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  • I signed my DD13 who is autistic up for three summer camps, mostly because he has made our lives hell between his challenges & puberty hormones. I am dreading him coming back, my house was so peaceful and fun.
  • Spent the evening over a toilet puking my guts up, also peed myself and shit myself during the process. No one told me this part of motherhood.
  • I absolutely cannot stand my dss4. He is spoiled, hateful, and a complete brat. I want to just get away from him, but I love his dad.
  • Went to a nudist resort today. DW couldn't go, working. I still turned heads. Surprised and proud. I've lost 50 pounds and worked my butt off to get here. Yes I'm bragging but dammit I deserve it. Almost 50.
  • I got my workout today shaving my bikini line. I am so fat and out of shape after 2 c-sections that I can hardly see it.
  • Went to a nudist resort with a female friend. DW jumped me last night and is offering a BJ when she gets home. I think last night to make sure I am satisfied & today to make sure I didn't mess around. I have to do this again
  • If my husband's ex was on fire I would laugh and toast marshmallows. If only we could get the kids away from her...
  • I just want my MIL to leave so I can come out of my bedroom and not be "sick" anymore. I want to play with my baby. But I can't stand her and her mean comments.
  • I wish my wife would shave her lady parts just once. I would even settle for a trim. It looks like the Amazon rain forest down there.
  • I didn't love my son until he was 8 months old. I felt protective of him, and took care of his needs without fail, but I didn't feel that strong love until then.

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