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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • I am 5'7, 215 lbs, and smoke weed. My DS 4 thinks I am an awesome person, so I am going to keep it up :)

  • Ever since Prince died, I've been listening to his music and watching his videos. He was a beautiful, mesmerizing man. I'm falling in love, blushing at some of his lyrics & wishing I had the chance to kiss him. I'm 42.

  • The longest walk I make some days is from the couch to the front door to unlock for my three children getting off the bus. I both loathe and love and love the moment. SIGH.

  • When I can clothes shop at JCPenney instead of Wal-Mart I feel wealthy. This is my life.

  • I weigh 276 I wish it were 220 lbs. :(

  • DS18mo is eating Kix out of a sandwich bag while watching a movie. Zero fucks given, after spending 2 hours at the doctor's office with him this morning.

  • I sometimes vacuum the dining room table...

  • Madly jealous over every woman DH works with,speaks to or even women on his Facebook. Need to get me a life and some self esteem, this is ridiculous!

  • Am now so fat that DH doesn't even try and disagree with me when I tell him I'm fat

  • Got in a small accident. Exchanged numbers because police were too busy to show up. Praying they don't care to make us pay for it to get fixed.

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