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  • Upset that SO is leaving and the best reasons he can give me is that his female coworkers think he can do better than me & that I need a job (sahm to a newborn). I've never even met them. They know nothing about me.
  • I would really like to make a friend before summer so I have someone to talk to when I take my kids to the park and shit. Fuck I am lame
  • I don't remember a time when my labia wasn't so itchy I just wanted to rip it off.
  • I am on day 11 of no smoking. Bitch mood has kicked in. even worse when co workers make fun of you instead of supporting you. bf has even stayed away.
  • My DD15mos still sleeps like a newborn. We've tried everything; I don't know what to do. I let her nurse at night still bc it's the only way I can get any sleep. I'm frustrated, ashamed, exhausted, & barely hanging on.
  • Went to see a friend with a newborn the other day and realised I've forgotten how to even hold one. 5 weeks from my due date today. Crap. Why did I want another?
  • The only reason I'm sleep deprived (only 6-7 hours) at all is because I'm a bit of an insomniac. My DS 6mo sleeps 8-12 hours straight at night, then 2-4+ hours worth of naps during the day. I am the mom other moms hate.
  • I have 20 minutes left at work before my weekend begins. I've been hiding in the bathroom for 20 minutes already, probably just going to stay in here. It's Friday and I have zero fucks to give.
  • It hurts more than I ever imagined to hear my teen tell me how much he hates me and his whole family. I feel like all the effort I spent on him was wasted. I could give him a reason to hate me. It would be easier.
  • I cheated on an exbf who truly deserved it. Biggest surprise, when I got home, exbf pounced on me to eat my used pussy! Hahaha. I told him after we broke up during a fight and he threw up! Lmfao still, years later...
  • I've given up every bad habit and conquered every addiction in my life. I'm proud and my life is improving. However, anyone suggesting I give up weed or shrooms is going to have their fucking head ripped off.
  • What a way to wake up for the day, being gaslighted. I was asleep and he woke me up just to talk shit, yell and wake up dd1mo, call me a bitch and slam doors.
  • I'm 5'2" and weigh 105 lbs. After weighing 95 for so long, 105 feels fat. Don't hate me, please, I'm just trying to get comfortable in this normal skin.
  • Listen to your body I preach. But DS claimed his tummy hurt; I thought he was playing me to get out of nap. He finally slept but shit the bed, came to me crying and covered in it. I felt so bad I cried. Then HE comforted me.
  • Adderall helps me immensely but leaves me with ZERO sex drive.

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