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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • My poor one year old got a horrible cut above one eye and a big black eye on the other, all because he was pushed by big brother and landed on a wooden chair JUST right. I feel like I have to deep clean in case CPS is called!

  • I sometimes stretch an illness a little past the point where I'm feeling better. It's not that DH is ever mean to me, but the extra solicitousness from him when I'm sick is nice.

  • I think I'm the luckiest among my sisters, because I'm not the one who is married with the fattest one.

  • Had DD17 when I was 17, she was not an accident. I wanted a baby.

  • Walking out of Target dc asked if my period had started because I was being mean. My Ob/Gyn was 10 steps ahead of me. Mortified. Oh, and dc is really dd16.

  • Wow. Read several pages of confessions. I feel totally normal now. Thanks, SM!

  • I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

  • so embarrassed that I don't know anyone to be the 'third contact' on DS's camp registration.

  • I was that fat girl in school who comforted herself with day dreams of skinny vengeance at the ten year reunion. Apparently doughnuts are tastier than vengeance, because I am still fat.

  • DS9 has been in therapy for 2 years and wants to stop. DH thinks it has helped, I think it's been a waste of money.

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