I sometimes fantasize about what it was like to be a mom back in the day, like the 60s or 70s. No "mom guilt" about everything under the sun. I'd love to shoo my kids outside, light up a cigarette and watch my stories. Lol!!

I'm divorced. All the neighbors think I'm sleeping with the divorced guy next door because we hang out all the time. Little do they know, he has me completely friend zoned and hasn't even made a pass at me ever.

I fucking love Disney and so do my 3 DC. They're confident, kind, creative, and intelligent. I want to tell people to fuck off when they start saying that it leads to bad morals.

I'm more outraged by endangered animals being hunted than I am about child abuse.

I have more sympathy for the elderly than I do for children.

I wish I could be affectionate, loving n caring to my step son, I love him as if he's my own. I'm so scared to over step boundaries cause his mother hates me so I don't 😢❤

I just turned my baby's car seat facing forward. He's still 6 weeks away from his first birthday but he's huge. He loves it and it's so much easier. Hope I don't get in trouble.

When my DS goes down for a nap, I hide in the bathroom, smoke bowls and "hug" as many of you as I can.

2 years of begging and finally FINALLY my h has scheduled a vasectomy!

I wear a very low cut top when I go see my doc for pain pills. He's nerdy and I'm tattooed and cute. I always get my pain pills and he totally gets a semi. I feel slutty as fuck but oh well.. pills!!!!

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