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Scary Mommy Confessions

  • I vacuum the crumbs and bits of food out of the top of the stove.

  • Locked my pregnant, raging self in the bathroom so I'd stop snapping at DD. I don't even care what she does while I'm in here.

  • I think I took my weight loss too far. After five months of eating roughly 1,000 calories a day I'm fairly certain I broke my metabolism.

  • I tried to keep DS in his room, and he climbed out the window onto the roof! WORST parenting moment ever. He's safe, thank God!

  • My parents live in a big house. My fiance and our son live with them. I have never moved out. I'm 44.

  • I'm afraid to tell my therapist just how addicted to pot I am, and just how much I smoke. If I keep lying, I won't get the help I need.

  • I tell my daughter to pee in the tub when I bathe her.

  • I smoke a lot of weed

  • Started night shift yesterday. Sadly, the best sleep I've had in a year was the 2 hours after coming home this morning. Think I'll like nights, but will pretend to hate it to get sympathy from DH

  • My almost 3yo is afraid of his penis.. Evey diaper change I have to cover it with a wipe or he freaks out.

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