DH is crazy about me. DD7mos is, too. I always thought when someone loved me like that, I might believe there is something in me worth loving. Instead, I feel like I don't deserve how much they love me.

I hate my DH's dog. He pisses on the floor constantly and doesn't care, the dog not DH. It makes me so mad that I don't feed him on purpose to get back at him.

I have a confession... I literally hate my husband.. he does nothing for this child that we had together and nothing for his other child I do everything. It's frustrating and I truly can say I'd be happier without him!

I'm in a serious relationship with someone I met on Ashley Madison. We love and trust each other completely. And have both separated from our spouses now.

My husband is an alcoholic. We have a room mate marriage. I'm planning my exit strategy. It will be swift. I can't take the chance he'll talk me out of It.

I don't care if the hotel and airfare are going to be paid for, I will NEVER go on vacation with my in laws! It's horrible when we have to visit them already.

The girl I used to have hot lesbian sex with has gone a million percent Christian. Damn it. She was a little overweight, but still very beautiful and made me sooo fucking wet. Kind of sad about this actually.

I get irrationally mad/jealous of people who have a social life. People who can go out and do whatever they want whenever they want.

I have zero idea who Christian Gray is.

I think my husband is a emotional abuser. Took me 14 years to realize this.

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