I was skinny I could get any man I wanted. I want that again.
  • Just traded in my luxury car for the same model mini van I looked at 2 years ago while pregnant but decided against because I thought it was ugly.. Oh how motherhood has changed me! Bring on the extra seating and cargo space!
  • My new found relationship with Christ is going to cost me my husband. I am not bothered by this at all.
  • Played an inning of softball with my ball pants inside out... oooops. ...then changedthem around outside the dugout (wearing thong underwear) lmao both teams had a great laugh
  • I am obsessed with picking at my head. I'll pick off dry skin until it bleeds then pick the scabs. I get a strange satisfaction out of doing this. WTF is wrong with me?!
  • I secretly loathe my friends who run for exercise and feel the need to sit around with one another and do nothing but talk about running. . .
  • Husband wants to take the kids to a water park this weekend. The thought of having to shave ankle to vag is exhausting.
  • I sometimes feel guilty for betraying my family heritage. All that was given up and lost so they could be free to practice their religion in peace and I say fuck's a cult! It makes me feel ungrateful for all I have
  • I secretly LOVE that I know more about my DSD14 than her bio mom. Her bio mom sucks at life and sometimes I wish she would die. It's terrible, I know. But DSD would be better off.
  • Been trying to convince my hubby to prostitute himself for our babes first birthday party funds. I'd do it, but I don't think I could get as much as he could in the limited amount of time we have before the scheduled party.

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