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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • Actually screamed out the words "stay at home moms lives matter!" to DH and kids when they were being shits. It stunned them. I walked away and laughed

  • Kids shows get played with the volume super quiet. If I'm watching something it's blaring.

  • I'm jealous of my younger sisters. They have grown up totally differently than I did. Their beauty, experiences and what they have access to.

  • Fell asleep trying to masterbate last night. My life has reached an all time low

  • Just had to tweezers my colostrum leaking nipples. Pregnancy is disgusting.

  • I cheated to get out of my F'd up marriage. I knew it was the one thing H wouldn't be able to live with and it was the only way to be done once and for all. I'm so much happier now.

  • i think i have ptsd from my multiple rapes over the past 8 years. i can't move or do anything without thinking someone is going to hurt me. i hate being so scared all the time.

  • I left our garage door wide open when I left the house today, and we live in a rough neighborhood in a major city. Can't believe that no one took anything. On the plus side it makes me feel better about our neighbors.

  • SD17 says she never wants to get pregnant because she refuses to be fat like me and her mom. Too late. She's already chubby. Which is fine, she's still totally cute, but her karma for being judgmental is already here.

  • I want to go to the movies just to eat the heart stopping popcorn with extra butter.

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