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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • I don't get embarrassed by anything anymore- kids behavior in public, the way I look in bathing suits, even singing in public. Not sure if this is a sign of confidence or defeat...

  • I'm embarrassed to say I'm a stay at him mom.

  • These kids are stealing my youth and my sanity! If I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have done it.

  • Was gone from DH for 14 days and only started to really miss him about day 12. Thought we had an amazing marriage..ya maybe not.

  • I was bullied by a woman at my church and now I have such terrible anxiety I'm afraid to go back.

  • Our daughter's rapist moved to our town to be near her and now he won't leave. I'm so very angry because he's not from here and there's nothing we can do. I wish he would just go the f**k away.

  • When my DS was less than a week old he fell out of his car seat. later the same day I fell asleep breastfeeding him and he rolled off me onto the floor.

  • ScaryMommy is the first thing I check after kiddos are in bed!

  • I would vote for anyone over Hillary.....even Trump

  • In high school I got recruited by the CIA because of my test scores. At the time I said no because I believed I wanted a marriage and kids. Now that I have the marriage and kids I wish I had picked the more exciting life.

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