It feels like every mom I see has lost their baby weight, but I haven't. Twenty-five pounds still hanging on. Haven't lost one damn thing since I left the hospital. I feel like a disgusting failure.

I have a gyno appointment tomorrow and I might be pregnant with #2. I'm scared yet excited.

My husband used my foot to masturbate, feeling like a cheap piece of meat. There just isn't any intimacy.......

38 weeks pregnant. Milk has arrived. Boobs are swollen, immediately noticed by DH. If you grab my nips one more time... I dare ya

Finally ended a 5 year emotional affair. So hard but it's time I become a better wife and mom.

Balled my eyes out in front of my kids today. With I could admit to my H how I am really feeling at the moment.

I had my worst mothering day, as of yet. DS1 and DS2 deserve so much better. I was a yeller, impatient, frustrated, and even became abusive- emotionally and physically. Absolute shit day. I wish I could have a do over.

Whenever I am at a play date, I always judge myself against the other moms and feel like a bad mom because I don't interact with my kids as much as they do.

I have to fantasize about Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum to escape my terrible reality. Sigh :(

Can't wait until I save enough money to leave my POS DH. He's completely worthless and hating him becomes easier and easier each day.

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