I'm petrified of OnStar. The idea of someone in my car that I can't see just wigs me out. I can't even ride in cars with other people who have it.

H still hasn't figured out that I smoke his weed while he's at work. I never used to like weed much, but then we got custody of his 3 DC. I think I'm a decent stepmom...if I'm high. It helps me be patient and loving.

I take every opportunity to get away from H and his kids. I loved our life when it was just us. But now my house is always trashed(I'm not lazy! I clean it 10 fucking times a day!) and loud and the kids ruined my life.

My confession is I have TSS. I've been in the hospital all week. I probably wouldn't have had the balls to get checked out if the SM message boards hadn't convinced me it was important. You guys literally just saved a life.

I just snorted my last Vicodin. Because stepkids.

Woke up getting groped and humped. I did not mind at all. DF is the only guy I've ever been with who wanted to have sex as often as me! Other partners made me feel weird for having a high drive.

I used to hate Walmart.Now my SC are living with us.That weekly big grocery trip is now the only thing I live for.I make a point to always treat myself to something sweet in the car, chain smoke, and drive the long way home.

Got a man on the side. 24 yrs older than me. He's amazing.

I now make a high six figure income, but I used to be SOOOOOOOOOOO poor. Now I live in a tiny apartment, eat cheap food, and buy cheap clothing because I'm terrified of being poor again.

Leaving my H at tax time. Yep I'm taking the money. Just enough to get me into a place.

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