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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • I am to the point I would rather get divorced than have sex with my DH.

  • My husband loves Dreamteam more than me.

  • Just found out i'm expecting #4. I'm super excited but can't announce it because nobody besides DH will approve.

  • I am simultaneously jealous of and full of pity for newborn parents. But I pretend to be over the moon excited and happy. I really want to tell first timers "I'm sorry for all the smoke and mirrors. Welcome to the suck."

  • We had secondary fertility issues. Now that our marriage is falling apart I'm glad we only have one. He and I have a great life together. I think with a second child it would be so much more stressful being a single mom.

  • Since becoming a sahm my showering has seriously delcined to the point where i used massive amounts of everything and wash numerous times just so i can buy new stuff more often. This is my life now.

  • Wish Chewbacca Mom lived in my neighborhood, not the judgmental joy-sucking Sanctimommies who ruin everything ffun

  • Ds2 told mil to stop being obnoxious. I'm impressed and so proud.

  • Ive spent more of our marriage hating my husband than loving him.

  • Had a mc last year, now ttc & every period takes me right back. Feels like another baby dying every month & Idk how to keep going.

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