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  • Started chatting with a guy from craigslist. We text for about an hour before it ended. We want different things. Gh I can't even do craigslist dating right. I suck.
  • i want to pay a 5th grader to beat up a 4th grade who is picking on my smaller 4th grader. The school isn't doing anything because mine keeps calling him a name so the bully gets away with it. Kids can be such dicks.
  • 6 months ago, we were barely surviving, and needed help from the SM Thanksgiving project. Friday, I'm able to buy a $50 gift card for friends who just lost their food stamps. So thankful that I can finally pay it forward!
  • I loath my sexist, racist, bigot of a FIL so much I indulge in fantasies about punching him in the face.
  • My vag becomes super itchy at random times since I got married over a year ago. I have ruled out everything I know it could be. Maybe it's dh's uncircumcised penis...
  • I am clinically depressed and off my meds. As a result, I hate everyone and everything. Including my 3 year old that does nothing but cry for her father, my ex-husband. At this point, I'm ready for her to go live with him.
  • Can I just travel into the Supernatural universe for one quick second and screw the brains out of Dean Winchester? I fantasize about him more than I do DF...
  • I walked outside last night and just sat in my car, snuck a cigarette, and cried because my 18mo DD wouldn't stop crying and nothing I tried worked and my DH was oblivious to her crying. I wanted to scream with her.
  • I completely showed my ass yesterday and am so embarrassed that now i have to go face the one's that I raged out on. Yeah, I missed a payment but DAMN at least let me get my car seats out of my car before you take it!
  • I secretly think almost all of my friends' kids are horrible little brats. I can never tell them that they all suck as parents with their dippy bullshit no discipline methods.

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